Apna Ashiana

Vol 17 | No. 64 | April - June 2019



From the Desk of the Jt. MD


Dear Friends,
The last quarter was the source of much happiness and satisfaction as we launched a new project as well as new phases of existing projects. We launched a new project at Jamshedpur - Ashiana Sehar - after quite a few years and it was touching to see the interest and excitement that generated! New phases in Gulmohar Gardens (Jaipur), Dwarka (Jodhpur) and Tarang (Bhiwadi) also met with a great response from our customers.

For the last three years, we have consistently been rated No. 1 in Senior Living and last quarter we were also ranked No1. in Care in North India. While it is very gratifying to receive these recognitions and laurels, I make sure that I remind myself and the Ashiana team that all these laurels are thanks to our residents. We have to be receptive to our customer’s needs and in building on that lies our success and our customer’s happiness.

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On to another very significant aspect of Ashiana’s work – CSR. We got the Bhamashah Award for the seventh year in a row for our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts. It is humbling and motivating at the same time.

Each day brings learnings with it and events during the last quarter came with an important lesson for me. That we should not just have good intentions but must communicate them too. In our newly delivered projects we were trying to do the right thing but our efforts were misconstrued by few of our customers thus creating dissatisfaction at their end. I also became aware that we did make a few mistakes in our projects but I am glad that the team accepted their mistakes and is working hard at correcting them. Always Keep Smiling

I hope you enjoy reading about employees and residents of Ashiana. Please do share your feedback with us. The contact details are on the last page.

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Corporate Communique



Annual Investors’ Meet
An Annual Investor Meet was held in June at “Sofitel Hotel, Mumbai” where 120 Investors attended the meeting. The meeting was headed by Mr. Vishal Gupta, MD, Ashiana Housing and followed by Mr. Varun Gupta, Whole Time Director and Mr. Vikash Dugar, CFO of the company.


Annual Engineers’ Meet
To honour the engineers who made Ashiana possible, an Annual Engineer Meet was organized at Achrol Niwas at Jaipur where success and failures along with new plans were discussed, core accountability pledge was taken and certificates were awarded to new selected Fast Track Engineers: Ram Vilash Sharma and Bhupendra Nagar.

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Sales Target Meet
To celebrate the hardships faced in the market & various efforts put in by the Sales team to achieve the targets, an offsite was organised for the sales & marketing team in Goa where there were awards, team party and excursion planned for the members.


Sales Theme FY 19-20 Let’s make it double
Setting priorities is very important to get going in this tough market. With that in mind, the new theme for FY 19-20 is ‘Let’s make it a double’ where with double sales target each one of us has to double up our potential so that we can achieve double of what we did last year

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Training & Development



Double the abilities

The journey starts where the learning is now and ends when the learner is successful.

With the zeal to learn and further enhance competencies, an array of trainings were conducted for our employees in sync with our annual theme i.e. Let’s make it double. The objective for activities was to train employees how to work efficiently in order to double their abilities. We worked on three major skill sets: SELF-LEADERSHIP, NEGOTIATION and advance MS EXCEL A training on self leadership was organised for first time managers to understand their accountability and role to achieve the bigger goal. The training on negotiation was organised majorly for resale & rental team where they learned how to make it a win-win situation for both parties and advance MS excel training was conducted to increase the efficiency of data analysis in employees.

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Referral & Loyalty Programme



Ashiana Smiles
Ashiana Smiles’ is a referral and loyalty programme which is designed for the residents to refer their friends and family members to be a part of the lifestyle they live in and enjoy the power of passing the booking benefits to them. . 3135 residents are registered with us in the program till date. In season II, 126 members have reached at the SILVER level, 8 at GOLD level and 1 at the PLATINUM level. A lot of open house events are organised by the smiles team to spread awareness about the programme.

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Ashiana Foundation


Phoolwari School Go green!


Start today, save tomorrow! Earth Day and Environment day was celebrated at our Phoolwari schools to teach the children & create awareness on how they can protect the environment & guide more people to do that. A lot of activities related to saving the environment like plantation activity, drawing session were done at Ashiana Tarang, Bhiwadi & Vrinda Gardens, Jaipur and Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi respectively

Mother’s day celebrations


Happiness is seeing your mother smile. Children of Phoolwari school prepared craft items, greeting cards for their mothers and organised a programme where they danced, sang and served self-made fruit salad to their mothers A cake cutting ceremony was also organised at Ashiana Umang, Jaipur.

