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The Caregivers

Dr. Muralidhara is a dynamic individual and an effective communicator with strong problem solving & organizational abilities. He has over 15 years of experience in Senior Living, Assisted Living, Dementia & Parkinson’s Care, Yoga Therapy, Wellness Training, Ayurveda, Yoga, Psychology, Wellness. He has specialized in planning, implementing and managing wellness programs and activities for Senior citizens and is an expert in staff training for Active and Assisted living facilities in Senior living industry.


“I'm at a place where I'm doing something that I'm proud of. After completing Ashiana's training program, I feel am more capable of taking care of seniors. I feel blessed to be here.”

— Laxmi Chaudhry, Caregiver at Bhiwadi

Care Homes’ backbone, without any doubt, is our caregivers. The caregiver — resident relationship is more like a mother-child relationship. Residents often may be in a position where their communication is affected or there is a language barrier. A mother never needs a language to communicate with her child, her language is only one, love and care. Caregivers at Care Homes share similar language with residents. Ever since care is operational at Bhiwadi, caregivers have seen many residents who can’t communicate well but caregivers know them in and out. Caregivers pick up on the body-language of residents to know if they are hungry, irritated, anxious or going through a health problem.

Apart from human qualities like warmth, empathy and patience, caregiving requires special efforts and learning. Caregivers at Ashiana Care Homes are selected carefully and they undergo 114 hour training on basics of geriatric care, health, hygiene, incident / emergency management, soft skills, and managing conditions like dementia etc. Due to this training, caregivers can effectively handle a wide range of behavioral issues which may range from anxiety to anger and agitation to depression.

From organizing an outing to creating a song-and-dance party, they do everything to keep residents positive and happy that the parents are well looked after.

Dr.Muril Dhar

Planned Activities for Ever

Resident With His Caregiver

Residents Taken in The Park