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My Life at Senior Living


First and foremost I would like to thank each and every resident for taking out time and sharing their experience at Ashiana Senior Living. When I was going through the letters, I felt content and satisfied to see that what my Dad had initiated is now being experienced by the residents on the ground. Not only this, I was also amazed to see how residents forgave us for our mistakes. It really motivates us to do better and better with the confidence that they are always with us.

As you will go through these letters, I would like you to understand the sentiments with which our customers have written them and do these letters resonate with you, your friends or family needs. This book is a compilation of letters written by our residents based on their experiences and each letter narrates a different story/experience.

My good wishes to all of you.
Always Keep Smiling

Ankur Gupta
Joint Managing Director




Let’s go to our flat at Bhiwadi.. was a spontaneous decision one morning and we packed our bags and in no time we were on NH-8 to this little heaven...Ashiana ‘Utsav’ Senior Living in Bhiwadi.

Apprehensions! Anxiety! Worry! Hey! Hope we have taken the right decision. We arrived here on a very cold day on 17th January 2014. Its so calm, serene and peaceful here, BRAVO! I think we will make a good start here. On arrival checked into the TRIAL APARTMENT (A cozy place).

Can you imagine.... no stress about FOOD, CHEERS! There is a cafeteria here, a decent neat and clean place with home cooked food, this is truly a retirement sojourn.

For the next five days stayed in the trial apartment getting ourselves acclimatised to this ultimate senior home after having spent more than four decades either in a rented or a Government accommodation.

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Lush green well manicured lawns, flower beds, water fountains and greenery all around. No honking of horns! No speeding cars! No road-rage and No traffic jams!

Shh... one can actually hear the chirping of birds which we have missed for so many years in the urban concrete jungle. Some residents have their pet dogs who are more like their children but I must say they are really well behaved, can hardly hear them barking as they are also at peace here.

I am of a very good social disposition but I tell my cousin sister who lives with me, (she doesn’t mix easily) “You better be social here as everyone seems so friendly.” Each one greets the other even if they don’t know each other with a pleasant smile.

Its too cold but we have the luxury of huge parks with the SUN GOD smiling on us.

The entire residents relaxing in their little groups exchanging notes. The men have their own topics... politics, weather, the Indian economy and so on... the ladies enjoy knitting for their grand children. I join them with my crochet and embroidery. Getting to know people around trying to fathom why each one is here as majority seem to have their children, I think they are being wise, as they have their children. The activity center is a very well equipped place for relaxing while watching a movie or in the library, enjoying a game of table tennis, carrom or cards. We came to the end of the month, Oh! what a lovely tradition, everyone gets together and celebrates birthday and wedding anniversaries as this place has now become our extended family. Newcomers are welcomed warmly and made to feel at home.

This is truly community living and after years of stressful, demanding jobs we were in a place – NO ALARMS, NO TARGETS TO MEET, NO EXPECTATIONS FROM EVERYONE. This place is JUST RIGHT! We seemed to like the new home our ‘ASHIANA’!!!

The river of creativity flowing down, the path singing, music, dancing, jokes and anecdotes all coming from residents and everyone enjoying the performances and applauding each other. Everyone wants to perform and show their creative talents

There is a child like enthusiasm a sight to watch.

OLD PEOPLE! SENIOR CITIZENS! RETIRED FOLKS! Oh! No! nothing like that they can put any youngsters to shame while playing badminton, table tennis or for that matter speed walking and playing carrom with perfect precision, ample energy and great reflexes.

What do I hear...? I think these are temple bells, there is this beautiful temple for the devotees and many religious functions are organized here.

Every one enjoys music and singing so I took the opportunity to organize a Sufi and Rajasthani folk evening performed by very famous artists, Utsav was vibrating with these sounds and pleasant memories of the evening still linger on.....

Ashiana Utsav is a self contained mini-town, you want to do shopping just walk up to the main gate..... you want to chill out, hop across to the club house (I go to the club house very often) GREAT FOOD! BEAUTIFUL AMBIENCE! a truly well equipped property and I seize every possible opportunity to visit the SPA at the club house.

Every one today is looking for a secure place as the elderly are getting more & more vulnerable in a crime infested society, At Ashiana Utsav Senior Living, the security arrangements have been put into place and each one of us feels very secure here. What more are we looking for OUCH! Its hurting, I am a little under the weather so I go off to the ‘CAREHOME’ everyone greets you with a smile and the doctor is ever so pleasant..... I forgot why I was there.

I must say a lot of thought has gone into getting this place in its present position on this planet and I feel truly blessed for having chosen to come and settle down here. I have had a very pleasant stay until now and hope to enjoy the UTSAV (Celebrations) for many years along with my sister (we do make a unique combination), I salute to the team of Ashiana who have initially put all this together and the people who are running it now, they are so cordial and polite, they very patiently listen to all the complaints and at times hysterics..... I must say God has given them strength and PATIENCE to serve the elderly. CARING, LOVING AND COMPASSION all in abundance here in Ashiana Utsav. I may have made a few mistakes in my early days but this time I am sure I haven’t made any mistake.

One line for everyone.....
I sign off now with loads of love & sunshine

Ms. Amita Shaw
Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi

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Mr. A. K. BAHL

- Audrey Hepburn

Utsav in itself means festival, but the life at Senior Living "Utsav" cannot be described unless a peek is made in the life spent earlier.

Childhood:- For children everyday is a festival day. I remember my childhood in Delhi, when there used to be lovely playgrounds in most parts of the city, which these days are occupied by the creatures–called cars. There were no worries, no undue pressure in schools, no mobiles or laptop to buy your heads. The life was simple full of play and adventure with some studies in between.

College time:- Yes the time really flies, Childhood was quickly over. I joined engineering college at Banaras Hindu University. Everybody including me was happy, but inside a little worried. First time going away from home, not a single friend from school for company. Anyway, I was in Banaras & in the hostel. First few months I was homesick, but shortly I had new friends from all over the country.

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Hostel life was enjoyable with no interference from anybody (independent living), independent life. I could learn many new things about life which are useful even today. In totality life was wonderful, with studies & entertainment going together. The motto was: “Life is short, break the rules, FORGIVE QUICKLY, LAUGH UNCONTROLLABLY, and never regret anything that made you SMILE.

Working Time: College phase was quickly over in five years. I became a responsible engineer, looking for a decent job.This was the time for the hard work, I joined Alloy Steels Plant at Durgapur, W. Bengal. Again away from the family, a new place, new culture, a little different language. The learnings at college came in handy. It was interesting to learn new language & new work.

Working life was long, but with the hard work all facilities for entertainment were available. There were good schools for children where they studied and from there went to good institutes for settling in life. The family had a wonderful time in the township with a full fledged club & lots of other recreational activities, get together with friends and families.

Next Phase: This day comes in everybody’s life, all have to retire from work sometime. This was not a breaking news, but the worry was, as to what will happen to our wonderful life of the township? How will we spend the evenings? Will we loose our lovely get-togethers with friends? Till then I had no idea that a complex called Ashiana Utsav Senior Living of this kind existed in India.

Senior Living Time: I was destined to live at Bhiwadi Someday, way back in 1991, I had an offer from an upcoming factory at Bhiwadi, but I had to decline that as no schools & no good residing place was there at Bhiwadi those days. After my work life at Durgapur, I came across an ad by Ashiana and on checking the website, I found the place interesting. A visit was arranged & I was shown different projects by Ashiana.

As we entered the village gate, it gave a different but pleasant impression and further entering into Utsav complex & seeing the green parks, the activity center etc. my thoughts went back to the childhood days. My wife was more impatient on seeing all this and immediately said that this is the place she wanted to live-in. Thus the life at Ashiana Utsav began.

Finally we moved-in and within a short period we came to know most of the persons staying at Utsav. It seemed that we have come back to our long lost family. We were so well settled here as if we were staying here for years.

Daily life at Senior Living is marvelous. The morning walks in the fresh air of campus, with host of morning walkers and having a chit - chat, and lot of good mornings & waving of hands. Light music & bhajans from the speakers installed in the parks fill your ears. There are regular yoga sessions for the persons interested in keeping themselves fit. It looks like all are getting younger day by day. Coming back to flats, having breakfast with streaming news from T.V completes the morning session. Notice boards in each block, keeps everybody informed about the programmes to be held on daily basis.

What do I hear...? I think these are temple bells, there is this beautiful temple for the devotees and many religious functions are organized here.

For a change in taste, variety of breakfast item are available in the restaurant in the campus. Smell of Dosa, Idlis, Upma, Prathas invite people to the restaurant. The important thing about the restaurant is, whenever we don’t feel like cooking at home, we go there and enjoy our favourite dishes at lunch, dinner or breakfast. Order anything you like and they make it ready in a short period.

I love to play games in the evenings. It is a bad habit I have from childhood. So after a nap in the afternoon, I am ready to play. Depending on the mood I enter T.T. room or carom room or card room. Nice way to spend two evening hours & then an hour in the library which has magazines, news papers & some good books. The internet connection keeps you in touch with the friends & relatives.

A beautiful temple in the campus organises all the festivals in the year, with Sunderkand & Sai Puja a regular activity. This keeps us in touch with the God. This is not all, the activity manager keeps the monthly chart full of activities, whether a talk by a doctor, movies on Fridays, tombola games in between etc. etc.

Month end party every month celebrates birthdays & anniversaries, making you go back to the childhood days & many other functions. I think in last four years of my stay here, I have danced more than & have in my previous years of life. The following saying by William W. Purkey suits very well here.

“You’ve gotta dance like nobody is watching, Love like you’ll never be hurt, Sing like there is nobody listening, And live like it is heaven on earth.”
Seeing our well settled life here, our friends with families have also now settled at Ashiana Utsav.

Mr. A. K. BAHL
Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi

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After retirement from India’s most prestigious PSU Bharat Heavy Electricals (BHEL) in August 2001 and having settled my 2 children – a son and a daughter happily in their life and at their dream destination - USA and Canada respectively, I took to plan my balance retired life. First I moved my residence from Maya Enclave in West Delhi to Dwarka in South-West Delhi to engage myself in a Shirdi Sai Temple construction project of my almamater and friend at Sector 22 Dwarka. The work got completed after 10 years in 2011. By doing this selfless service I too became an ardent devotee of Samarth Sat guru Sri Sainath Maharaj.