Yoga, the best therapy


Yoga and exercise are an important part of the curriculum at our Phoolwari Schools On the occasion of International Yoga Day, children and teachers of Ashiana Tarang, Bhiwadi and Ashiana Vrinda Gardens performed different yoga asans with the children. to promote its benefits & good health.

Fun games activity


Summers and games are always fun! Isn’t it? Well, you can see how happy are the kids of Ashiana Tarang, Bhiwadi while playing their favourite games. & learning competitive spirit

Musical activity


Learning about different music instruments helps in building motor skills & let one know about different cultures. At Ashiana Tarang Bhiwadi, a musical instrument activity was organised for the kids of Phoolwari school..

The story of a Phoolwari school kid


मुझे लगता था इंग्लिश समझना और बोलना बहुत ही मुश्किल है, इसलिए मैंने कभी कोशिश भी नहीं की. मुझे कंप्यूटर क्लास में बुलाया गया और टीचर ने मुझे कंप्यूटर के माध्यम से पढाना शुरू करवाया. कुछ टेस्ट भी लिए कंप्यूटर की वजह से बाकी सबजेक्ट और इंग्लिश में भी रूचि बड़ गयी है.
Kanchan-12 Years, VII Govt. Upper Primary School, Bhiwadi

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Skill Development Programme
Training programmes
To help the labourers to enhance their skills & to ensure high standards of quality is maintained. a skill development programme is organised at Ashiana. This quarter, we started 4 new batches at Jaipur, Sohna & Bhiwadi of Electrical & Mason trade consisting of 108 trainees. Toolkit was also distributed to the trainees.


Awards & Recognition
We are proud to announce that for the 7th successive year, Ashiana Housing has been honored with "Bhamashah Award " by the Govt. of Rajasthan for Ashiana's contribution to the basic education in the state of Rajasthan.

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Comfort Homes


Launch of the quarter


Happy to announce that we have launched our another landmark project in Jamshedpur, Ashiana Sehar. Along with this project, we have launched Ashiana Tarang Phase III, Ashiana Dwarka Phase III, Gulmohar Gardens Phase IV and Gulmohar Gardens,villas.

Inter Ashiana water polo tournament


A little bit of splash and a whole lot of competitive spirit. Residents of Ashiana, Gardens, Ashiana Brahmananda, Ashiana Residency Greens, and others participated in a Water Polo Tournament. A total number of 48 residents participated in the tournament

Pool Party!


Summertime calls for a pool party. In the month of June, a pool party was organised for the residents & prospects of Ashiana Tarang, Bhiwadi. Everybody enjoyed the rain dance which was followed by high tea.

Cafe launch


A new cafe in the club house of Gulmohar Gardens, Jaipur is now open and functional.

Musical night


Music is to the soul what words are to the mind and our residents of Ashiana Manglam, Jaipur surely prove that right at the musical night organised for them,.

Swimming competition


The residents of all projects in Jaipur, Jodhpur & Halol participated in a swimming competition where they showcased their swimming skills.

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Health awareness session


A health awareness session on breast cancer was organised by an NGO for the maids and housekeeping staff of Rangoli Gardens, Jaipur.

Mother’s Day Celebrations


To make the day special for their mothers, the residents of Vrinda Gardens, Jaipur celebrated Mother’s day.

Town hall at Rangoli Gardens


To spread the message on water conservation & security & safety, the resident Mr. Anit Singh organised a town hall. at Rangoli Gardens,, Jaipur.

Maintenance team spirit!


Can’t believe this is more than 5 years old property which is still green & clean? Well, thanks to the maintenance team of Ashiana Amarbagh, Jodhpur

Tambola Time


Ensuring that our residents develop a healthy bond of togetherness, a tambola game was organized for the seniors of Ashiana Shubham, Chennai.

Basketball match


Dribble, Run, Shoot, Repeat! A basketball tournament was conducted at Rangoli Gardens, Jaipur.


International yoga day


Walking towards being fit and healthy, International Yoga day was celebrated with all fervour by residents of Ashiana Aangan, Bhiwadi.

Dandiya night


Our residents of Ashiana Tarang, Bhiwadi surely know how to move and groove to the beats.


Upgradation by Ashiana Maintenance in 25 years old project

Seating Arrangement


The seating arrangement has been installed for seniors at Ashiana Gardens, a 27 years old project of Jamshedpur.

