Apna Ashiana

Vol 17 | No. 64 | April - June 2019


From the Desk of the Jt. MD


Dear Friends,
Jashn 5 is over but the memory of the event still brings a smile to my face! My thanks to all the customers and employees who were a part of the event. It was very well organized and with Nirmay and Shubham residents participating, we had a much higher number of participants and hence more competition than previous years. Every Jashn reiterates the fact that age is just a number.

Interesting events are also taking place at our Kid Centric Homes. I was really thrilled with the level of enthusiasm when all the children cleaned their building and have since been rating it on a clean-o-meter. On the Comfort Homes front, we delivered new phases of Ashiana Surbhi in Bhiwadi, Vrinda Gardens in Jaipur and will soon be ready to deliver Ashiana Dwarka, Jodhpur and the first phase of Ashiana Tarang, Bhiwadi.

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I am also thankful that from a sales prospective our numbers have been similar in Q1 and Q2 which is far better than last year and with our customers support we should end this year with a big bang!
Always keep smiling

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Training & Development


Skill Training for Supervisors


Bar Bending Training at Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi

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Bar Bending Training at Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi
Under the supervision of Mr. Kishor and Mr. Hiramani Chaudhary, a training program was held for steel labours. Labourers were introduced to the theory and practical aspects of bar bending,

On-site training at Gulmohar Gardens, Jaipur
To increase labourers skill and competency on site training was provided. The objective was to improve the skillset of the labourers

Management training programs


“First Time Managers” Training Programme
“You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself.” ~ quoted by Galileo Galilei Keeping the above philosophy in mind, last quarter, we conducted many successful trainings for our employees. Stating a few of them below:

1: How to say No - In everyday life, it is important to know when & how to say “No” without hurting the feelings of others. One day training program on ‘How to Say No’ was organized at Bhiwadi for a team of 22 employees.
2: Negotiation skills - To elevate the learning of front level employees in the art of achieving the best out of a situation, a one-day program was organized on Negotiation skills.
3: Management conversation + performance assessment - What’s calm on the inside, is stellar on the outside. Keeping this in mind, an Internal session on new MC+PA process was organized for all the branches,
4: Good to great (soft skills) - In today’s world, soft skills are important for effective coomunication. Two different sessions were organized which were attended by 38 participants.
5: Excel session - A 6-hour session was organized on MS Excel for Estate Officers in Bhiwadi so that they can develop efficiency in business data management and analysis skills.
6: Making advanced training content - A 16-hour session was organized for L&D team in order to guide them in creating E learning content that delivers across interactivity, engagement, palatability & quality.
7: First time manager's training - After successful delivery of 1st session of ‘How to Manage like a Pro’ second session was organized on required managerial skills for group of another 15 employees. Employees did like the session as they got important tips which they can instantly apply to their work life.

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Ashiana Foundation

Phoolwari kids celebrating monsoon season


Who doesn’t get excited when the pitter-patter of monsoon rushes in? Phoolwari children added their own colors to the beautiful monsoon landscape by preparing vivid paper umbrellas, clouds and floating paper boats. Classrooms were decorated with the lively paper craft that added more flair to the season.

Celebrating festivals


Festivals in Phoolwari are all about coming together and celebrating cultural events with a complete sense of community-building. Last quarter was full of such festivities; with all from Janmashtami to Ganesh Chaturthi were celebrated with gusto. Celebrating festivals together in such a way instills a sense of culture and makes the children aware of age-old traditions which form an intrinsic part of our value system. .

On Janmashtmi the children decorated matkis and celebrated the birth of Lord Krishna with much enthusiasm at Vrinda Gardens Jaipur & Ashiana Tarang, Bhiwadi.


The Phoolwari kids across Ashiana were taught the importance of friends on the occassion of Friendship Day. They had a great time giggling together and presenting handmade bands, greeting cards etc.


A skit by Phoolwari children on the occasion of Ganesh Utsav kickstarted the celebrations. Various activities were organized to mark the occasion like making Ganesh masks and Ganesh idols at Ashiana Tarang, Bhiwadi and Lavasa.

Skill development programme


In a bid to contribute towards a strong skilled nation, from this financial year, we have taken a step ahead on Skill Development Programme. In association with CREDAI, we started our first Skill development Programme of Asst. Mason trade at ATS, Noida by training laborers of ATS.

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Area development at Bhiwadi


Keeping the surroundings green and clean, an area development project was undertaken by the Ashiana team. The Area development work took place from Bhiwadi mod to Mansa chowk, Bhiwadi.

