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Assisted Living


When faced with progressive and chronic illnesses that require special care, we also provide Care Home options that feature well-trained caregivers, on-call doctors and an army of support staff.


Assisted Living provide senior residents with care customised to their medical needs in the familiarity and comfort of home-like environment. With flexible housing options – services, amenities and round-the-clock care tailored to their health and wellness needs, your parents can continue to live a healthy, happy and safe life.

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types of care

Provision of medical support and trained medical staff to deal with a range of progressive illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Arthritis, Osteoporosis and Parkinson’s

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trained staff

Equipped with over 114 hours of training, our professional and warm caregivers compassionately deal with physical and emotional needs of patients. Staff is available 24x7 to administer medicine, take residents for walk and help them with physical activities.

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emergency care

CCRC armed with an emergency response system, medical store, trained nurses available 24X7, ambulance and paramedic staff, an on-call doctor and OPD services.

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other facilities

Beyond medical needs, we also provide other need-based services to our residents such as housekeeping, laundry, grooming support and daily chore management.

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social engagement

We design special activities tailored for the residents’ physical, emotional and mental well-being. Activities include memory jog art games, singing events and light sport competitions that build recall and develop physical strength of the residents.

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interface with NOK

The Next to Kin (NOK) are sent a regular report card with photographs for updates on their parents’ health, fitness progress and their level of involvement in Ashiana activities.


utsav - care homes, bhiwadi
Available :
Rental Starting:
40,000 - 80,000
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Available :
Rental Starting:
₹35.87 lacs - ₹37.09 lacs
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utsav - care homes, bhiwadi
Available :
Rental Starting:
40,000 - 80,000
view project details
Available :
Rental Starting:
₹35.87 lacs - ₹37.09 lacs
view project details


Caregivers at Ashiana Care Homes are selected carefully and they undergo 114 hour training on basics of geriatric care, health, hygiene, incident / emergency management, soft skills, and managing conditions like dementia etc. Due to this training, caregivers can effectively handle a wide range of behaviour issues which may range from anxiety to anger and agitation to depression. From organising an outing to creating a song and dance party, they do everything to keep residents positive and happy. Caregivers pick up on the body-language of residents to know if they are hungry, irritated, anxious or going through a health problem. Apart from human qualities like warmth.

Resident Speak and NOK Stories

  • ""Care Homes , Bhiwadi has all the facilities to take care of elders.""

  • ""Mom and I visited UCH at Jaipur on Sunday, Sept 25, 2016. Our objective was primarily to meet Bishu to personally thank him for the wonderful care he had taken of Mamu in the initial years. Abhishek was also there and, everyone greeted us very warmly and, it was such a pleasure to meet them! UCH Jaipur is beautiful and we really liked it. I would also like to add, that though Guganji is not with UCH anymore, we cannot forget him for the excellent support and care he provided whether it was arranging ambulance or caregivers at short notices or, liaising with accounts or anything else…..he was prompt and did his job very well, he was a pillar of strength during our difficult days and, I feel bad that he had to go this way. If anyone of you happen to speak to him, please remember him on our behalf.""

  • ""As a retired Prof. of Economics, he moved to Care Homes on his own. Though able to move around on his own, he chose this facility for security reasons as well as for a hassle free life and a sense of being cared for. He feels proud to be at Care Homes and wishes to shift to Jaipur Care Homes as soon as it is launched. An avid reader, he compiled a book “Haryanvi Kahabatein” during his stay here." "


  1. Who is eligible to be admitted as a resident of Utsav Care Homes (Assisted Living)?

    Ashiana Utsav Care Homes (Assisted Living) are designed for elderly people with special medical needs acquired due to ageing. The criteria for qualification is:

    • Age over 55 years
    • Medical suitability after screening by the Doctor
    • Financial capability
  2. How does the Care Home differ from a Nursing Home?

    The Care Home is a care-oriented service for senior citizens. Unlike a nursing home where treatment is the key, a Care Home is limited in provision actual medical treatment.. Instead, Care Homes emphasise more on assistance in activities of daily living such as eating, bathing, toileting and changing clothes, as well as recreational activities for a particular age group.

  3. What services will the Care Homes provide for my parents?

    We provide a range of services, some of which are:

    • Nurse and Attendant services
    • Housekeeping services in the residential unit and common areas
    • Laundry services
    • Activities and events at Ashiana Utsav Senior Living, and those designed specifically for Care Home residents
    • Three meals, two tea services and everything else prescribed by the Doctor
    • Pay-by-use services will include ambulance, lab tests, medicine delivery and any other expenses incurred.
  4. Will a Doctor be available at the Care Home?

    Yes. A doctor will be available during OPD hours. We also ensure that doctors are24/7 on call.

  5. Will there be a nurse or attendant on-call 24 hours?

    Yes. Nurses and attendants will be available 24/7 at our Care Home.

  6. How do I make monthly payments for the services availed? Can I pay up-front for a few months?

    Yes. You can make monthly payments via electronic transfers or you can courier us a cheque/DD. You can also make advance payments upfront.

  7. How often can I visit the facility and see my parents? Can my young children also come to see their grandparents? Will there be accommodation available for us if we stay for a longer duration?

    Absolutely. Our residents’ families are welcome to visit residents at any time of the year. In fact, frequent visits by children and grandchildren are highly recommended by our doctors. You can avail of the Utsav furnished apartments if you choose to stay for a longer duration. Please check availability and applicable rates in advance.

  8. How do we ensure safe custody of my parents’/ your residents’ personal belongings?

    Personal belongings can be kept under lock and key in the unit itself, for which a provision has been made.

  9. Who bears the expenses of any hospital admission, tests and medication as prescribed by the doctor?

    The expenses for any hospitalisation, tests, medication will be borne by the residents themselves. In an emergency, however, if a resident is admitted into hospital, we shall make the payment on behalf of the resident till the NOK (Next Of Kin) arrives.

  10. What are the specific geriatric and old-age friendly features in the Care Homes?

    In the complex and the apartment block you will find gradual slopes at the entrances, wheelchair-friendly path-ways, grab rails and attendant call buttons. Within the apartment unit, we provide age-friendly furniture, beds, recliner mattress and anti-skid tiles. All the apartment walls have chambered wall edges, designed to prevent injuries. The bedrooms have easy-reach coloured light switches and night switches that swiftly bring forth the safety of light. Emergency bell switches in the bedroom and corded switches in the bathrooms that, upon activation, will alert the security immediately to come to your aid.

  11. Will my parents be served meals in the room or do they have to go to the dining hall?

    Meals can be served in the rooms or in the dining hall.

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