Imagine a world where after coming back from school, your child forgets about wanting to play games on a smart phone and looks forward to painting or singing or dancing. Imagine a world where your kids say no to television, and yes to reading interesting books. Imagine a world where your child discovers and pursues passions and interests that will turn him or her in to a truly multi-faceted personality, fully equipped for the challenges of tomorrow. That tomorrow begins today, at our Kid Centric Homes.

The 5 pillars of Kid Centric Homes are:

  •   Facilities & Amenities
  •   Learning & Development
  •   Platforms to nurture talents
  •   Environment for nurturing talents
  •   Committed maintenance team

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  • ashiana anmol
    Available :
    Structure :
    High Rise Apartments
    Price Range:
    ₹71.09 lacs - ₹125.71 lacs
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  • "“The children of Ashiana Town are very different from children living elsewhere, because the environment here is very enriching. At any given time, there is so much happening here that we fear missing out on something or the other when we step out to go somewhere.”"

  • "“Safety of my family, especially my child, is very important to me, and I’m 100% satisfied with Ashiana Town. I don’t have to worry about my family’s safety, even when I am away from home.”"

  • "“We have lived in many different societies, some of them big names, but no other place lives its values like Ashiana town does. The live & Learn programme here teaches children things, no school can ever hope to teach them.”"

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