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10 kms from NH-8
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Rs. 40,000
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Single and Double occupancy

Care Homes Services

At Utsav Care Homes, your individuality will not be compromised, nor your style cramped. While the Care Homes give you the convenience of a pre-furnished abode, there will be ample space for your familiar, personal belongings: memorabilia, photographs, books etc. The furniture and fixtures in your room can be customised as per your doctor's recommendations, for instance, beds and mattresses can be made into recliners.Your timings for meals, tea, walks in the park, naps and involvement in activities etc. will be as per your desire and your doctor's recommendations. Our purpose is to provide a friendly yet non-intrusive environment. Our staff has been trained to treat you with dignity, respect and understanding. They will give you support, but encourage self-reliance. They will ensure that your personal medical requirements and medicine regimen is followed. Your scheduled and unscheduled medical needs will be attended to. Our facilities and Care Givers (attendants) will make it possible for you to get the best out of your life. Utsav Care Homes will make you feel your retirement is a bonus-an opportunity for a renaissance; a time to make great choices for yourself.

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