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Maintenance Services

At Ashiana, we take great pride in providing beautiful, comfortable and secure homes. But having created homes with care and attention to detail, it is important to maintain these properties so that they can retain the brand new look year after year. At the same time, the resale & rental value should continue to grow with time.

Keeping this in mind, Ashiana’s in-house company, Ashiana Maintenance Services, is entrusted with the task to provide quality maintenance to all Ashiana properties. Effective monitoring systems like MIS and follow –up reports ensure timely, economical and efficient maintenance. On-site and off-site training further ensure a pool of skilled manpower that is sensitive of the needs of the residents. Currently, Ashiana Maintenance Services maintains over 7000 units in 21 complexes; covering an area of 8.7 million sq. ft.

Ashiana Maintenance Services also organizes various inter-complex socio-cultural events like Cricket tournaments, Sing & Dance competitions, Swimming competitions etc. for increasing interaction among residents. our services encompass the following aspects:

Cleanliness and Hygiene

  • Daily sweeping of common areas, streets and pathways
  • Daily collection of household refuse and its disposal
  • Operation and maintenance of sewage treatment plant*
  • Regular cleaning of surface drains
  • Water treatment & recycling

Water Management

  • Maintenance of water distribution network including deep bore wells, pumping equipment, storage tanks etc.
  • Regular cleaning of overhead tanks
  • Periodic water testing.

Electrical Management

  • Maintenance of street and common area lighting with replacement of electrical fixtures and fittings
  • Upkeep of electrical distribution system, switch gears and transformers*
  • Checking and testing for electrical earthings etc.
  • Operation and maintenance of stand-by generators
  • Operation and maintenance of lifts*

Security & Safety

  • Round-the-clock security service with patrolling and gate checks Maintenance and upkeep of fire fighting equipment * Life guard for the swimming pool *

Civil/General Upkeep

  • Maintenance and repair of boundary walls, staircases, roofs and other common areas
  • Maintenance of parking areas, roads, side-walks etc.

Beautification & Horticulture

  • Maintenance and upkeep of gardens ,trees and plants
  • Pruning of bushes
  • Maintenance of fountains*
  • Maintenance of community hall and other facilities*
  • Maintenance of swimming pool*

Benefits to Residents

  • Better Living Conditions
  • Convenience
  • Appreciation of Property
  • Easier Resale
  • Higher Rentals
  • Easier Rent ability
  • Social & Cultural Activities
  • Residents participation in social management