Panels & Speed breakers


We have also made the speed breakers and electrical panels at Ashiana Gardens, Jamshedpur

Road Construction


We beleive in forever care! A road renewing work with concrete has been done in Ashiana Gardens, a 16 years old project of Bhiwadi

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Kid-Centric Homes


Occupancy certificate


Good news! We have obtained the occupancy certificates of four blocks in Ashiana Anmol, Phase 1 on 19th June. Kids, it’s time to pack your bags! Our kid centric project is now ready.

Chai pe charcha


High tea was organised for the prospective customers and their families of Ashiana Umang, Jaipur to showcase the lifestyle and development of the project. A small presentation on Kid centric homes was delivered. Not only this, there were mimicry programme and magic show for entertainment and snacks for everyone.

Pets play area


Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi has its own pets play area where the residents can take their pets so that they can take care of their necessary aspects.

Welcome home


At Ashiana Anmol, South Gurgaon the existing customers visited the project to see the recent developments. The event acted like a confidence booster for the prospects as they got a chance to talk to the existing customers.

Time to party!


Dive, Splash and Dance! That’s what our residents of Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi believe in and well that’s visible in the picture captured. Enjoyed by 51 families, the event also helped us to strengthen our bond with the customers.

Bonding & togetherness


It’s rare to find neighbours turned into families but at Ashiana it’s a common thing. Here is a sneak peak into a residents’ birthday where people from the maintenance team and the neighbours bonded together.

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Outdoor fun!


A fun excursion & trip was organised for the residents of Ashiana Town. They visited the Wax museum and sheesh mahal in Delhi. Not just for fun but the aim of such trips is to encourage community building as well.

Session by teenagers


On the occasion of World Health Day, the teenagers of Ashiana Umang, Jaipur performed Zumba & conducted a talk session on the importance of healthy living.

Adventure sports day


When it’s ab out adventure sports, nothing can be better than the own company of friends. Look how happy the kids are of Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi while celebrating sports day.

Open house for contractual staff


To bring smiles on the faces of contractual staff and technicians, the other staff of Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi sang songs and performed skits for them

World ocean day


Celebrating World Ocean Day, the kids of Ashiana Umang, Jaipur along with the parents watched a movie on the various oceans on Earth.

Create your own story


Kids of Ashiana Umang, Jaipur participated in a story session where hey mixed up 2 different stories to create a complete new story.

Pool game


A pass the ball game was organised in the swimming pool for kids of Ashiana Umang, Jaipur. where they divided themselves in two teams.

Poetry & dum charades


An evening full of poems & movie names. The kids & parents of Ashiana Umang, Jaipur had a fun dum charades & poetry evening.

The cricket wizards


Meet the winners from Ashiana Umang, Jaipur! The Kids participated in the cricket tri-series and won the match.

Excursion to post office


To know about the functioning & working of a Post office, a visit to post office was organized for the kids of Ashiana Umang, Jaipur.

Eco club day


The Eco club members of Ashiana Umang, Jaipur did garden cleaning and replanted the plants which were damaged due to the weather.

Traffic control club


The kids of Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi never stop being innovative. They have formed a traffic control club in the society to control traffic discipline. Looking at their efforts, Bhiwadi’s DSP came to meet the kids and motivated them.

Post box making


Learning with fun! The Kids of Ashiana Umang, Jaipur made a sensor operated box by programming it and on Father’s Day, they wrote & sent letters to their fathers. Whereas the little ones drew Post Office on papers

Young editors


Meet the young talented editors of Ashiana Umang, Jaipur. Kids from editorial club of Umang wrote a magazine and launched it in the finale event of supermoms.

By the kids, for the kids!


Taking a step ahead to spread knowledge, kids in Ashiana Umang have taken an initiative to teach other kids. In one of the sessions, the kid taught how to make different water animals from dry clay


Birthday Celebrations at Carehomes Bhiwadi
The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. The birthdays of Mrs. Parul Mandal (11th Nov), Mrs. Bhirawan Devi (3rd Oct), Mr. D.K.Sarkar (25th Oct) was celebrated with fun & frolic. Cake cutting ceremony was done & bouquets were presented to them by Care Home staff.



Bhajan Sandhya
At Ashiana Care Homes, Bhiwadi residents regularly enjoy Bhajan Sandhya sessions by Mr. B.D. Bhrgava & Mrs. Mrinalini.



Swimming competition
Don’t count laps, make them count! The kids of Ashiana Umang, Jaipur along with other residents actively participated in a swimming competition held at the project.

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Senior Living



Awards & Recognition
Moment of pride for all the Ashianaites! Happy to announce that Brand X Report by Track2Realty rated Ashiana as No. 1 Senior Living for the third time in a row since 2016. Thank you everyone who made it possible.



