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Resident at Utsav Care Homes, since 17 Feb, 2013.

Mrs. Kaur suffered an accident and had severe head injury which resulted in neurological issues, dementia and other problems. She was unable to sit, speak and was having large bed sores. She could not express her needs and move her body and limbs.

The Care Homes team planned care activities to give best quality of life to Mrs. Kaur. With wound care, nutritional management, physiotherapy and activities that were tailor-made for her, Mrs. Kaur started to speak, make conversation, gained weight and started expressing emotions. With bed sores almost healed, she started to sit, move her hands and started to eat on her own, with assistance! Her daughters were overwhelmed with the improvement; one of them being a doctor herself was with all praises for caregivers. - Mrs. Sukhdev Kaur

Resident at Utsav Care Homes, since two years

As a retired Prof. of Economics, he moved to Care Homes on his own. Though able to move around on his own, he chose this facility for security reasons as well as for a hassle free life and a sense of being cared for. He feels proud to be at Care Homes and wishes to shift to Jaipur Care Homes as soon as it is launched. An avid reader, he compiled a book “Haryanvi Kahabatein” during his stay here. - Mr. J.C. Rathee

Resident at Utsav Care Homes, since two years

He is affected with Parkinson’s and Dementia along with a disabled leg due to non union of thigh bone fracture. He is single and was a victim of neglect (as per NOK) at his brother’s house. He was brought to Care Homes by his elder sister and niece (Mrs. Radhika Lall and Ms. Anuradha Lall).

The NOKs had a tough time finding and managing caregivers at home and had difficulty in many issues related to care. Moving to Care Homes has given them surety that he is well looked after and his quality of life is maintained. Care Home stood by him and his family during his few hospitalizations and caregivers worked hard to keep up his quality of life. - Mr. Manmohan Kapoor

Residents at Utsav Care Homes, since two years

In their late 80s, they decided to move to Care Homes. Understanding their need to be independent in their own space, their daughter, Mrs. Anila Kaul chose Care Homes for them. Though they did not have any major illness, their family feels happy that even minor needs are taken care of at Care Homes. The NOK is relaxed and confident that the parents are well looked after. - Mr. and Mrs. Hukku