With inspiration received from BABA I was virtually asked to move my residence to a calm and serene place. I started looking for a senior living place and was delighted to explore The Ashiana Housing Ltd. website. And LO... there I found my dream project - The Ashiana Utsav - for senior living. The site was captivating and provided a glimpse of a rich retired life with helpful of facilities and activities specially designed for senior living. After checking physically by staying overnight at well conceived guestroom I immediately booked a 3-Bedroom Unit in Ashiana Utsav without any more delay-dally.

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The process of purchasing and getting the sale deed registered went very smoothly-thanks to an extremely efficient and helpful Commercial office at site I must acknowledge the cooperation and help received from Rajesh Singh – the marketing executive of AHL. Help was also given by the Maintenance Deptt. on taking possession of my flat by way of arranging water, electricity, power connection and hooking up telephone, internet and cable TV. Sending and receipt of mail thru’ post and courier was a great help. But the most useful facility of this place was “Utsav Cafe”. This was our lifeline during the first month of our shifting when a lot of internal up-gradation work was on. We virtually never started our kitchen. The homely food and courteous service by Cafe boys was par excellence.

We got into a very regular daily activity schedule - morning brisk walk, yoga and physical exercises, the morning Sai baba aartee at the “Temple Attached” followed by a plethora of activity as per “Monthly schedule of Activities” at the “Activity Center”. We enjoyed the “Navratri Pooja” in October, “Deepavali” at Amphitheater in November, visit to “Osho Ashram” at nearby Taoru Village in December, “Lohri Festival” in January, a great “Rajasthani Folk Music Show” in February, “Holi Festival” in March and not to miss “Month End Party” on last day of each/every month. The activity co-ordinators in the Admin office are exceptionally talented and very helpful. The spiritual activities at temple - Sundarkand path on Tuesdays, Baba’s Kirtan and Bhajans on Thursdays and special pooja on festival days are extremely satisfying. At the hobby center I play Carrom for 2-hours in the evening and wife participates in Tambola on every Wednesday and see a movie on Fridays. Really you are never idling in Ashiana Utsav Senior Living.

Our heartfelt thanks to the great visionary – Mr. Om Gupta, the founder of Utsav concept and maker of our healthy senior living life.

Mr. Madan Gopal Mathur
Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi

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A successfully practicing doctor in Mumbai decided to A retire and leave city Mumbai now was not the same as Bombay. But where to go?

A search began by son in Australia, daughter in Austria, for retired seniors living, via internet by word of mouth, by media advertisements. Lavasa - Pune – not ready. Dwarka - Delhi with conditions

Ashiana Utsav – Bhiwadi- Rajasthan! A state with vast difference from Maharashtra. Headed for the place. Few people on road guided us correctly, others: not heard of such, here senior citizens live with their children! Are you seeking a job here, there are plenty jobs, plenty factories! Finally. Entrance. ‘Village Center. Comfort homes’. Stop. Guarded by uniformed personnel, polished shoes and greetings, wireless phones and mobiles for enquiries. Enquiries over, told to go further 100'. Second stop with Barrier Bar. Formalities over. Guided me to drive 100' further to guard room. Again with a Barrier Bar, final enquiries. This was like the White House Security for the President of America!! Got off the vehicle 40' further. Glanced 75˚ round. A central sprawling cosmetically groomed lawn with pagoda and a fountain surrounded by 4 storied apartments, twin looks, 14 in number fringed by 50' tall trees as if in military order, walkways all along greeted my eye.

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Not the least several beds of flowers of hues Roses, Dahlia, Petunias, Lily, Chrysanthemums, Pansies, Floxes, Morning Glories, Raat Ki Rani and many more with Bonsai. And please wait Bushes sprinkled with flowers, Creepers too. Colorful crotons of exotic kind. I wish I could live here. A current ran through. Contacted authorities. Lived in trial apartment for 8 days. On rental for 8 months. Interacted with previous residents on war footing regarding facilities. Their were Medical facilities with an Ambulance, Café all time all meals, library for passionate readers. Entertainment hall for events, carrom rooms, table tennis, rooms for spiritual discourses, music room to rejuvenate, a T.V. lounge for movies, a card room for a little vice! and more to mention – a temple for prayers. Graceful women and men of all hues just as the flowers. A society office of elected members - ‘Our Guardians’ maintenance office for bills. Here I got what I wanted. AND MY FINAL ABODE.

I thank the Almighty, I thank Mr. OPG, I thank my children.

Dr. Sushila Jagtiani
Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi

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It is a very beautiful and appropriately well conceived name for a residential complex: Ashiana gives one a feeling of depth, warmth and the UTSAV reminds us about our cultural, religious and festive activities, around the year. I feel, blessed are the residents who have chosen their retirement away from the city busy life.

When we bought a one-room flat in this complex, and informed our relatives and friends, they all thought that we were foolish to invest at a place like Bhiwadi, and that too in a Senior citizen Complex, which is normally considered as old people Ashram. Surprisingly, one visit to this complex changed their mindset so much that many of them sold their houses in big cities, and settled in Ashiana Utsav.

Ashiana Utsav was conceived and designed with a vision, to provide congenial atmosphere to variety of people from different walks of life. A well kept lawns are a treat to the eyes in all seasons. One can enjoy jogging, walking exchange their experience in life, group discussions, tambola, religious activities, TV, lounge, card playing carrom rooms, reading room and a library, table tennis, all in AC comforts, in the Activity Center located in the heart of the complex, which are a boon to the senior residents who vary in age group between 55-86 years.

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Ladies are especially happy, from the treachery of kitchen schedule, because Ashiana Utsav has a very clean and well equipped Cafeteria-dining-hall. Food available is reasonably priced, like home made. The food service by the cafeteria staff with a kind and smiling gesture adds a garnishing and homely touch to our minds. After a certain age, I feel people become more religious and like to spend time in quiet surroundings. I along with my husband feel enriched, to witness regular functions and group discussions, sharing frequent parties, with devotion and enthusiasm. Sharing life experience provides us mental solace, since we have spare time, with claims that we have our independent life doing away with the past responsibilities of children, who are happily settled and leading their own life.

Last but not the least, the positive aspect of the retired citizen complex is that Ashiana staff serve the residents with devotion and dedication.

To conclude, I wish the Ashiana Utsav will keep its name and fame for years to come and retain high standards of maintenance. The expectations of the residents that remain to be provided include, a well equipped mini hospital, healthcare provisions. And no unauthorized under age people should be allowed to stay in Utsav.

Ms. Harmeet Ratra
Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi

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Growing up, or ageing, both for plants and living beings are accepted life cycle patterns. With technological developments, and healthcare advancements, these patterns have been getting extended, diversified, thus call for appropriate handling and management. While for plants, the natural habitats take care of the management though with human interference. For living beings, the requirements for a habitat and its surroundings are socially and culturally different, and demand for physical comfort and happiness.

Service Providers: Traditions have them that parents and grandparents have been responsible for bringing up of the families, practically the whole lifetime period, under the shadow of “joint family” concept, tugged in one room corner, unmindful of the fact that they have their own life and would like to live accordingly, and do away with the label of “service providers” to the children and grandchildren, though the need for affection/respect for each other should command “priority”.

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Over the past six decades, unfortunately, the social and cultural patterns in our society, and the family norms have undergone demanding and damaging transformation, irrespective of the level/relation of family members, that the aged/old parents/grandparents become a burden on their children, they also do not want any interference in their day to day life and are ticked off, the earlier the better.

On the other hand, the old parents/grandparents also desire an independent/comfort Habitat living. This change has been necessitated by the fact, that lately, the social fabric in our traditions has got punctured beyond rehabilitation/repairs, that lately, the aged/old parents get sidelined, even eased out of their homes, abused and treated differently, thus calling for their appropriate settlement in old homes/Senior Citizen comfort homes, if and where they are made available.

Several surveys have been carried out, reports available, to demonstrate that when golden years get dark, the old and aged parents and grandparents get rejected, even get involved in property distribution disputes/legal battles. Old and comfort homes have been in existence in Western countries and Japan, in India, the tradition and pattern have been developed only during the past two decades.

Role and contribution of a BUILDER: It may not be surprising that way back during early 2000, a Builder with a vision, viz : Ashiana Housing, came up with housing unit complexes in Bhiwadi, 45 kms from Gurgaon. With the groups of units, it designed and developed a Senior citizens complex with specific facilities, called UTSAV. One, two and three bedroom units were designed and offered only to senior citizens above the age of 55 years. The supplementaries with these units included, well laid out two parks measuring 150 X 500 meters, activity center (Hall), a Cafeteria-Dining-Hall, AC rooms, each for a Library- reading Room, TV lounge, Card Room, Table Tennis room, besides a spacious lounge to sit and relax, there is temple, and Medicare center. It is over a decade, the UTSAV is fully occupied, and the residents, single and double, ranging in ages between 55-86 yrs, enjoy the green cover, participate in various activities, and keep themselves busy and happy in groups.

There are facilities for the children and grandchildren of the residents, who visit on occasions.

There is Hotel cum Club, and the resident members get 40% rebate on their bills. There is also a Mall feeding the requirements of the residents of their daily needs.

The residents exchange their life experiences, grow older but active, and when seen them participating in colourful activities like month-end parties, and festivals, with appropriate make up and attractive dresses, one can only remark that all these senior citizen - residents have left behind their “life minus”, and joined in UTSAV Group of “Life Plus”, to demonstrate the social and cultural upgradation of their balance years of life.

As residents/visitors alike comment frequently, that they are living in Heaven, or more appropriately called that “we are Swarg-wasis”.

There is a need to have more UTSAV like senior citizens complexes, and these are developed by Ashiana, in Jaipur, Jamshedpur and the like.

With the vision and the facilities offered to senior citizens, the Ashiana Housing deserves all praise and compliments for providing “Life Plus” concept.

Mr. O. P. RATRA,
Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi

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When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, All your thoughts break their bonds; Your mind transcends limitations Your consciousness expand in every direction, And find yourself in a new, great And wonderful world.