International Literacy Day


Every year, this day is used to teach tiny tots the importance of literacy for social and personal development. This year, the parents were also invited to the School at Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi to acquaint them towards the path of their child’s employment and individual growth.

Independence Day Celebrations


Children of Phoolwari celebrated Independence Day at Gulmohar Gardens Jaipur and Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi. From Flag hoisting to dance & skit, children also prepared tricolor hangings, flags & paper masks. Celebrations came to an end with gifts & sweet distribution to children. International

Supermoms contribution


Our Supermoms embody the spirit and generosity of their title by organizing donation camps. Supermom Sarita Kakkar led a donation drive at Vrinda Gardens, Jaipur and Mrs. Midhat Praveen organized a flag making activity at Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi.

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Corporate Communique

Annual investors’ meet


On 7th July 2018, an Annual Investor Meet was organised at Sofitel Hotel, There were 150 Investors who attended the meeting which was headed by Mr. Vishal Gupta, Managing Director followed by Mr. Varun Gupta, Whole Time Director and Mr. Vikash Dugar, CFO of the company.

Annual general meeting


On 22nd August 2018, the 32nd Annual General Meeting happened in Kolkata. There were 200 shareholders who attended the meeting including Mr. Vishal Gupta, Managing Director, Mr. Hemat Kaul, Independet Director, Mr. Vikash Dugar, CFO and Mr. Nitin Sharma, Company Secretary of Ashiana Housing Ltd

Team party at Noida


To celebrate the success of Accounts closure FY17-18 and readiness of Annual Report, the Finance department of Ashiana Housing Ltd, Secretarial and Legal department went to Ski-India for a fun day trip at Smaaash. Noida. There was dance, games, dinner and a lot of fun.

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Annual tour for Ashiana employees


Annual trips provide employees and their families a chance to explore new places and make memories together. The team of Utsav, Lavasa visited Dapoli, team of Jaipur visited Dharamshala, Mcleodganj and the Bhiwadi team visited Nainital. Since this was a family trip everyone had an enjoyable experience further.


Books & beyond
A treasure Hunt was organized in the office. There were 4 teams of 3 members and 5 riddles to unfold the treasure. The ones to conquer the treasure hunt were Dimpal Jamwal, Ashish Bhandari and Nayanja Khulbe from the Marketing team. GK quiz was back with its second season and the theme of this season was “Current affairs” There were 5 teams with two team members in the each team. After a total of 6 rounds, we finally got our winners Mr. Vikash Dugar and Mr. Abhitej Singh.


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Jashn 5, the two-day extravaganza was organized on 6th and 7th October 2018 by Ashiana. This year the theme was “Essence of Seasons” which has been celebrated at Ashiana Nirmay Bhiwadi and Ashiana Utsav Bhiwadi. This year there were 5 teams - Ashiana Shubham Chennai, Ashiana Nirmay Bhiwadi, Ashiana Utsav Lavasa, Ashiana Utsav Jaipur and Ashiana Utsav Bhiwadi.

Well, Age is just a number and we experienced it at the break of dawn on 6th of October, where more than 100 participants gathered for Cycling competition. With uncontrollable excitement level, we saw seniors merrily cycling away.

Coming evening a lot of activities happened! The “cultural evening based on seasons” was the highlight of Jashn-5. The ambience was created in style and a most extra ordinary show of vocal, instrumental music, dance was put up by the visiting artists of international fame from Delhi and NCR. The spectators were left spell bound.

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An “Ashiana Senior Living” anthem competition was organized where during the time of the results the winners read out their creative pieces. After this was the much awaited grand finale “Rampwalk”!
The rolling trophy was won by Utsav Bhiwadi. Ashiana Nirmay, the other senior living society won the first runner up and Utsav Lavasa won second runner up.
A special award category was highlight of this year’s Jashn. 5 residents from our active senior living communities and one resident from Assisted Living were awarded for their outstanding contribution for social cause.

Over 1100 residents participated in Jashn this year, in various activities like: Rangoli competition, carrom, chess, flower decoration, salad making, knitting, singing competitions to badminton, TT, swimming, dance , ramp walk and many more.

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Kid-Centric Homes

Rain dance and pool party


A Rain Dance & Pool Party was organized for the kids & residents of Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi in August, 2018. It was a fun day where kids and parents danced their hearts out to the beats. Fun & frolic, singing & dancing all could be seen at one place.

