Why Senior Living

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Senior living is about LIVING! Healthy living, comfortable living, enjoyable living in your Golden years. We define Senior Living as a community in which you can live life to the fullest and to the best of your ability. Enjoy an active lifestyle and appreciate social connection. The Golden years of Ashiana Senior Living will truly shine and glow with the fulfilment of your passions.

Why choose India’s No.1 Senior Living

Age is just a number and leading an active lifestyle with healthy habits can make you feel and look young in your golden years.

At Ashiana, you build a community of like-minded neighbours and friends, who soon become family.

With over 16 years of experience in Senior Living projects, we know what you need and we work tirelessly towards improving our facilities.

Let us take care of all the hassles, so you can lead a life of comfort and ease. We have a jam-packed roster of maintenance services offered by our in-house maintenance staff.

An Ashiana Senior Living home is designed to have all the comforts of a regular home with additional functionality and detailing to suit your needs

Numbers Don’t Lie

  • 1800+

    Happy seniors

    Celebrating life

  • India’s No. 1

    Senior Living,

    6 times in a row

Senior Living Projects

  • ashiana nirmay

    Ashiana Nirmay

    Off Alwar Road, Sector 39, Bhiwadi

    40.00 L - 77.24 L

    • 3 BHK
    • 3BHK + 3B + Store
    • 3BHK + 2B +Store
    • 2 BHK
    • 2BHK + 2B +Store
    • 1 BHK + 2B
  • ashiana advik

    Ashiana Advik

    Alwar Bypass Road, Bhiwadi

    44.69 L - 171 L

    • 3 Bhk
    • 2 Bhk
    • 1 Bhk
    • 3 Bhk Villa
  • ashiana shubham

    Ashiana Shubham

    Maraimalai Nagar, Chennai

    67.11 L - 96.71 L

    • 3 bhk
    • 2 bhk + 2b + Store
    • 2BHK+2B+Store
    • 1 bhk
  • ashiana utsav

    Ashiana Utsav

    Dasve, Lavasa (Pune)

    49.00 L - 71.75 L

    • 2 BHK
    • 1 BHK
  • ashiana amodh

    Ashiana Amodh

    Talegaon, Pune


    • 3BHK
    • 2BHK
    • 1BHK

Care Homes

Assisted LivingFor residents who require special care and attention, at Care Home we have well-trained caregivers, on-call doctors and an army of support staff who will take care of your personal needs and keep you healthy and cheerful.

Experience Our Senior Living Homes

Book a virtual tour from your home and experience the lifestyle you can enjoy after your retirement years. Talk to our senior residents and get to know their experience firsthand.


Senior Living Homes or retirement homes are the independent homes for seniors who want to lead a dignified life after the retirement. The elderly homes are designed keeping the requirement of aged seniors in mind b providing the age specific amenities.

Senior Living Homes or 55+ retirement homes are the housing societies for seniors where after retirement they can lead an active and healthy lifestyle on their own with the basis medical assistance. But old age homes are the places where Next of Kins (NOKs) use to leave their parents either forcefully or without their will. The main difference between both is the age-friendly design of homes which one can find in a senior living housing project but not in old age homes.

Senior living housing projects are the residential project for seniors where the facilities are designed to deal with seniors’-specific ageing related issues, simply, age friendly housing design whereas the Premium homes are residential projects.

Ashiana Senior Living have 24X7 emergency care, in-house ambulance and doctors on-call. We have nurses and medical care assistance in project for any kind of immediate medical emergency or mishappening. Apart from the medical aids, we have Emergency Response Systems (ERS) enabled in all the apartments individually. With more than 18 years of experience in Senior Living projects, we have ensured that all of the basic, immediate and emergency medical assistance are available to our elders who are in need.

Your unmarried daughter can stay permanently. However, the rest of the family member can stay for a short duration of time.

After the demise of a resident, the property is transferred as per the deceased’s will. The legal transaction process is the same as that of a regular property transfer. The legal heir has the option to rent the property using our resale and rental team or they may engage with some independent broker/property consultant to rent/sell the property.

We do not have the nomination provision in our projects. A legal will is the best option for property transfer. Please consult your legal advisor on the same.

There are various cities where Ashiana Senior Living Homes are present namely Bhiwadi (Delhi/NCR), Chennai, Lavasa (Pune) and Jaipur. These cities are the best cities in India for 55 or more years old seniors after retirement. In our retirement homes, elders will experience the life different, they will lead an active and hassle-free life away from city buzz in peace.

Yes, Ashiana Senior Living Home have both, resale and rent option available for the properties. We have a dedicated resale and rental team which is equipped with all the requisite.

Ashiana has a dedicated resale and rental team which is equipped with all the requisite knowledge, customer databases and networks to help you get the best deal. Transactions are transparent and all legal formalities are taken care of by us to give you a hassle free experience.

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