1. During one sunny morning in the month of November I planned a visit to Bhiwadi at the request of my sister-in-law. She spoke very high about the place, about being Ashiana Utsav Senior Living, the best senior living project in India. She reminded me of motto “seeing is believing”. Therefore I decided to visit the place in April 2014.
a. It was amazing to see the majestic view of the buildings.
b. The lush green fields appearing as green carpet on both side of the road.
c. The series of parks, were having variety of flowers.
d. Some of the parks were having fountains.

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e. Piped music humming with religious songs.
f. Pin drop silence and no noise level in the atmosphere.
g. Very efficient and effective maintenance service.
h. “Nai Umang” in activity center

2. We have got mission vision as well as national theme. I hereby propose a “theme song” as given below.

a. Shoulder to Shoulder, marching along,
With faith in our hearts & joy in our song,
We are building a high way of peace,
Arms linked in arms together we go walking,
Fighting the poisons of fear, greed & hate,
Winning the fight each day,
A treasure that is too close to see Heart close to heart United and free Facing our destiny.
The road that we travel is long,
But with hope in our hearts, We’ll go on.
Marching forward to victory
Marching on to change history.

b. The outstanding contributions & achievements made by Ashiana group of societies in India & abroad will be long remembered by all. The work done by Sh. O. P. Gupta, his family members & staff members has made the Ashiana Utsav a most admired organization. We are confident that the resident members will cruise to new glories under the dynamic & motivating leadership of Sh. Gupta. In this moment of glory, wishing you new turns in life, height of happiness & Happiness of progress..

a) I am suffering from Parkinson’s Disease (PD) for quite some time. This disease is manageable by medicines. I have undergone DBS operation (Deep Brain Stimulation) at the end of 2009 and feel much better there after.
b) In the morning time, people are walking here individually or in a group. It is pleasure to see simple smile worth million of dollars.
c) Pleasantries are exchanged either in traditional way saying GOOD MORNING/GOOD DAY/HAVE A NICE DAY. Some people say RAM RAM, OM, JAI HIND, but I observed that some were exchanging the greetings in Vedic style saying JAI ANANDAM JAI AROGYAM.

It is these heartfelt greetings & bouquet of gratitude which are converted into prayer.

4. Here some yoga classes are conducted regularly in the morning from 6 to 7.30 am, I am attending all these classes regularly and religiously. It is worthwhile to mention that for last 30 years I have not been able to sit on the ground with folded legs and back straight. This could be possible due to God Chrishma. Likewise I was asked by doctor to reduce the weight by about 6 kg. These yoga exercise meditation etc. have helped me to achieve the target.

5. Ashiana (Utsav) have galvanized us to give our best for the society and have taught us the gospel of love expressed as selfless service.

6. In this moment of glory, wishing all the residents of Ashiana Senior Living new turns in life, height of happiness and happiness of progress.

Mr. Ravish Rastogi
Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi

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I wanted to have a comfortable house and pollution free I environment where I could spend my retired life. Incidentally, advertisement for sale of flats to 55 years and above was published in Rajasthan Patrika, by Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur. I therefore, decided to visit Jaipur. After having seen such an excellent ambient and large open space of the project, I purchased a flat in Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur.

After having been retired as Assistant Divisional Manager from Life Insurance Corporation of India, l occupied a flat  on 3rd Oct., 2011. Since then I have always felt elevated and overwhelmed with joy of leading an independent and hassle free life. This is all because of the facilities/conveniences being available here viz.

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a) Round the clock security.
b) Maintained and upkeep of open and garden area.
c) Maintained sanitation and protection of environment.
d) Conduct of activities in the campus to make residents busy.
e) Café for healthy and homely food.
f) Day to day maintenance services viz. electrician, plumber and mason.
g) Round the clock Electricity Power Backup.

In the beginning Mr. Vikas was the Estate Manager who used to be in touch with the residents and every complaint of the resident was looked into by him personally. After Mr. Vikas, Mr. Dilip Yadav took over for some months, unfortunately he also left the job and Mr. Dhabai replaced him. Both the Estate Managers faced some resistance from the residents.

At present Mr. Vijay Sharma, a young and dynamic boy has joined as Estate Manager. He understands the basic requirements/needs of the residents. He is making all efforts to maintain the expected services to the residents.

I feel elevated and honored when my guest pay visits to us and comparing with the facilities available in their complexes and say that we are lucky to be at the top of the things.

Now, maintenance of good quality services depends on the efforts being made by Ashiana Maintenance Services (formerly VML) and I am sure that Mr. Vijay Sharma, Estate Manager would leave no stone unturned to come up to the esteemed expectations of the enlightened residents here.

Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi

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It was a pleasant autumn evening of the month of November 2010, I when my husband and I set foot upon the peaceful and green environment of Ashiana Utsav. Almost felt as though the crisp autumn air was welcoming us with open arms – wondering where we were all this while

Life before our move here was the usual chaotic, busy and stressful which most families lead. It was only towards my husband’s retirement time that we started thinking of settling in a place that could provide us with security, a congenial atmosphere of temple and health facilities. I am delighted to say that all these requirements have been fulfilled here at Utsav.

The apartments are spacious and well designed with uninterrupted supply of water, electricity and gas. Each block is fitted with a lift to help those of us who might find climbing stairs cumbersome. With trees planted all around we are able to enjoy the non-polluted air every morning and evening, when most of us go for a walk. The activity center situated in the middle of the complex is the great venue for national and community functions like Diwali, Holi and parties etc; Also provides us with sporting and exercise facilities like Table-Tennis, Carrom, Badminton, TV lounge, Swimming-pool and gymnasium etc: were a great hit for my grand children.

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Widowed, singles or couple - we all have a great community life sharing each others sorrows and also participating fully in our joys and achievements. It was at one of our functions that we discovered a few Lata and Rafi’s living amongst us – the singing talents hidden from the world until they discovered Utsav! I also look forward to the month end party where no one is allowed to feel lonely or sad.

With most of the residents being senior citizens – the staff here has never failed to show us due respect, courtesy and have often impressed us with their services and efficiency. I remember one of our neighbors experiencing a gas leak. Upon hearing this the estate manager immediately launched his team into action and it was sorted out in no time. It is things like this that gives us tremendous reassurance and security in Utsav. I feel Utsav has provided us our small world within the big one, where we feel self sufficient, safe and secure. All our medical needs are fulfilled from a nearby hospital, a local convenience store, prompt café services, twice weekly vegetable and fruit van services etc. It fosters a sense of belonging in community, all centered too, in this complex.

Growing old is inevitable but it is Utsav that has made it a joyful, smooth and sparkling experience for both of us.
Recently the facility of Care Home for invalid persons, needing personal home care and services has added one more feather in the cap of Ashiana Utsav.

Ms. Rita Sharma
Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi

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Utsav - Apna Ashiana an abode for senior living – U specially for senior citizens, who after hectic life for over 50 years, chose to live in the Dream Project of late Sh. Om ji Gupta, is an ideal and most suitable place for them where their all necessities are taken care of.

I will be completing 85 years when the year ends. Having retired in 1987 from my active 40 years service having served as Administrative Head in 10 Govt. institutions including 3 National Institutes. Since I did not consider and accept myself to have retired from active life I joined social service organizations to repay to society for what I got from it instead of idling and spending life in comforts, credit goes to my attachment to my faith in Radha Swami Mat, where from my childhood I was fed with “Mantra” of SERVICE (lsok) which is considered as supreme at Dayalbagh (Agra) instead of worshiping an idol or Guru, who is considered there as a guide. In social service, I find solace and never felt tired.

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An year back, I just came to Ashiana Utsav as a visitor to see how it is being run as whenever I visited different cities I cared to see Senior Citizen Homes and rendered frequent honorary service. The day was 26th January 2013 and on the very first sight after seeing environment and facilities I fell in love with Ashiana Senior Living, Ashiana Utsav. I took instant decision to move for active living inspite of my children’s opposition. The place offered all possible facilities for me to continue my drive for involving innumerable activities without any hindrance. From the very third day of my entering and moving in to Ashiana Utsav on 9th May 2013, I commenced translating late Sh. Om ji’s dream, who had departed from the world only a few days back, by working with Ashiana Utsav team and have been devoting not less than 3 hrs a day in different activities which I am still continuing. I never hesitated to draw attention where management was found lacking to meet the dreams of Late Sh. Om Ji as I did not come have to rest but to pass on my 40 years experience in practically all fields of management as Head of office and working with management staff instead of only pointing out defects only. I even offered management to train staff on honorary basis. The residents as well as staff with whom I have been working as I spend most of my time with them, are witness whom I am extending my help and guidance to give their best as time never comes back & it should be utilized to the best. I feel pained whenever I find staff willing to work but do not get proper guidance. I enter into arena and show them how to do best. I found staff a team of very young and fresh, very receptive and willing workers unlike in government, always ready to do any job instead of saying it is not my job which is a common term used while in govt. service and where staff seldom do the work other than mandated. Really it is an inspiring experience which has turned an 85 yrs old to a very young to give more and more as life is short. All organizations in country have bad elements also, how then “Apna Ashiana” can be an exception but that element is negligible and does not affect quality service.

So I found my final destination after 28 years research practically exploring most of cities I visited as I am a voracious traveler. After crossing 80, I had started feeling life graph going downward and I was dreaming of my last days because of un-friendly environment and climate conditions wherever I lived but after coming in “Apna Ashiana” I found change in my overall health and sagging energy. Of course I cannot defy age and pose to act as a young man, but entire resort residents are a witness how I am translating my energies in converting our abode to be the best. I left this place only once that too as per govt. rules to show my face to the pension paying authority, which is mandatory to release my pension. I do not feel like leaving this place even for few moments.

With this invigorating energy from 26 June’13 in collaboration with local Panchayat Machwa, I have embarked upon new arena and converting cremation ground lying barren and in deplorable condition. I am getting maximum support from Government of Rajasthan and hearty support from my co–residents of Ashiana Utsav in all respect. Ashiana Utsav staff is also not lagging behind in encouraging and providing possible help. I am putting 3-4 hours to work single-handedly not employing labour for which I never feel ashamed as taught in Dayal Bagh. I am not hesitating to attend to menial jobs which we witness in Gurudwaras also where people willingly serve with spirit.