A rally on quit smoking by the kids of eco police


A rally was done by the kids of Eco Police at Ashiana Umang, Jaipur in July 2018. The kids went around the project holding the signage’s as well as saying slogans to keep the project Clean and Smoke Free

Green-A-Thon and Triathlon


Green-A-Thon witnessed amazing participation by Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi families in September, 2018. The Triathlon including laps of swimming, cycling and running gave a fit start to the kids of the residents in September.

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Book lover’s day

Kids at Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi and Ashiana Umang, Jaipur celebrated Book Lovers' Day in August, 2018. Kids shared reviews of their favourite books and some recited stories. It was wonderful to see the young minds read.

Kid-Centric Homes Conclave


A Rain Dance & Pool Party was organized for the kids & residents of Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi in August, 2018. It was a fun day where kids and parents danced their hearts out to the beats. Fun & frolic, singing & dancing all could be seen at one place.

Grandparents Day


The Kids of Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi and Ashiana Umang, Jaipur celebrated Grandparents Day in September, 2018. They presented Song, Dance, Theater for their Dada Dadis and Nana Nanis. The Grandparents and Grandkids made an ambience of emotional connect and the feeling of happiness which could be seen in their eyes.

Family Sports Day


A family sports day was organized in July'18 where families participated and played a lot of games and sports like Frog Race, Hit the ball and Huddle race etc. at Ashiana Umang, Jaipur.

Cleanliness drive


A cleanliness drive was done in August 2018 where kids went all around the project and cleaned up the spots which they found dirty and mentioned the cleanliness ratings on the Cleanometer at Ashiana Umang Jaipur and Town, Bhiwadi.

Little storytellers


A story telling competition was held in July at the reading Hub for all the kids of Ashiana Umang, Jaipur where kids told many stories as well as played the characters of the story

Talent showcase on Independence Day


Kids of Live n Learn Program at Ashiana Umang, Jaipur showcased their talent on Independence Day where they painted the national flag on the cloth with their hands.

Plantation drive by kids


In September the kids of Ashiana Umang, Jaipur planted flower seeds in pots and now take care of these pots regularly. The activity ensured that the kids understand the importance of a clean & green environment.

Friendship Day celebrations


A Friendship Day event was organized at Ashiana Umang, Jaipur for the kids of Live n Learn Program where they danced and played a lot of games.

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Senior Living

Teej celebrations at Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur


In August, teej was celebrated at Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur & Bhiwadi and Ashiana Nirmay, Bhiwadi. Ladies were specially dressed up for this event where they sang folk songs and danced to the tunes of Rajasthani music. They enjoyed ‘Sawan Ka Jhula’ and celebrated the festival with great zeal.

Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations


In September the residents enjoyed Ganpati celebrations across all Senior Living projects. During the 7 days, daily morning pooja was performed and in evening residents sang bhajans and performed Arti, followed by Prasad.

Yoga Session


Regular yoga practice helps not only in strengthing muscles but in improving body posture. With this thought in mind, therapeutic yoga session was orgnaised for the residents of Ashiana Shubham, Chennai.

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Kargil vijay diwas
In July, the residents of Ashiana Utsav Bhiwadi Celebrated Kargil Vijay Diwas in the society. All residents paid their homage to soldiers by lighting candles

Dental camp
In July, a dental camp was organised for the residents of Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi. A talk session on Mind Medicine for joyfulness by Dr. Roop Singh from City Nursing Home, Bhiwadi was organised.

Enigmatic evenings
Lifting spirits all across, a melodious round of Antakhshari and ‘Shaam-e-Ghazal’ was organised at Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur. Many Utsavaites not only participated in creating an aura of nostalgia, charm but rocked to the tunes of the songs.


Activity Centre and lawn of Ashiana Nirmay, Bhiwadi was made operational. An amphitheatre has also been constructed for the residents


Construction work of Ashiana Nirmay Bhiwadi Phase-2 is in full swing. Slab for 4 floors has been casted along with brick work and plaster


Independence Day


On the occasion of Independence Day, flag hoisting was organised for the residents for all Ashiana Senior Living residents.

Sunday spent well


Residents enjoying at the Month End Party at Ashiana Shubham, Chennai

Many interactive ‘Fun Games’ were conducted for Utsavites on 14th July 2018 in Activity Hall of Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur. Different games like Clap Game, Chit–kit etc were enjoyed by the residents.

