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There is a certain age when one can look back at a life lived with dignity, a life of responsibilities fulfilled, a life made rich by experience, knowledge and understanding. That 'certain age' also brings with it some realities: one may not have the vigour and energy one had; one may require some assistance, medical support and secure surroundings. From being the care-giver, one needs to be cared for. The children too want the best care, attention and security for their parents, but the exigencies of time and circumstances may not allow them to do it personally. What better reward for a lifetime of hard work than an option that gives the attention and care required? An alternative that facilitates the leading of a life that is hassle-free and pleasant; that strives to give physical, mental and emotional security? What better gift could parents give to their children than the gift of freedom from worrying about them? Utsav Care Homes is a pragmatic concept that provides housing, support services and personalised care for elderly individuals who may need help with daily activities, hygiene maintenance and health & medication management. It is a combination of home-living with professional & customised care: an option that makes it possible for seniors to maintain and in fact, improve their quality of life, while getting the nursing care they need at an affordable price. Utsav Care Homes offer a triple benefit package: Elders retain the sense of independence and familiarity of living in their own homes. They enjoy the benefits of being part of a community of like-minded individuals. Round-the-clock, professional medical and support team translates into peace of mind for the entire family.





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