Ultimate reward I got during my 40 years active service and 28 yrs retired life, I never needed any medication not even once consulted medical staff in “Apna Ashiana” during my last one year’s stay, I even skipped periodical check up camps as I do not feel any need inspite of facilities available. Recently the facility of Care Home for invalid persons, needing personal home care and services has added one more feather in the cap of Ashiana Utsav.

I feel this extension of life is due to Ashiana Utsav environment which as far as I know is un-paralleled to any Senior Citizens homes. Of course now because of fast changing times, I find on internet, many organizations are coming up claiming to have developed better facilities. They are yet to take shape and actual results will be known later. Perhaps after I close my eyes and depart from this world to meet the cycle, I owe this to Late Sh. Om ji, even if his dreams are not translated 100% as per his dreams and designs. Had he been alive, I would not have missed to meet him at regular intervals to give him feedback and share ideas to improve upon and fulfill his dreams which is the need of time and he was truly a catalyst in field.

My only last wish is to migrate to eternity and breathe my last at “Apna Ashiana” Utsav, not any Nursing Home or hospital and I am pledging my body to SMS Medical College following the way shown by Jyoti Basu, late West Bengal Chief Minister.

Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi
“The pleasure you feel in giving, is not felt in receiving. It should be the motto of life.”

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We, Mrs Indu Bajaj and I, Mr. Harish Bajaj were fortunate to stay at Ashiana Utsav from 17th August 2012 to 16th August 2013, Block 12, 3 BHK, Ground Floor, opposite the Temple. We were warmly welcomed by the residents of block 12, very friendly senior people. We were also fortunate to meet with other residents who also offered their assistance and friendship. Infact we are still in contact with a few of them after our departure from Bhiwadi

Inspite of internal politics and individual bitterness, there was only ONE ASSOCIATION and one monthly activity calender, more important ONE FUNCTION. During our stay, Mrs. Indu Bajaj being a qualified social worker took the initiative to offer her services to Care Homes on voluntary basis to senior residents and also to assist the staff as and when required. She visited the senior residents at Care Homes three times a week and later changed to twice a week. Mrs. Bajaj also assisted and co-ordinated to organize various national festivals at their activity center or hall. Mrs. Bajaj’s services and contribution were highly appreciated and acknowledged.

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As regards to myself, I used to play carrom every day from 6 pm to 7.30 pm. I also assisted to organize and co-ordinate carrom tournament with the main organizer Mr. J. Dhingra.

I also co-ordinated solely Badminton tournament at Treehouse Hotel Badminton Hall for all the seniors both ladies and gents. The tournament was a great success. Later we learnt about Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur and we decided to visit the complex, though miniature of Bhiwadi complex but very good and we liked it.

We shifted here on 16th August 2013 to Block 15, Flat T- 157. Once again we were warmly welcomed by the residents of this Block. The complex itself is very good, clean, pollution free, fresh air and beautiful surroundings. We give our best compliments and appreciation to all the staff, very polite, helpful, courteous and smiling.

All was well till October 2013 when Ashiana Utsav Resident Welfare Society was formed and officially registered . This, however, created unpleasantness and to certain extent ill-feelings amongst seniors. The so called opposition group refused to join or unite with the registered society. The result was two groups were formed, management was fully aware of the situation. Eventually the opposition group, as we observe have their own activity calendar and flatly refuse to unite. Finally the second group was registered, I think in April 2014 called, Ashiana Utsav Resident Association. We have now Two Monthly Activity Calendars, Two functions of similar activity on different days. The worst part is that there are two National Festivals function - what a shame!!! We have noticed that a few of the seniors have ego problems and are power hungry!!

Ashiana Utsav Jaipur is definitely not Senior Active Living- Just Senior Living!

We both are happy and well settled here, enjoy ourselves, have a few but good friends who take care of each other. We both are New Zealand Nationals of Indian origin. Inspite of political saga, we have promoted Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur to be the best complex.
Thanking You

Mr. Harish Bajaj
Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur

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It is my new birth. My stay at Ashiana Utsav Senior Living made me feel ‘I am I a kid’.

I was a working lady. When my retirement was near I started fearing how will I live all alone because I am a single lady.

With such fears in mind I entered Ashiana Utsav in the year 2010 when my retirement and registry of my flat at Ashiana Utsav went side by side.

Green picturesque surrounding with pure, pollution free environment can be found in any township. What is important here is the concept of active and comfortable Senior Living.

I found the company of many single ladies at Ashiana. We sit in the garden on a sunny mornings & evenings, walking, gossiping and laughing, sometimes we invite each other to our homes.

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On one fine evening I told to Nisha “Let us organize a picnic at the end of this month.” Nisha said “Oh Yes. We shall have lunch of churma-bathi and on the way back we shall eat kulfi also.”

At the swimming pool also we enjoy. When my friends also come for swimming–we sing, tell jokes and enjoy just like a picnic.

With friends we also go to see movies, market etc. We even go on tours. Life here reminds us of our college days, forgetting we are in silver phase of life

While discussing good aspects of life at Ashiana we cannot forget ground realities of life – Happiness and sorrow go together. There are thorns with flowers. At Ashiana we find all sorts of people, from highly qualified retired officers to businessmen. Among us there are also few such people who play dirty politics, divided residents into two groups. Maintenance company enjoys the fruit of friction by adopting the policy of divide and rule just like British imperialists. Many promises of security arrangement were never fulfilled. Maintenance charges can be suddenly doubled. Anyways drawbacks are always there in every institution or society. We have to see the glow of happiness is filled much more than trivial matters we have to overlook. Let us continue our enjoyment, masti does not mean forgetting god. His blessings are always required, specially at silver phase of life. There is a temple for us where people pray and sing bhajans. Religious festivals like Janamashtmi, Durga Ashtami, Navratri are celebrated here.

Most of the evenings we remain busy in various types of entertaining activities or fun like tambola, quiz, social gathering with dance and music. These activities are sometimes organized by Ashiana staff and sometimes by ladies themselves. At this stage of life we dance and play which we could never thought of before coming here.

We celebrate all festivals in very interesting manner. On national festivals like 15th August and 26th January we have flag hoisting, sweet distribution, songs etc.
Ashiana is not a place of dull and sick budhas (old). It is a place of pleasure loving colourful people of India, skilled in singing, dancing, telling jokes etc.

Friends, now I shall take you to colourful world in Ashiana. Guess What? “Holi”, the festival of colours, at night we have Holika Dahan, Puja and Sweets. Next morning we celebrate Dulhandi by applying colours, dance and singing also go side by side.

Dandiya during Navratri reminds us of Gujrati traditions. In these 8-9 days ladies dance with joy. Nearly all participate in Dandiya dance, with colourful traditional dresses.
Deepawali the festival of lights is simpler, celebrated with candle lighting, crackers and sweets. On this festival visiting each other’s house is more important.

Now I shall take you to colourful Rajasthan. Festival of Teej –wah kya baat hai. Traditional swing hangs on tree decorated with flowers. Silvers swinging in colourful traditional dresses, singing and dancing. Powerful anchoring further increases fun.

Our days at Ashiana starts with morning exercises etc and ends with excellent fun. You can see silver friends are no more dependent on their sons. We have our own independent happy life.

Ms. Shashi Bairathi
Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur

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Ashiana Utsav is nothing but a Heaven On Earth. Ashiana Utsav Senior Living is a beautiful, true & real life companion and friend in worth.
When one feels end of life after Retirement then “Ashiana Utsav” is there to start our life with full of colours and entertainment.
Ashiana Utsav has changed our –Negativity to +Positivity. It is like a God’s Blessings & Opportunity.
When there is a need, Ashiana Utsav is always there like a True Friend Indeed.
Ashiana Utsav has created such a place for Elders so as the Dream comes true by the God’s messengers.
Ashiana Utsav has filled our life with different colours by celebrating each & every festival collectively & amicably.
Ashiana Utsav has made our Life so Active by arranging different Types of Activities.
Ashiana Utsav has made us Healthy by providing such an atmosphere & beautiful environment which make us Happy & Healthy forever.

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It provides us Healthy Food in a hygienic way to protect us & extend help in every manner.
There are so many facilities in Ashiana Utsav such as Hygienic canteen, Beautiful club, Gym, Swimming Pool for our full entertainment and a beautiful park for children who may visit Ashiana Utsav on time to time.
Ashiana Utsav is our full time partner, lover, care taker, entertainer, health keeper, doctor & a good friend. It provides us very congenial and beautiful atmosphere & a Mandir also. It gives us peace & happiness in Ashiana Utsav.
Thanks to Ashiana Utsav for creating & maintaining such a beautiful place for elders. When there is no one with us but Ashiana Utsav is always there to help us and take care of all of us.

Ms. Kamla Mamtani
Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur

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When I came in Ashiana Utsav I didn’t want to go any where. In Ashiana my life was fully changed. When I lived in civil lines I was not able to do any thing there were no swings, no activities I could just play on my iPad at that place. I liked just this place in my life ever. In winters I always woke up at five o’ clock to take three rounds of this place with my friend Aayush. Any one would love to live at this place. This place is heavenly.

Ms. Renu Uppal
Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur




The Hindu Philosophy of life has an unique system of dividing T the life span of an individual from Birth till his death. These are “BRAMHAHCHARYA”, “GRAHASTH”, VANAPRASTHA”, and “SANYAS”, the last one being the ultimate attainment of MOKSHA, the Eternal Bliss. The Bramhacharya is the first phase of life of an individual from his Childhood to Adulthood covering his learning and Skill Development period. The Grahastha is the phase of his getting married, rearing up his family, and making a livelihood while earning, which takes care of his financial needs.

The Vanaprastha is the phase of, having accomplished his commitments to Society, start of Detachment from this Materialistic World and Sanyas is the total Detachment. The whole span thus can be summarized as “I” to “WE”, to ........“NOBODY” (The ultimate goal for the individual). In this process of various phases of life, the last phase SANYAS is the most difficult and arduous for a commoner to achieve. Very few individuals have possibly been able to reach this stage. Hindu religion, however, in its scriptures, lessons on Morality, do emphasize and show the way to reach this realm of ultimate Salvation and induces the individual to attain Sanyas or Sainthood.

