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Dementia and Alzheimer’s care

Dementia affected person can have various symptoms like, memory loss, loss of orientation towards time, persons, changes in behavior, poor decision making, inability for self care etc. One of the most common type of Dementia is Alzheimer, other common types being Vascular dementia, Lewy body dementia, Mixed dementia and Huntington’s dementia. Each type of dementia is characterized by specific brain changes and symptoms. Most of the dementias are progressive and irreversible, however, some forms of dementia are treatable. Medications can help in management of dementia however dementia care experts opine that dementia is well managed with care plan and well managed routine.

In Indian scenario, most often the primary care givers for a Dimentia patient is his spouse, who may find the care may be challenging since he/she may be senior himself/herself and may have physical/mental challenges.

At Ashiana Care Homes, personalized care, activities and socialization along with personal care of dementia affected seniors ensure better quality of life to our dementia affected seniors. Our care givers are trained to manage behavioural issues and to meet specific requirements of a resident’s activities of daily living (ADL). Dementia care requires positive body language, patience and warmth for which our staff are carefully picked and trained. Our care givers are trained in personalized care for 140 hours.




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