Navratri celebrations
The 9 days festival began with Durga Puja and bhajans sung by the residents across all our senior living projects. The festival continued for eight nights with bhajans followed by Prasad everyday and concluded on the day of Ram Navami with Bhandara.



Hanuman jayanti & Baisakhi celebrations
Celebrating the birth of lord Hanuman, the residents of Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur & Bhiwadi attended a puja which was followed by path, bhajan and prasad distribution. The residents of Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi celebrated Baisakhi as well with a lot of fun and fervor.

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Health session by SAAR Foundation


Spreading awareness about neurological disorders, a health talk session was organised for the residents of Ashiana Shubham, Chennai where they learned about different neurological disorders from Dr. Shanthi Priya.

Rain dance party


Summers call for rain dance parties! Here is a glimpse of the rain dance party organised at Ashiana Nirmay, Bhiwadi.

International yoga day


Yoga helps the seniors in coping up with their mental state, relieving stress and keeping joints flexible. The greatest wealth is health and our seniors surely know it. Check out how our young at heart active seniors celebrated International yoga day

Rangoli competition


Rangoli not only enhances the imagination but also intacts our tradition. With that state in mind, a rangoli competition was organised for the residents of our Bhiwadi projects.

Musical evenings


Music not only helps one to relax but also reduces stress. Different musical events were organised across all our senior living projects where the residents enjoyed patriotic songs and had Ghazal evenings.

Therapies & sessions


Different therapies and sessions give seniors the opportunity to exercise, improve sensory nervous system, hand & eye coordination and help them feel a sense of control over the physical world with an overall improvement on their physical health. Keeping that in mind, a physiotherapy session, art & aqua therapies were organised for the residents of all our senior living projects across India.

Readers club


A session was conducted by Acharya Satyanarayan Pathodiya, resident of Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur where he gave a talk on the Topic-Management of Anger and tips for saving wastage of food.

New seating installed


Another feather in the hat! New seating arrangement has been installed at Ashiana Nirmay, Bhiwadi.

Completion of block B-4


A good news to all the Ashianaites! Completion of block B-4 structural work has been done at Ashiana Nirmay, Bhiwadi.

Awareness programme


In association with Eternal Hospital, Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur held a cardiac awareness programme. A special talk was delivered by doctors to seniors regarding management of cardiac function and the best diet to avoid cardiac problems.

Fun games!


Fun and interactive games help to improve health and memory. Here is a glimpse of fun group activity and games conducted for the residents of Ashiana Shubham, Chennai by Medsugar health care agency.

Father’s day celebrations


Father’s Day was celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm at Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur. The residents welcomed the chief guest, Alka Agrawal, Principal of Govt. Girls College Jhunjhunu to the event.

Labour day celebration


Sharing the importance of each staff role in the society, the residents of Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur along with the maintenance staff and vendors celebrated World Labour Day. various games were conducted like- Running race, Ring game, Kho - Kho.

Art & craft activities


Age is just a number and our seniors prove it right! Residents at all our senior living projects indulge themselves in various art & craft activities like leaf painting, bottle painting, paper quilling etc. These activities not only help avoid depression but also help in improving eye coordination, cognitive abilities & concentration.

Month end party


With birthdays, anniversaries and monthly get together, the bond created across all senior living projects gives our seniors not only a homely feeling but a chance to interact more and have a gala time with like minded people.

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Care Homes



Environment day celebrations
As enlightened and responsible citizens, the residents of Ashiana care homes celebrated the World Environment Day on 5th June by coming together to encourage a responsible conduct on how to preserve and enhance the environment by ‘Saving Water and Trees’.



Birthday celebrations
Singing songs, indulging in tasty snacks, cutting cake, presenting beautiful flower bouquets and more, that’s how we celebrated the birthday of our residents, Col. Jagdish Chandra, Mr. Ashwin P Rawal and others at Bhiwadi and Jaipur.



World music day celebration
Music connects and music unites. The same feeling was expressed by the residents of Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi who gathered together with care home residents on 21st June to express their love for music.

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It’s show time!


What’s better than watching a Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh starrer movie with everyone while relishing some snacks. The residents of care homes enjoyed the movie screening of ‘Do Dooni Char’.

Art and craft activity


To encourage talent among senior residents, art & craft activity was organized by the caregivers and volunteers of Ashiana care homes. The elders created beautiful art and craft pieces like paper pasting, clay modelling, thumb impression etc

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