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Single and Double occupancy

Ashiana Utsav Care Homes Queries and Questions - FAQs

1. What services will the Care Homes provide?
  • OPD, Doctor, 24 hr nurse and caregiving services
  • House keeping services in the residential unit and common areas
  • Laundry services of Bed linen & personal clothing
  • Activities and events at Ashiana Senior Living and specific to Care Homes
  • Three meals, two tea services and anything else prescribed by the Doctor
  • Pay-by-use services will include ambulance, lab tests, medicine delivery and any other expenses incurred
  • Physio-therapy
2. How do I make monthly payments for the services availed?
Can I pay up-front for a few months? Yes, you can make payments upfront too. There are also options for electronic transfer.

3. Are my children and grand children permitted to visit me? Can they stay with me for some duration of the year? Will there be accommodation available for them?
Yes, guests are welcome to visit residents at any time of the year. They may stay at Utsav Furnished Apartments or The Treehouse Hotel at applicable rates.

4. How do I ensure safe custody of my personal belongings?
Personal belongings can be kept under lock and key in the unit itself for which a provision has been made.

5. Who bears the expenses of any hospital admission, tests and medication as prescribed by the Doctor? 5. Who bears the expenses of any hospital admission, tests and medication as prescribed by the Doctor?
The expenses for any hospitalization, tests, medication will be borne by the residents themselves. In an emergency, however, if a resident is admitted into hospital, we shall make the payments on behalf of the resident till the NOK (Next Of Kin) arrives.

6. What are the specific geriatric and old-age friendly features in the Care Homes?
Age-friendly furniture, beds, recliner mattress, anti-skid tiles, gradual slopes at the entrances, wheelchair-friendly path-ways, grab rails, attendant call button and other features incorporated in our existing Utsav Complex.

7.Can I be served meals in the room or do I have to go to the Dining Hall?
Meals may be had in the rooms or in the Dining hall.

8. How does the Care Homes differ from a Nursing Home?
The Care Homes is a care-oriented service for senior citizens. It has a limited aspect of the actual medical treatment unlike a nursing home where treatment is the key. The emphasis is more on assistance in activities of daily living such as eating, bathing, toileting and changing clothes, as well as recreational activities for the particular age group.

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