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Truly a behtar parvarish ka pata! Here your child’s imagination & dreams will turn into reality right before your eyes. The gated community has everything that your child need during the formative years. Besides building homes, we strive for the holistic development of children by providing opportunities & platforms for them to nurture and explore their inherent talent. We provide the place where you can raise your family.

Why Kid Centric Homes

Kids today tend to spend a lot of time indoors, playing games on mobile phones or staying glued to the TV or both. This hampers their physical, mental and emotional development.

The society houses a Learning Hub with a Live & Learn Program, the cornerstone of Ashiana’s kid-centric vision.

We believe that every child has different talents and aspirations. A child who is not good at one thing might be a prodigy of another.

Imbibing good values and morals is just as important as honing your child’s talents. It is in fact critical, since it shapes their behavior and attitude.

Discipline is a good habit played on repeat. It demands dedication and gradually teaches one, the importance of time.

Numbers Don’t Lie

  • Pioneering

    India’s Kid Centric Homes

  • 1300+ families

    across 4 projects

  • Theme project*

    of the year 2018 & 2019

Kid Centric Projects

  • ashiana town

    Ashiana Town

    Sector 39, Bhiwadi (Delhi-NCR)

    36.87 L - 58.44 L

    • 2 BHK
    • 3 BHK
  • ashiana umang

    Ashiana Umang

    Near Mahindra SEZ, Jaipur

    39.30 L - 57.37 L

    • 2 bhk
    • 3 BHK
  • ashiana anmol

    Ashiana Anmol

    Sohna, South Gurgaon

    70.17 L - 110.80 L

    • 2BHK
    • 3BHK

Experience Our Kids Centric Homes

Buying a home with your hard-earned money is a crucial decision you take for your family. It gets even tougher when you have to move out and explore a new place you don't know much about. Here we present the Virtual Site Visit to Ashiana Kid Centric Homes.


As a parent, you hope to provide your child with the best of everything: be it education, facilities, toys, food and more – but, what about the best home? While choosing a home, we look at the amenities from an adult perspective like proximity to school, tuition, play area etc. but we somehow overlook the unique learning needs of our growing children. Today’s world is very fast paced and learning beyond the basics is the norms nowadays.

In kid-centric homes, the sole focus is on children. We aim to create a safe and nurturing space that provides kids with world class facilities & amenities which encourage them to widen their learning horizon and equips them with valuable life-skills and leadership qualities.

Apart from school hours, kids spend the majority of their day at home. So the right kind of environment is important to ensure kids develop in every sphere i.e. intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally.

Just like a skyscraper needs a solid foundation to protect it from natural forces and stand tall for years to come; in the same way, a stable and encouraging ambiance at home gives your child the sturdy foundation they need to stand tall as a sensitive mature adult and be a responsible citizen of the society.

Kids learn the best by imitating others – be it parents, their peers or adults. Parents are the first role models of their little ones and a responsible parent, who practices what he preaches, eventually raises a child who has civic sense & empathy. Similarly, if a child grows up in a community, that litters, then the child is not likely to keep their surroundings clean.


In our child-centric homes, your child grows in a thoughtfully designed environment that nurtures and inculcates life values like – individuality, communal spirit, helping tendencies, inquisitiveness, curiosity, scientific temper and plenty more.

The Live and Learn Program is the crown jewel of Ashiana’s kid-centric homes, found nowhere else. It’s a specially designed child development program that is internationally recognized. Our Live and Learn Program was framed in conjunction with children’s health education advisors from the UK and a premier education consulting firm in Delhi.

The Live and Learn program is more than an after-school activity club. It offers pre-planned activities for each month that help in all-round growth of children. It’s conducted by specially trained mentors and coaches and includes several activities like spoken English, sports, arts and crafts, music, dance, martial sports, theatre and plenty more.

Here is a list of the few exclusive activities that we offer for kids in our homes:

  • An age-appropriate library furnished with thousands of storybooks
  • Indoor sports like badminton, shuttle courts, table tennis, chess, carom and more
  • Outdoor sports like basketball courts, synthetic tennis courts, cricket grounds and more
  • Skating rink
  • Swimming pool
  • Amphitheatre
  • Well maintained parks and green areas for kids to play
  • Spaces for multiple activities like dance, music, theatre, art and crafts, tuition classes, robotics and more

We offer a wide range of activities that aid the development of children – physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially. Music, dance, theatre, art and craft, robotics, indoor and outdoor sports, swimming classes, nature classes, science exploration zones are some of the activities offered at the Kid Centric Homes.

At Ashiana, your child can explore our gated communities without any fear and security concerns. The entire campus is monitored 24 x 7 by CCTV cameras, vetted and trained security guards. All incoming guests and service personnel are screened before they can enter the campus. The coaches for our ‘Live and Learn’ program are selected after extensive background checks.

To sum up, we offer a safe and nurturing environment for your child to thrive and blossom.

The learning hub is a multiple-use space that is designed to meet the needs of growing children. It’s the epicenter of the activities on campus and it is where the classes of the ‘Live and Learn’ program are conducted. The learning hub has facilities to conduct music, dance, theatre, arts and crafts, robotics, tuition classes and more. It also has a well-stocked library with age-appropriate books and a wide range of indoor games.

Yes. We conduct regular training sessions for kids in their preferred sport or activity under the guidance of expert coaches as part of our ‘Live and Learn’ program. We also organize workshops and events for parents on child development and more.

No. All kids can make use of the learning hub at any time. However, to enroll in classes and training conducted by special coaches, parents are required to pay the class fee.

There is no additional cost to use the facilities and amenities in our child-centric homes; everything gets covered under the regular maintenance charge. However, for the expert-trained classes for your child, you will have to pay the standard fees available with our team.

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