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Why choose India’s No.1 Senior Living

Golden years are a very special time. They have the aroma of nostalgia, bittersweet memories, pinch of regrets and endless stories. Our home should be our haven where we can revisit old tales while bantering with our buddies. Ashiana senior living goes above and beyond that. You can focus on being a child again and we'll take care of the rest. Your golden years will truly shine and glow with the fulfilment of your passions.

Age is just a number and leading an active lifestyle with healthy habits can make you feel and look young in your golden years.

At Ashiana, you build a community of like-minded neighbours and friends, who soon become family.

With over 16 years of experience in Senior Living projects, we know what you need and we work tirelessly towards improving our facilities.

Let us take care of all the hassles, so you can lead a life of comfort and ease. We have a jam-packed roster of maintenance services offered by our in-house maintenance staff.

An Ashiana Senior Living home is designed to have all the comforts of a regular home with additional functionality and detailing to suit your needs

Numbers Don’t Lie

  • 1800+

    Happy seniors

    Celebrating life

  • India’s No. 1

    Senior Living,

    4 times in a row

Senior Living Projects

  • ashiana nirmay

    Ashiana Nirmay

    Off Alwar Road, Sector 39, Bhiwadi

    34.20 L - 64.45 L

    • 1 BHK + 2B
    • 2 BHK
    • 3 BHK
  • ashiana shubham

    Ashiana Shubham

    Maraimalai Nagar, Chennai

    45.21 L - 83.40 L

    • 1 bhk
    • 2 bhk + 2b + Store
    • 2BHK+2B+Store
    • 2 bhk
    • 3 bhk
  • ashiana utsav

    Ashiana Utsav

    Dasve, Lavasa (Pune)

    43.75 L - 74.35 L

    • 1 BHK
    • 2 BHK
    • 2bhk villa
    • 3bhk villa

Care Homes

Assisted LivingFor residents who require special care and attention, at Care Home we have well-trained caregivers, on-call doctors and an army of support staff who will take care of your personal needs and keep you healthy and cheerful.

Experience Our Senior Living Homes

Stay at our Trial Home and experience the lifestyle you can enjoy after retirement. Spend time with our senior residents, talk to them and get to know their experience firsthand.


Continuous Care Retirement Community (CCRC) offers the best of both the worlds. It’s suitable for independent senior living as well as seniors who require day-to-day assistance (assisted living or care homes facilities)


People aged above 55 years, who are healthy and fit, and can take care of their daily needs independently live in senior living apartments in our community. As they grow older, some residents may require assistance with activities like eating, bathing, dressing, grooming, and toileting. This is where Assisted Living or care homes (CCRC) comes into the picture.


Seniors who require assistance can continue residing in their apartments in our community. We provide trained caregivers who offer residents with help in carrying out their day-to-day activities, medication management, health monitoring, and more. Ashiana Senior Living Homes cover the entire spectrum of senior living – independent senior living, continued care with assisted living facility.

Anyone – yes, our homes are open to all Indians, NRIs and foreign nationals living in India. Our home buyers include people who have retired, people who are planning to retire in the next few years, and children of retirees looking for a safe and convenient place for their ageing parents.


Anyone above 55 years – irrespective of whether you have retired, working part-time or full-time can reside in our senior living communities.

Here, at Ashiana, we only sell our senior living homes for purchase. However, owners of individual units are free to rent out their apartments to other seniors. Ashiana also provide a hassle-free and a very transparent resale and rental service in which all formalities including finding the right buyer or the right tenant, documentation, post-transaction assistance are taken care of by Ashiana Resale & Rental team

At Ashiana, we understand that time is of the essence in a medical emergency. We have a standing ambulance 24 x 7 to provide first-aid and to rush seniors to nearby hospitals in an emergency. Additionally, Ashiana also provides OPD facility within the complex. Due to the excellent facilities and the peace of mind our residents enjoy, recent survey shows that Ashiana residents fare better than their counterparts in Delhi-NCR when it comes to the need for medical treatment. 32% of Ashiana’s residents not at all require medical treatment versus 12% of Delhi/ NCR counterparts.

No. The environment at Ashiana Housing is suited for senior living where seniors like to spend time with their peers and indulge in their activities within the community.


The younger generations are not allowed to live in the community because of difference in lifestyle. Having children would mean having fast-paced lifestyle, frequent movement of cars and people in the community. Moreover the common facilities which will then be used by both seniors and the children will eventually get dominated by the younger generation in the community. At Ashiana, we want the seniors to exclusively enjoy the community and the common facilities available.

The cost depends on the location (Ashiana currently has senior living homes in India at Bhiwadi – Delhi – NCR, Chennai, Jaipur, and Lavasa – Pune) and the size of the apartment.


The following is the price range:


Ashiana Nirmay (Bhiwadi, Delhi-NCR): ₹35.40 lacs - ₹61.48 lacs


Ashiana Shubham, Chennai: ₹54.80 lacs - ₹75.95 lacs


Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur: Available under resale & rental


Ashiana Utsav Lavasa, Pune: ₹43.75 lacs - ₹74.35 lacs


For accurate pricing, get in touch with our customer care team.

