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Terms and Conditions

Indian Residents/Non Resident Indians (NRIs)/Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) only, who are competent by law to enter into contract under the Indian Contract Act, 1881 shall be eligible to apply.

The Applicant shall be responsible to comply with all the statutory compliances and approvals as required from time to time under the applicable laws prevailing in India including but not limited to the laws applicable to NRIs/PIOs and Ashiana Housing Limited (Hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) shall not be liable for the any violation, default, negligence and/or non- compliance thereof in any manner whatsoever.

The online payment herein is subject to the rules and regulations and notifications of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as well as the rules and regulations framed of the VISA/MasterCard or any other card organization applicable and prevailing from time to time.
The online payment is subject to the risks involved in any Electronic Payment Transactions including due to any technical failure in the payment gateway, interface, connection and/or operations and the Company shall not be liable/responsible for any failure of any payment transactions or for any amounts debited from the Applicant account but not credited to the account of the Company due to any technical/ operational error in settlement or otherwise and the Applicant shall not have any claims against the Company of any nature whatsoever for such transactions nor the Company shall be liable criminally or otherwise for any act/ omission. Wherever possible, the Company will inform the Applicant about such failed transaction and refund, if any, due to the Applicant shall be processed via payment gateway.

The online payment is merely an expression of interest in a particular project/ unit and by virtue of said payment no right, title, interest or claim of any nature is created in such project/unit. The Applicant shall be required to submit the detailed Application Form (Application Form) and allotment, if any, shall be done subject to the Applicant making payment of consideration value and other charges in accordance with the Application Form and complying with the terms and conditions contained therein.
The Company will intimate the applicant about the details of the Unit in the said project in accordance with the unit type selected by the Applicant within a period of 3 working days from the date of confirmation of the said payment by Third Party Payment Administrator/ Acquiring Bank and thereafter the applicant shall submit the Application Form duly filled in with the payment due as per the Application Form.

Upon said payment being credited to the account of the Company, an e-receipt number will be generated and emailed to the applicant, which shall be mandatorily be required for processing further the application of the applicant. The applicants are required to print or save the receipt for his transaction/records and submit the same to the Company as may be requested to do so.

The said payment is non-refundable and non- transferable. Upon the Applicant submitting the duly filled-in Application Form to the Company, the said payment shall be adjusted against the consideration value payable towards the applied Unit as per the Application Form and further payment schedule.

The consideration value and the other charges are payable as per the Payment Schedule mentioned in the Application Form. The Application Form for terms and conditions and payment schedule can be viewed at the event, applicant has provided any false information and/or misrepresented any facts,  such applications shall be liable to be rejected/ cancelled and said payment shall stand forfeited and Such applicant shall lose all the right to claim the same under any law for the time being in force.


The information which is provided by the Applicant herein may be used by the Company: to send the status of the Expression of Interest and send all important notices/communications regarding relevant policies, terms, conditions, etc.; to keep the Applicant posted of new project launches, announcements, project updates and upcoming events and to improve their services, content, advertising. If the Applicant does not want to be on the mailing list, the Applicant you can opt out anytime by updating his/her preference by sending an ‘do not send promotional announcements’ email to for internal purposes such as auditing, data analysis, and research to improve its products, services and customer communications.

The Company shall take reasonable security practices to protect the privacy of the information provided by the Applicant. Except as mentioned herein, the Company shall not disclose such information to any third party. However nothing contained hereinabove shall apply to any disclosure of confidential Information if:- such disclosure is required by law or requested by any statutory or regulatory or judicial/quasi-judicial authority or recognized self-regulating organization or other recognized investment exchange having jurisdiction over the Parties; or such disclosure is required in connection with any litigation; or such information has otherwise entered in the public domain.

The terms and conditions contained herein and in the Application Form shall be construed in accordance with the laws of India and any disputes/issues arising out of this transaction will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Courts at Delhi Jurisdiction.

The above terms and conditions are not exhaustive one. The same are subject to change. For detailed reference, please visit the Company's website.