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It needs to be put on record that this Philosophy of segmentation of life is something very unique in itself, not to be found in any other religion. Further our Sages, Dharmacharyas, Gurus, while scripting such a structure realized the difficulty for a Grahasth to switch over to Sanyas overnight. It is absolutely impossible for Grahasth to detach, in one go, from his past, relations and belongings. He had been living with his family, enjoying the Materialistic world of his own and if asked to switch over to Sanyas, which all of us will appreciate, was not possible at all for him. From WE to NOBODY in one stroke is impossible and for this situation our Sages came out with the brilliant idea of a Transition Phase called VANAPRASTHA and introduced it in the segmental structure.

Our Seers brilliantly introduced Vanaprastha, as a workable proposition. The concept of Vanaprastha was for the man along with his wife to go to Forest, that time in abundance, live in solace, lead a saintly life, pray to God, detaching gradually from his attachments. In between, they could take a break, go back to his previous Earthly World, spend some time there and then go back to Forest again and get into this routine of gradual Detachment. In the 2nd para above the dots between WE and NOBODY is covered by Vanaprastha.

In this Modern Age an individual cannot go to Forest, by and large nonexistent, but keeping up the Tradition of Hindu Philosophy of living, he can still try to live in Isolation somewhere away from his earlier Grahasth Phase. The Concept of “UTSAV”, in whatever manner it had been conceived of, can also be probably interpreted as one such abode for the individual in the transition period of the transformation from Grahastha to Sanyas in this Modern Age of Civilization.

The individual along with his wife in Utsav can live in the Concrete Jungle, so created, in close vicinity of abundant Greenery and Plantation in a Community of his contemporaries (Birds of same feather). In between he can go, visit his relations, friends or they can come and stay with him once in a while but for short duration only. This way, he is gradually putting himself in solace, detaching himself from the Materialistic World, in a broader sense, in his pursuit for the ultimate goal of life.

The set up at UTSAV has some unique features, which match the Tenets defined for Vanaprastha. The differences in style of living at UTSAV and the requirements set out by our Seers for Vanaprastha are due to the changes which have taken place because of the Modernization in living conditions in the Social setup. There was no Electricity, no present standard of Habitat then. The Culture, Values and Daily routine also have taken a big change. The unique features in short are:

#No Sibling or friend below 55 years of age can stay permanently with Utsavites barring unmarried or widowed daughters, though once in a while the siblings or friends may be permitted to stay for short duration. It matches one of the Tenets, a major one, of keeping away from social set ups. The residents live in partial isolation, which is to their advantage in having a regulated and disciplined life, in majority of cases early to bed and early to rise; and daily chores in timely manner. The set up is fully accomplished with all the necessities at this stage of life. You need not go out of the campus for your needs.

# A serene, peaceful, pollution free Environment with lot of open space and greenery has been provided to Utsavites, making them to live close to Nature. The Living, though a Community Living, has its own exclusive, secluded existence very much similar to the described Tenet of the scriptures, but of course modernized with the time.

# The occupants of UTSAV being of same age group, same intellect and social status lead a Peaceful, Happy and Contented Retired Life which was also expected for the people getting into the Vanaprastha stage.

Some distortions in the above stated facts may be there, but it is just a generalized statement and apparently true to fact. Some more similarities can also be brought out with deeper analysis.

All this, however, does not mean that Utsavites are going to become Sanyasi. The time has changed considerably since the Scriptures were written and the Civilization, Modernity have brought out major changes in Life styles and the present and the future generation can make an attempt to finish his life at Vanaprastha itself. Utsav at least has brought the occupants to come to this level. A good percentage of population, however, will be ending their life at Grahasth stage itself, which cannot be helped.

Concluding by a Quote from Robert Forest:

“In three words, I can sum up everything I have learnt above life; “IT GOES ON.” JEENA ISI KA NAAM HAI.

Post Script: The deliberation above is purely based on the observation of the writer in his individual capacity and is based on his personal analysis and interpretation of living in Utsav. There may be some debating issues which the writer would like to be excused of.

Mr. G. Srivastava
Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi

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I had a Dream, a Wondrous Dream! Of mountain peaks piercing the sky Undulating valleys shimmering by! Streams gurgling, Waterfalls tumbling, Frosty, misty bubbles showering!
I had a Dream, a Wondrous Dream! Where soft snowy clouds hypnotize Azure skies beckon with cherry cries Of bulbuls, gulls and magpies; And droves of bats hoot nearby.
I had a Dream, a Wondrous Dream! Where gardens flower in fizzy fragrance Butterflies flutter and squirrels prance. Fountains dance in a myriad hues Is it the rainbow curtsying, taking a cue?
I had a Dream, a Wondrous Dream! Where the grass is so green, its scent dizzy Enchanting, enticing the mind in a tizzy. The peace, the quiet, calming and kind a million miles from the drudgery and grind.
I had a Dream, a Wondrous Dream! Where the rising moon salutes the setting sun A million stars join the cosmic fun! The dark mountain paths come alight A pearly chain, adorns the night!
I had a Dream, a Wondrous Dream! It’s light, it’s bright, I wake to a chirpy morn There’s life, there’s love, new friends are born. I came, I saw, I got conquered! In Ashiana, Lavasa my dream home I found!

Ms. Rekha Barve
Ashiana Utsav, Lavasa




The story of my journey to the oasis called Utsav Ashiana in Bhiwadi (Rajasthan) from the maddening crowds of the capital city of New Delhi is interesting and may sound incredible to many so called rationalists who refuse to go beyond the limited domain of our five-sense perceptions

My wife had left me in the year 1990 for her heavenly abode. I had retired from my Banking job in 1988. I did not know what to do in a city like Delhi. I wanted to live in peace far from the mad life of hurry, worry and curry in a big city. I wanted freedom from shackles of attachment to the children and grand children for whom I had done my part. Lost in the thoughts of uncertainty about my future, I was in great mental agony and had no answer to my questions about the life ahead.

It was at this point of time that my wife appeared in my dream one night and repeated the words: go to Bhiwadi, go to Bhiwadi. But I did not know anyone in Bhiwadi. We had no relations in Bhiwadi. Whom to go to in Bhiwadi? Why Bhiwadi? I knew one person who had an industrial unit in Bhiwadi, but he lived in Delhi. He was obliged to me for some help I had extended long ago in the matter of Bank finance for his unit. That was my only link with Bhiwadi.

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One day, this gentleman happened to meet me somewhere and offered to take me to visit his unit which had progressed remarkably in production and expansion with the help of Bank finance, in which I had played a small role long ago.

When I shared my thoughts with him about my search for a suitable place where I can spend the evening of my life in peace and rest, he mentioned about this place called Ashiana UTSAV, Senior Living in Bhiwadi. I wanted to see the place myself to reassure myself about its suitability for my stay here.

It was love at first sight. I never looked back. I immediately rented a one-room apartment and have lived here happily ever after.

As I said in the beginning, this is an oasis in the midst of turbulent seas around of dusty roads, heavy traffic, filth and muck. The place has been designed and planned carefully with the special needs of senior citizens in mind. There is everything conceivable available to cater to their requirements. The Temple, the community center, social bonding, the medical aid, and 24 x 7 help in emergencies, shopping mall, canteen, security and safety. Can one ask for more?

Needless to say, my life has been prolonged after my arrival in Utsav. The best part of life here is the opportunity to have the company of our own age group which is not possible outside in our own families. Here we can share our feelings, our experiences, and our life-lessons. Sharing our grief’s, sorrows and worries lightens our burden. We also enjoy get-togethers, we sing and dance together, and we celebrate festivals together. We have intellectual discussions among similarly inclined residents.

This residential complex is a heaven for persons like me and I always feel grateful to the late Sh. Om Gupta Ji for having created this place for seniors citizens like me. His foresight and vision in conceiving such a facility and giving it a concrete shape in not one place, but in many parts of the country is commendable. These Old age homes will remain lasting memorials to his memory. We wish that his work is continued by his three sons and other builders in the country, and there are many replications of Utsav around the country in future. Let us join together in paying tributes to the creator of this wonderful island of peace for the elderly. May the soul of Shri Om Gupta ji rejoice with the gratitude of us all. Om Shanti. Om Sai Ram!

With love and affection and best wishes for healthy long life of all residents of Ashiana Utsav.

Mr. Ramanand Bhargava
Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi

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Gar firdaus ruhe zamin ast hamin asto hamin asto hamin ast - these lines mean “If there is ever a heaven on earth, it’s here, it’s here, it’s here.” These words were said by Emperor Jahangir for Kashmir, but for us, we found our paradise in Ashiana Utsav.

The decision to book a flat here at Ashiana Utsav was probably the best we ever made. There were lots of apprehensions from our family. They were always stating cons whenever we met, but we held our ground and did not budge. It was only once they attended the house warming did they understand that our decision was the best and when my brother-in-law relocated from USA to India, it was Ashiana Utsav that he also chose and joined us here.

Our first acquaintance with Ashiana Utsav and its staff was when we arrived here. I still vividly remember, Gajna (The activity manager at that time), was standing at the doorstep with a box of laddoos and the necessary information about the area around. I have yet to come across a more accommodating staff. Over the years a lot of staff has come and gone but the attitude still remains the same, respectful and helpful. The pleasure and ease of not standing in long queues to pay the electricity and telephone bills is great.

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We have been to several societies and we’ve yet to see such beautifully landscaped gardens. I had never seen my wife as happy as I see her now. She has this twinkle in her eyes which spreads electrifying energy in all directions. This place lets her creative juices flow. She has rekindled her hobbies & loves to organize the various events here at Ashiana Utsav. As she has always been a keen gardener, she has ample opportunities to showcase her talents and it keeps her busy too. This makes my chest swell with immense pride.

What I love here the most is that we celebrate all the festivals, religious as well as national, with fervor. It’s a pleasure to see everyone dancing and singing to their hearts content, especially on Holi. The last time my children and grandchildren were here, they were astounded with the energy we possessed. Each day here at Ashiana Utsav, is a celebration of life and the year around is one big festival.

Starting our day with Yoga in park 2 is so peaceful. The fact that we are surrounded by our Mandir and a waterfall adds to the element of peace & tranquility. The gurgling of the waterfall gives one the feeling of meditating by a river.

Morning and evening walks are a pleasure in any weather. The garden wears a festive look during winters when everyone is out basking in the sun, but when the rain comes we all run towards the gazebos.