We highly recommend that you visit our homes to get a first-hand idea of our community. Check our site to arrange:

● A site visit – this includes pick-up and drop back to Ashiana Senior Living community.

● Alternatively, you can book a trial home and stay at our property for a few days to know more about the day-to-day functioning of our vibrant senior living communities.

All you have to do is provide your name, email address, and mobile number on our site and our team will follow it up with you.

Our residents are meaningfully engaged in a variety of activities every day that cater to the – physical, emotional, and psychological wellbeing of our residents.


You can start your day enjoying walking trails surrounded by lush greenery or a splash at our hygienic swimming pool. Take a yoga class in the open to rejuvenate your soul. Don’t feel like stepping out for your workout? Explore our gym equipped with a wide range of equipment.


After working up your appetite, relish a breakfast served fresh every day.


Relax yourself post breakfast and meet your buddies or make new friends at the badminton courts, table tennis, yoga classes, gymnasiums, extensive libraries, hobby rooms that has regular classes on cooking, art, dancing, crafts, etc.


After a sumptuous lunch with friends, you may want to spend time indoors. Enjoy activities at our indoor game centres with carom boards, board games, cards, etc,


In the evenings, relax in meditation, satsang, pujas for your spiritual well-being. End the day with a game of Tambola and a gratifying dinner.

At Ashiana, we understand that you would like to have the first-hand experience at our community before you make a decision. After all, you have been living in your home for nearly three to four decades, and moving to a new place may feel overwhelming.

This is why we offer - trial runs where you and your partner can reside in our trial homes (actual homes that are part of our senior living community), experience the facilities offered first-hand, explore the campus and then make the right decision.

Old-age homes and senior living communities are worlds apart. While the former restricts the freedom and independence of residents, senior living communities help seniors live their life to the fullest. As per a recent survey only 17% of Delhi/NCR residents never experienced negative feelings such as depression, anxiety, blue mood whereas more than double, that is 48% of Ashiana’s residents never experienced such feelings.


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● 9 Things that you can Only do at Senior Living Homes and not at Old-age Homes


● Old-Age Homes vs Senior Living Homes in India


Survey results show that Ashiana residents are less affected by depression, anxiety or blue moods.

All these terms Old age homes, Luxury Old age homes, Paid old age home, Charitable old age homes seems so alike however are totally different in nature. Due to lack of knowledge or exposure people sometimes get confused between the terms. When someone is looking for Luxury Old age homes and/or Paid old age home they actually mean “Senior Living” facility nearby wherein they can have an independent lifestyle, accompanied by like minded people however when someone is searching for charitable old age home then probably he has a budget constraint and need a accommodation for survival.

Yes, domestic help is easily available within the premises. For security reasons, background check of the domestic help is done by Ashiana Housing. The rates that they will charge the Ashiana residents is also prefixed.

Here at Ashiana, we have residents from all walks of life. Central and state government retired employees, retired school teachers, college professors, retired defense personnel, senior parents of NRIs, senior NRIs who have returned to India, seniors who have lost their partner and more.

Our Ashiana Senior Living Homes are designed specifically keeping the needs of seniors in mind. As we grow older, our mobility and balance take a hit.

As Ashiana, we have senior-friendly architecture like


● Anti-skid floor and bathroom tiles


● Chamfered wall edges to prevent injuries in case of accidental falls


● Easy-reach coloured light switches in all rooms


● Night light switches that can be accessed easily from the bed for night trips to the bathroom


● ERS (Emergency Response System that alerts care personnel immediately) at three locations in each apartment unity


● Arthritis-friendly bathrooms fitted with grab rails


Our endeavour is that mobility issues don’t restrict the freedom of seniors at our homes. Additionally, we also provide medically trained nurses, physiotherapists, and support staff to help seniors with mobility issues.


As per a recent survey, 46% of Ashiana’s residents are satisfied with their living place whereas only 18% of Delhi/ NCR residents.


The average level of satisfaction with living place reported by Ashiana residents is far ahead of that reported by residents of the Delhi-NCR.

Here at Ashiana, we take the safety of our community very seriously. We have vetted and trained security guards monitoring the premises 24 x 7. No outsiders who don’t have visitor permits are allowed into the community. This means no hawkers, peddlers and other strangers lurking around the property. Additionally, the campus is fitted with CCTV cameras for the safety and security of our residents.


As per a recent survey, 50% of Ashiana residents feel extremely safe versus 9% of residents in Delhi/NCR.


Ashiana residents feel safe while conducting their daily affairs in their complexes.

Currently, we have senior living homes at four cities pan-India. They are:


● Ashiana Nirmay – Bhiwadi


● Ashiana Shubham – Chennai


● Ashiana Utsav – Jaipur


● Ashiana Utsav – Lavasa, Pune


Get in touch with our team to know more about these individual properties.

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