There is an activity center on the campus which is always buzzing with energy. Exactly at 5 pm, carrom, cards & table-tennis rooms and the library becomes fully occupied. The most important aspect of the activity center is the music room as far as we are concerned. We have our own set of like-minded, music lovers who conduct regular ‘sa re ga ma pa’ sessions. The friends that we have made here, come from all walks of life, it’s like we have known them since ages.

Another high point that we look forward to is the month-end party especially if it is our birthday or wedding anniversary. The joy of cutting the cake on those special days with so many friends is very self satisfying.

Our children keep calling us over but the moment we leave the complex we feel home sick and at the end of the day I have no reservation in saying that this is a place where we would like to spend the rest of our days.
This is it, our perfect transition from Grahasth Ashram to Van Prasth Ashram.
I think we have fallen in love all over again, with Ashiana Utsav

Mr. Shakti & Mrs. Geeta Bhalla
Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi

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My life at Ashiana Utsav has been a complete rejuvenating experience so far. Away from maddening crowds, Ashiana Utsav offers comforting solitude amidst peaceful surroundings.
While waking up at the crack of the dawn gives me precious moments to connect with the divine, evening is best suited for long walks. Negligible traffic, secure premises, lush green lawns and playful fountains make my evening stroll a delight.

With first aid center and ambulance facility also available, medical emergencies do not make me worried any more.
Shopping mall and convenience store located at a stone throw distance make my household items buying activity an untiring experience.

Activity center, centrally located within the society, is home to thoughtfully planned library. There is also a dedicated area for playing table tennis and carrom board.

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With so many movie shows, excursion tours and other recreational activities being organized at regular intervals, social isolation has been a thing of the past. Besides keeping boredom at bay, get together activities give me a fair chance to interact with other fellow residents that hail from different parts of our country.

Utsav is one of the welcoming ways to celebrate multiethnic diversity of India.

Like a sturdy concrete structure holding together a massive building, support staff at Ashiana Utsav serves as the backbone of the entire system. From security personnel to administrative overseas, every individual has been kind enough to render a helping hand. I wish Ashiana Utsav continues to maintain its class, creating a positive living with honour experience round the year.

Mrs. Vandana Shrivastava
Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi

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My life at Utsav is like celebrating Utsav (festival) every now & then. It came to my mind those few lines of SHAKESPEARE “Oh lift me like a leaf, I fall upon the thorns of life, I bleed”…; on the contrary, I found myself like a fallen leaf, swept away by sudden breeze into a stream, that resembles with various activities so as to motivate me to practice T.T., Carrom, Badminton, solo & group songs & dance to bollywood numbers because, several competitions are there!! Unknowingly I got engaged in above activities which re- charged me to get back my youthful days.
It all happened when few years ago, after my retirement from HERO HONDA, I was leading quite peaceful but lazy life at Dharuhera, probably in my subconscious mind counting my days, when I attended a marriage ceremony where I met with an executive of ASHIANA who suggested me to visit this project.

The first impression which attracted me was the beauty & upkeep, with fountain, well-maintained lush green parks, surrounded with various trees & multi-coloured blossomed flowers that gives a serene impact, compelled me to shift immediately.

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It rained in cats & dogs in the evening. Street lights lit up, roads were drenched rather cleaned by rain, no water logging was there as the streets have slopes towards the boundary wall with several holes for drainage! I really enjoyed the beauty of rain washed streets and thanked the people who were responsible in planning.

Gradually I experienced the safety, security of Utsav that enabled me to be out of station for months without hesitation.

Here I came in contact with the cream of society, all learned, experienced people from different walks of life. Several inputs from them are really praiseworthy.

I wish several projects like this would enable India to be safe, happy, prosperous and make senior citizens young. Looking forward to participate in JASHN and take part in “Come September” (6th) which reminds me of ROCK HUDSON. Lets Rock!!

Thanks UTSAV as its like heaven on earth. I do agree with the slogan “ Achchey din aa rahe hai”

Mr. Ashok Dewanjee
Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi

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Personally speaking for me Ashiana Utsav has been the perfect place to resume my life after my husband passed away in 2009. My entire marital life of 51 years, was spent in Calcutta in our single house with no change of residence. So for me the thought of uprooting myself from everything that was known and familiar was indeed a daunting thought. Also the thought of living in Delhi was unacceptable. The research of my daughters led to the discovery of Utsav and I arrived here in November 2010. At that time I was going through many emotions of sadness, helplessness, loss of confidence, fear, instability and resistance to such a big change in my life. Almost immediately while living in the trial guesthouse within the complex, I felt a sense of comfort and peace. It was like an inner knowing that though adjustment would take time, I had arrived at the right place.

Utsav attends to my everyday practical needs. To begin with, it offers the security of gated community. The silence within the complex reminds me of how blessed I am to not have to deal with noise and pollution of everyday city life. I have met people here from different backgrounds.

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Yet we share one common intention and that is, to spend our senior years in an environment of peace and comfort. The daily ”Hellos” as we cross path and sometime engaging conversation with them gives me a feeling of connection and belonging with all.

The facilities are very helpful, like the home style food of the café. Now when my children or relatives visit me, I no longer feel the weight of having to cook extra food in my kitchen. I know the café will feed us all.

My mornings are well spent reading in the library, my games of carrom engage my evenings, movies every friday entertain me and the regular programmes of meditation, healing and talks, is something I always look forward to.

The prayers in the temple and the celebration of every festival with so much earnestness has been very enriching. The health center with its concerned staff is a big plus.

With immense gratitude in my heart I Salute the “MAN” who conceived this idea and made it into a reality for us senior citizens. His single vision has smoothened my years and I am sure it will do the same for many more to follow.

Mrs. Romila Arora
Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi

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Utsav means festivities. Here we enjoy festivities daily in one form or the other like celebration of various festivals and functions, playing carrom, badminton, playing cards, watching films, meditation sessions and religious activities. At this stage senior persons find it difficult to pass the time. But here the position is quite different, the days pass quickly, happily and devoted to some purpose

My day starts with morning walk saying “hello” to everybody, known or unknown, Utsavites. The others also respond smilingly. After walking, residents sit in groups near the fountains in the park and enjoy cool and fresh breeze along with conversation and discussion on various current topics. A few people sit alone and enjoy music through speakers fitted at short distances. Ladies sit in different groups here and there in the park enjoying conversations. Exercise session in both the parks under the guidance of some expert is a regular feature.

The security arrangements are very good. Moreover we do not have to go outside for work pertaining to electricity, plumbing etc. as the same are attended by maintenance dept. The roads in the campus and galleries in the residential blocks are kept neat and clean. Monkey menace has become a big headache in almost all the areas. Thanks to management there is no such problem here.

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Sometime, we take breakfast, lunch and dinner in the cafe for a change. The food is prepared in hygienic conditions and is tasty and suitable to every person, young or old. My eldest son living in Gurgaon is a frequent visitor. He never allows us to prepare food at home. Instead all of us enjoy good food in the cafe. The cafe staff is quite friendly and respect everybody.

Recently my second son living in Dubai happened to visit Utsav. He was very much impressed with the cleanliness & maintenance of the roads and greenery in the well-maintained park. The lines of tall green trees also fascinated him. He also praised good quality of food and good behavior of the staff in the café. He was satisfied that his parents are living at a good place.

In the beginning, we were worried whether sufficient medical facilities are available or not. So both of us went to “care homes” in the campus. On my wife’s questioning the nurse said “There is nothing to be worried, we are here to look after you. The Allopathic and Ayurvedic doctors are available in the ‘care homes’. In serious cases, we give first aid and send the patients to the hospitals in Delhi, Gurgaon etc. as desired by them by our own ambulance. We get them admitted there and our staff remains with the patient until some of the relatives reach there.” She also told that there is rare case that Utsav residents fall ill as the atmosphere and environment of this place is very good and suitable to senior persons. Most of the patients admitted here belong to other cities nearby. After a few days I came to know that some medical doctors are residing in the campus. They provide consultations free or at very reasonable fee. They also attend patients on their residences on some higher fee. On knowing all this, both of us were free from worries for health problems.

Later on one of the residents told me that previously they lived in Delhi and his wife was almost bed-ridden. She could hardly walk to the bath-room with the help of some family member. After shifting to Utsav some improvements in her position was visible. Certainly on account of good atmosphere and via behavior of the fellow residents. As a few months passed, she was able to go to bathroom and other daily routine work without help of family members. Now she daily enjoys her morning walk.

In my own case I had to use eye drops daily due to burning sensations in the eye. Now I often forget to use eye drops due to cessation of the problem. Thanks to the good atmosphere and maintenance of cleanliness here. Now I use the solution after 4-5 days at my own sweet will without any problem.

Small sparrows which are becoming rare and rare in the cities are in abundance in this locality. Hundreds of birds flying in the sky present a charming scene. Chirping of sparrows and other birds sitting on the trees in the morning and evening is very soothing and heartening for all.

To think of such a project 10-15 years before for the welfare and good living of the senior persons was a rare thing. Sincere thanks to Sh. O. P. Gupta for his distant vision and concern for senior citizens. We are really grateful to him.

Mr. Ram Niwas Jain
Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi

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In August 2010 while reading Times of India, I came across an I ad for 55+ Community - Ashiana Utsav. What caught my attention was the slogan ‘Try before you buy’. So, I called the number and asked what does that mean. I was told that I could stay in trial flat for a week and see how I like the place and then decide to buy.

I booked the trial flat for a week, and came to Utsav in September to stay for a week. I was impressed to see open vast green parks, activity center, temple, services offered by office workers and cleanliness. I describe it in three words.

C – Cleanliness
G – Greenery
S – Security

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I decided, this is the place I want to spend the rest of my life. Safety/security is crucial for a single lady like me.

I came back again in November and signed for a two bedroom flat in Block 6 and gave the deposit. Registry was done in December. While work was being done to get the place ready, my family and myself stayed in a rented flat in Block 13 owned by Mr. Abhimanyu Jain. We really enjoyed the delicious food at Utsav Cafeteria. Food was simple (not spicy), tasty and affordable. We ate breakfast, lunch and dinner for 17 days and liked the variety of food, cleanliness and service.

People are friendly and receptive here. I call this place ‘Mini India’ because people from Bangalore, Calcutta, Punjab, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Uttranchal, Haryana, Delhi and other parts of India live in one complex. We learn from each other their cookery, culture and customs.

I enjoy lot of activities offered in this place called Utsav, such as badminton, carrom, playing cards, and simply sitting on chairs with ladies in the evening and their conversation. I also like functions at the temple such as Diwali, Teej, Navratri, Ram Navami, Janmasthtami etc. Langar and Preeti Bhoj are arranged on certain occasions. OSHO, Bhramakumaris give their lectures and teach meditation.

Morning starts with Yoga taught by Col. B. L. Sharma. I have learnt quite a few Aasans in the first few months. Now I practice them at home at my convenience. Monthend parties are another attraction to meet new people and entertain. I like people gather in Utsav hall and enjoy music, dance, songs and jokes followed by snacks.
Library is also nice and air-conditioned. We can read several newspapers in Hindi and English and know the happenings in the nation and the world. We can borrow the books to read at home.
When it comes to services, electrical, plumbing, sending letters, paying bills, they are available round the clock. All workers are prompt, cheerful, efficient and professional.

We can buy most of our groceries and other items at Easy Day which is at a walking distance. Convenience store serves us immediate stuff in need as added convenience. Sabzi wale, Phal wale, Akhbar wale, Milkman, Gas/Sewing machine repair man come to us to make our life easy.

Several resident doctors are very helpful to check on us, listen to us and prescribe the medicine. Medicine stores provide the medicine at our doorstep with 10% senior citizen discount. From time to time medical professionals come to advise on common diseases – such as diabetes, blood pressure and diet. Nurses come at home on calling. For emergency, ambulance is available. Initial medical care is available before taking the person to hospital.

Bank services are provided at home. ATM is at a walking distance.

Maids are plenty to choose from, and their rates are reasonable as fixed by Association. Since they are screened by our staff, they are honest and reliable.

In nutshell, I can say with conviction that I feel younger at heart than the time I came to live at Utsav. Recently, I was one of the six participants to dance to promote Lavasa Utsav sales in Bombay, people there were impressed to see our energy. I will recommend this place for any senior citizen - where people live of your age.

Everyone can find something to spend quality time.

Ms. Pushpa Vatsalya
Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi

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Utsav is Paradise for seniors! It has an ambience of a Five Star Resort. Greenery of the manicured parks cools the tired eyes. The rockeries are a great sight. We enjoy walking a great deal. When tired it is lovely to relax amid flowers. There is activity-centre which caters to the various hobbies like reading room, TV lounge, indoor games etc. Then learned speakers from specialized fields enlighten us from time to time.

Our food problem is also taken care of....
Grocery shop is big help.
Easy-day mall is another option for shopping.
Treehouse is a great attraction.
Festivals are also celebrated with great pomp and show!
On the whole Utsav is like a beautiful home for me.

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May God Bless!

I personally congratulate the promoter for implementation of this concept. It is a blend of peaceful and yet fully active life. I am sure that it is an example for all others to follow. It is unfortunate that children are ignoring their parents due to whatever reasons. However, Utsav, as this word means, does stand for celebration for the old and weak.

Dr. Rekha Singhal
Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi

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This is not a story, this is only an expression of “What I admire and How I enjoy at UTSAV

Excellent Dining facility
• Air conditioned environment.
• I make lot of friends here.
• Smiling and courteous staff.
• I decide what I want to eat - I get it in 10 minutes.
• I am always happy with the quality and cost.

Maintenance office
• No worry of depositing electricity, telephone and maintenance bills.
• Meets my day to day electrician and plumber requirements.

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Indoor games - TT, Cards and carrom.
• I do not play but I enjoy seeing people enjoying them

TV Lounge - At least
• one movie every week.
• Lectures on interesting and useful subjects.
• Lots of magazines
• Good books
• Whenever I feel free, I just go to the library.

Celebration of festivals, parties
• Month end parties- celebrating birth days and marriage anniversaries
• More than 10 festivals are celebrated in common.
• I learnt Dandia steps in 2013 Dandia celebration.
• Good arrangements are done by Ashiana management.

Medicare center.
• It is a joy to see how the staff takes care of residents.
• Get my sugar/ BP checked any time 24x7.
• Can request for any medicine- request met in 4 hours.
• Doctor’s advice, first aid at very reasonable cost.
• Last Oct I had a fall in bathroom, first aid and ambulance was available.

Garden and horticulture
• Excellent landscaping.
• Bonsai corner
• Good flowers in season.
• Good grass always.
• Chairs available in plenty.
• I enjoy the fountain.
• I enjoy piped music.

• Quality dining and bar
• I am a member so enjoy 40% discount
• Swimming pool
• Lot of celebrations in Gardenia.
• High standard SPA

Environmental aspects
• No noise of traffic
• No parking problem.
• High level of cleanliness in entire complex.

Security of residents
• Adequate trained staff deployed at gate and other locations.
Utsav is my second home as yet, first is at Gurgaon. Still I have more number of friends here and because of them I enjoy my every visit to Utsav.

Mr. Abhimanyu Jain
Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi

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Way back in the year 2009, when I was posted as Commissioner of Income Tax at Mumbai, I had purchased villa No. T- 38 in Ashiana Manglam Project. I was posted to Jaipur in March 2011. Since April 2011 I am residing in this villa. Living in villa was quite comfortable except the fact that there are 2 bed rooms on the first floor and one on the ground floor. Due to this, any occupant of villa has to do up and down on stairs 40 to 50 times a day. Very soon, I realized that it may not be possible to do so in coming years. Considering this fact, I purchased flat no. M-048 in Ashiana Utsav in December 2012 just before my retirement. When my legs refuse to do up and down on stairs, I will shift to Utsav. However after purchase of this flat in Utsav, I am regularly visiting Utsav, coming in to contact with the residents at Utsav and participating in day to day activities being conducted subject to my taste and availability of time.

The concept of Utsav for senior living is a unique concept in the sense that on one hand it gives personal privacy & independence unlike old age homes and on the other hand it gives organized facilities for community living with similar age group. After my superannuation in December 2012, some senior citizens, who were not happy with the functioning of the Ashiana Utsav Residents Association, formed another society by the name of Ashiana Utsav Residents Welfare Society.

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They approached me and requested to become the President of the Society. Although, I was not very keen to assume office as president, because I thought that I would not be able to give enough time for discharge of the duties of this office. But the visiting residents of Utsav assured me to extend full help and support in discharge of my duties as President, then I agreed to their request. I was elected as President of the Society in the General Body Meeting held st on 31 October 2013 for a term of 1 year. After becoming the President of the Society, I became deeply involved in day to day affairs at Ashiana Utav and had actual experience of living at Utsav.

As regards the facilities at Utsav, the same can be broadly divided into the following 10 categories:

(i) Location: Utsav is located on main Kalwar Road in village Machwa about 20 Kms. away from main Jaipur city in the lap of nature. It is surrounded by agriculture land and farm houses. The environment is serene and pollution free. It is a resort in true sense. In the morning different species of birds can be seen. Residents can enjoy the morning and evening walk within the campus itself. However the roads within the campus need better upkeep.

(ii) Electric and water supply: Electricity and water supply is available all the 24 hours. Power back up has also been provided through generator. Quality and quantity of water in this area is one of the best in Jaipur.

(iii) Lawn area: There is a big lawn in the middle of the project which is used for sitting on benches and chit chat by the senior citizens. It is maintained reasonably well. Piped-music played in the evening is very soothing to the ears and the mind. Functions and shows on big screen are also organized in this area.

(iv) Activity Center: In the activity center there is one activity hall, one lounge, few activity rooms and one library. One table for playing Table Tennis has also been provided. The maintenance of Activity Center is also quite good. But cushions of sofas are thin and soft and not comfortable to sit on. Acoustic of the lounge also needs improvement. Activity Hall and Lounge are used for various activities as per monthly activity calendar. Such activities are conducted every day and the senior citizens enjoy participating in these activities. One cafeteria is also run in the Activity Center. Quality of food is reasonably good and rates are also reasonable. But the quantity of dal and sabji provided in thali is insufficient. Likewise coffee is a little costlier which costs Rs. 20 per cup. One can also have dishes of one’s choice provided the order is placed 3 to 4 hours in advance.

(v) Temple : There is one temple in the lawn area mainly devoted to Lord Ganesh. Here pooja is performed daily in the morning and evening. Residents also organize Bhajan Sandhya on Tuesday and Wednesday. This fulfills an essential need of old age.

(vi) Fountain and Play Ground: At the rear end of the lawn area, there is one fountain and play ground. Residents can play Badminton here. They can also enjoy swings and sit by the side of beautiful running water fountain.

(vii) Medical Facilities: First Aid facility and Ambulance have been provided at nominal cost. Recently, one Care Home has become functional in the complex to take care of senior citizens who are unable to perform their daily routines due to physical or mental weakness. However charges of care home are quite high.
(viii) House Keeping Facilities: For maintaining the common areas like roads, stair cases, activity center etc., cleaning facilities have been provided which are pretty good. There is an arrangement for door to door garbage collection. Round the clock security has also been provided at the main gate of Ashiana Manglam complex. Called as gate no. 1, gate of Ashiana Utsav called gate no. 2 as well as inside the complex. The security staff are quite courteous and sincere in duties but require a little more training. At night some surprise check is also necessary as some guards are found sleeping. The facilities of plumber, mason & electrician have also been provided which are just a phone call away.

(ix) Health club and Swimming pool have also been provided. But at both the places trainer is required.

(x) General Store & Medical Store:
One general store & one medical store are also run in the adjacent Manglam Complex. The medical store provides 10% discount to senior citizens.

In addition to above, one vegetable hawker and one vegetable mobile van also take round of the complex to provide vegetables & fruits. One ‘Press wala’ is also available to iron the clothes. Needless to say that maid servants are also available in plenty who always look for residents who can pay more. In the process they keep on changing the households keeping the residents on tenterhooks. Some sort of standardization of their rates by the management is needed.

To sum up all the necessary facilities are available at a reasonable cost for a comfortable living. However, there is a scope for further improvement in these facilities for which two associations of the residents are holding dialogue with the management on regular basis.

My experience at Utsav would not be complete without mentioning about the residents. The residents come from different states, different backgrounds, different mindset. In interacting with the residents, one gets an opportunity to learn from their experiences and also to be tolerant of other’s views. For all practical purposes, living in Utsav is just like living in mini India.
Long live Utsav.

Mr. Brijesh Gupta
Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur

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An old man aged about 70 years old was sitting on a culvert with his face cupped in his hands. He was deep in thought. When a young boy going back from school saw him, he sat down next to him. When the boy did not get any reaction from the old man, the boy shook him and asked him, “Baba Can I help you”. On repeated questioning, when Baba pulled up his face, the boy found him crying and very depressed. The boy before asking anything else, he went to nearby café and brought something to drink and eat for the old man. Baba looked at him with love and tears in his eyes and wanted to say something but words would not flow out of his mouth. He put his hands on the head of the young boy and thanked him for bringing the water and food for him and being so kind. The old man asked the boy his name and said, Beta, this world is very cruel. Crying he further said that he has been thrown out of the house by his children and he has no place where he can go and spend his remaining old age. The boy washed his face with his hankey and requested him to eat and drink something. After the old man had taken water and food, the boy took the hand of the old man and assured him that he need not worry about anything and everything will be alright. The old man hugged him, blessed him and thanked him endlessly.

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The boy was very surprised and disturbed by the behavior of the children of old man. He made up his mind that when he grows up he will build beautiful living place for senior citizens. He took the old man to one of the old age homes, accommodated him there and told him to live there comfortably and all his needs will be met by him. The old man was overwhelmed by the love and kindness shown by the boy and blessed him again and again.

The boy grew up with one mission in his life and when he grew up, he got down to achieve it. To make a beautiful place for the living of senior citizens.

Ashiana Utsav is one such accomplishment. We, as senior citizens feel happy living here. It gives back smile and happiness that one looks forward in one’s old age.

The man who conceived such a beautiful project and executed it for the benefit of senior citizens must have been like the boy who was touched by the old man’s plight. We salute all those who think of senior citizens and create beautiful and healthy living accommodation where all their needs, entertainment and cares are taken care of. ASHIANA UTSAV is one place like that. We salute the creator of such a beautiful place.

Compassion, Vision, Love, Courage, Determination and Will to do something for the benefit of others can do wonders for oneself and others.

Mr. Manmohan Goel Retd
Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi

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For us Utsav was simply “love at first sight”!
On our first ever visit to Ashiana Utsav in May 2013, we were very pleasantly surprised to find that the actual view of its central garden and its surroundings was exactly the same as depicted on its website!

Its beauty and serenity has been very well maintained.
Utsav has been designed and built keeping the needs and limitations of elders - the entire complex is wheel chair friendly, lifts can comfortably accommodate a stretcher, the wash basin is low enough for use by wheel chair bound Utsav resident, so are the grab rails in the master bathroom; the Bhajans and Devotional songs from the piped music make the morning walks extremely soothing…!

We find the staff friendly and accommodating, and the residents happy and enjoying good health by being in Utsav.
It is indeed a pleasure to interact with the new Estate Manager, Mr. Vijay Sharma, who is a genuine trouble- shooter and always a ‘man-on-the job’, caring for the residents with a smile!

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Today we own a flat in Utsav only because of Mr. Dharmendera Kumar.. and do thank him for all his sincere efforts, support and encouragement during the entire process of our owning M-418 in Utsav!
Though we are permanently housed in Noida, we have so far enjoyed all our seven trips to Utsav, even though all were short: We now plan to stay longer!

A word of caution!
The re-fixing of Emergency Switch took much longer, adversely impacting a big USP of Utsav.. the switch in master bathroom was still not functional during our last visit in July’ 14.
It may be useful to extend Cafeteria timings - both in the morning and at night, as also to add more variety in food and beverages.
It pains to find two RWAs for such a small community - we do sincerely hope that the issues get resolved to mutual satisfaction sooner than later, so that the real purpose of leading a peaceful and relaxed life is achieved.
We wish all residents and staff of Utsav the very best in future!

Mrs. Renu & Mr. Vinod Gupta
Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur

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Being from a village background our family had the privilege of leading a life in the lap of nature, with no pollution of food, environment, thoughts and surroundings. Perhaps this was the reason that my father bade adieu to this world at the ripe age of 93 years without a whimper. However my mother who also had the opportunity to lead the same good and satisfying lifestyle had the misfortune of being struck by full body paralysis and passed away at 89 years of age after suffering for 18 months like a proverbial potato.

Above incident made me to sit up and take note of the fact that no amount of good and ideal lifestyle in past is guarantee against any mishap in the old age or rather at any time of life span. More so in old age we are forced by events, failing health and diminishing body faculties to look around for support of various kinds. At the same time I had a clear picture of difficulties we had faced in case of my mother despite our intention of doing the best. Main culprit was paucity of time because of pressures of social and employment/professional commitments and lack of professional paramedical facilities to dote on the ailing mother. Keeping in mind the problems we faced in managing her at home I started thinking in terms of what if it happens to me? I had no doubt that the my children shall also face similar constraints as I am facing now.

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While I was grappling with such tormenting ideas I stumbled upon Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi around 5 years back while surveying for old age homes, per se, in and around Delhi. At that time I did not find it worth especially because I had not faced the ordeal of managing ailing mother at that point of time. After the demise of my mother I decided to have a relook at Ashiana Utsav and decided to join the community.

In my opinion it is the best available option as of now though this concept is catching on with other builders/organisations. My stay had been only for about a month and a half but I am satisfied that I took the right decision as find the place well maintained, neat and clean and above all a desire to be genuinely of help to the senior citizens. The provision of a full time restaurant is a tremendous help especially to single senior citizens. Availability of a electrician and plumber is a great help. Medical facility is also a boon for emergencies though for a cost but then nothing comes free in this world and should not be a constraint if we get quality service for a fair (?) price. Roster of daily activities is prepared with due diligence and there is a conscious effort to keep the oldies happy and occupied, after all an empty mind is devil’s workshop.
God bless us all.

Mr. Sudhir Kumar Sharma
Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi

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We visited Ashiana Utsav in February 2012. We found this place quite attractive and suitable for living. In March 2012, we consulted our Son Col. Satish Penghal, who saw the details on internet and we discussed in detail about this dream project of Shri Om Gupta Ji. Concept was very good and the project was being maintained nicely by VML. We purchased a 2 BHK Flat and moved in July 2012.

Ashiana Utsav is conceptually well designed and impressive. We have enjoyed our stay at this retirement resort. When we shifted the occupancy was very less, yet we found fellow residents very helpful with varied experience of life. One could always find likeminded residents and share his/her experience of life. At Utsav social life is good, full of activities and vibrating with positive energies. This quality time spending with fellow residents definitely adds to well being and longevity of life.

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Every system has its strong and weak points. Likewise, AMS is no exception. There is always room for improvement. Therefore, our suggestion to AMS is that they should keep their team management in caliber as good as of their sales and promotional team. There should be frequent interaction between residents and top executives of AMS. Top management should act fast and redress the genuine grievances of Senior citizens with empathy and compassion.

Together we can make Utsav as number 1 project of the world.
Utsav is celebrating JASHN in memory of Late Om Gupta Ji. We wish all the success and happiness all around.

Major M. R. Penghal
Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur

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DR. ABDUL J. KALAM, the former President of India, who is my Idol, has always taught us “have dreams and endeavor to fulfill those”. I also had a dream that after 40 years of hectic service in RESERVE BANK OF INDIA, I should possess an Ashiana (house) where I could spend a peaceful and comfortable retired life. A ray of hope to realise my dream arose when Sh. Atma Sharan, at present the Vice President of Ashiana Housing invited me on the launching of Utsav Jaipur in November, 2007. My dream appeared to become a reality while I could observe the salient features to be introduced in the proposed flats specially meant for senior citizens, which vindicated the invaluable vision, mission and principles (towards an enhanced quality of life) of Late Sh. Om Gupta, the pioneer of these retirement homes, coupled with the most appropriate educational background of Sh. Ankur Gupta, the Joint Managing Director and his experience of having visited many senior living facilities across the world.

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2. I took no time to book flat, which enabled to make my aforesaid dream realised by occupying it on 31.07.2011. Since then I am always feeling overwhelmed with pleasure and joy as I have the privilege of being in a pollution free environment coupled with lifeline facilities viz. regular water supply, power back-up, large open green areas, a well equipped activity centre, walkways, facilities for outdoor activities, a home-kitchen like cafeteria, a convenient shopping centre within the complex, gym, swimming pool. Besides, all the maintenance services are being provided by AMS/VML, making my life hassle free/tension less. Above all, 24*7 security is provided. To sum up, I am able to lead a happy, healthy and secured life.

3. Since medical OPD and ambulance facilities are also available, my children, who are settled far away also have not to worry much about me and my wife.
4. We are also able to have mutual love and affection from co-residents, who being of same age are like-minded.
5. Mr. Vijay Sharma, who has joined as Estate Manager quite recently appears to be a progressive person. He is taking keen interest in his job. I wish he is able to come up to the expectations of the senior citizens.
6. Finally, as I am free from all worries and have ample spare time, I gainfully utilise this time to be more active in social service.


Mr. B. R. Narula
Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur

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Some things in life are co-incidental like before Ashiana Utsav me and my father residing in Ashiana (Ansal) in Lucknow and again name is same but there is a great difference between these two in terms of infrastructure and facilities available

In whole of India people won’t get such type of noise and pollution free environment. For maintenance and cleanliness we can compare Ashiana Utsav with any kind of society/township with foreign countries. All kinds of needs and demands of ‘Elders’ being taken care of. For example people here need not to worry about plumber or carpenter or even for grocery items. Seniors can have a sound sleep due to marvelous security facilities. At home also people feel protected when they know that they can press emergency bell in helpless conditions.

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Quality of furniture is worth seeing and age friendly canteens, activity hall, T.V. lounge etc. all are well designed and well equipped.
Last but not the least recently team Utsav has opened ‘Care Homes’ which have full-fledged rooms with all medical facilities. It is a combination of home-living with specialized customized care. In the end I can only quote my father’s words “People who are lucky and blessed by God are here

Ms. Shubra Mishra
Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi

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