It's Tambola Time


Our senior living residents of Ashiana Utsav, Lavasa know how to have a fun tambola time. The game was enjoyed by one and all with a lot of laughter.

It's Tambola Time


Our senior living residents of Ashiana Utsav, Lavasa know how to have a fun tambola time. The game was enjoyed by one and all with a lot of laughter.

Bhajan Sandhya


Residents attending Bhajan Sandhya at Ashiana Shubham, Chennai

Health sessions at Ashiana


An enlightening discussion on health was held by Krishiv Multispeciality Hospital for the residents of Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur.


A feast for the senses: movie screening
To delight and engage our residents, a movie screening was held on 15th July 2018. ‘Daawat-e-Ishq’ was the movie to be shown in the Activity Hall of Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur. Utsavites not only relished the romantic tale of two foodies, but also the delicious variety of refreshments served during the interval

Outing to remember!
A quarterly trip to Mahabaleshwar temple, Chennai was organised for the residents of Ashiana Shubham, Chennai. The residents of Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi went out for the movie screening of “Sanju” and had fun

Safety first: fire drill Taking another step towards fire safety measures for the residents, a Fire Drill was organized by the maintenance team of Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur. Mr. Prithvi demonstrated crucial steps to take in case of fire mishap at home and at other places of gatherin

Safety first: fire drill
Taking another step towards fire safety measures for the residents, a Fire Drill was organized by the maintenance team of Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur. Mr. Prithvi demonstrated crucial steps to take in case of fire mishap at home and at other places of gatherin


Pre jashn events
In September Pre Jashn events were organised where all participants from all Senior Living projects performed. We got 2 finalists in each category like Walking, Swimming, Carrom, TT, etc


Aqua therapy


This quarter, Ashiana Nirmay, Bhiwadi witnessed life as 50 families moved in by Sept’18. To keep our residents healthy & fit we took sessions of aqua therapy this time in July & August. Residents of Ashiana Nirmay & Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi & Ashiana Shubham, Chennai enjoyed this session immensely. Aqua

Bhutta party at Ashiana Nirmay, Bhiwadi


In July fun games were arranged for the residents along with a Bhutta Party. Vendor came from outside and residents enjoyed hot corn with blind fold game and blind fold painting. 26 Residents enjoyed this party at Amphitheatre.

Rain dance party at Ashiana Nirmay, Bhiwadi


Keeping in mind the theme of the month “Happy Monsoon”, a Rain Dance Party was organised for the residents where they played games. Residents enjoyed sawan songs and rain dance.


Mandir Sthapna Diwas


Continuing the celebrations of the establishment of the Temple in Ashiana Utsav Bhiwadi. Sthapna Diwas was celebrated in July. The day started with havan & pooja in the temple followed by a Bhandara for the residents and Prasad.

Grandparents Day


In September Grandparents Day was celebrated at Ashiana Nirmay, Bhiwadi with our super smart kids of Ashiana Town. The kids performed Kathak, Theatre for grandparents. Not only this but the grandparents along with the kids performed on the occassion.

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Comfort Homes

Janmashtami & Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations


Krishna Janmashtami & Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated at all the Ashiana projects. On Krishna Janmashtami, different competitions were organized such as Matki Phod, rassa kassi in Jaipur & Bhiwadi, and on Ganesh Chaturthi, the devotees sang Bhajans and offered Prasad.

Plantation drive at Ashiana Greenwood, Jaipur


With the help of some residents associated with Rotary Club, Jaipur, a plantation drive was organised. The residents attended the event while the visitors valued their dedication of making the society clean and green

Independence Day celebration


Flag hoisting at Ashiana Greenwood, Jaipur, Ashiana Vrinda Gardens, Jaipur and Ashiana Gardens, Bhiwadi was celebrated in the society. The event was brought to life by the residents

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Teej celebration


Teej was welcomed with a lot of love & celebration this year at Ashiana Greenwood and Vrinda Gardens, Jaipur. Swings were hung from trees and 50 female residents swayed to the tunes of folk monsoon songs,

Happy handover at Ashiana Surbhi


This quarter handing over started for Phase-5. Total 215 units have been handed-over in all the phases, 114 families are residing

Movie mania


Every Friday residents enjoy a movie at Club house Terrace. Last friday residents saw "Sonu ke Titu ki Sweety' in which residents actively gathered with their families to enjoy the show at Ashiana Navrang, Halol.

Construction update Ashiana Dwarka PH-2


Construction work is near completion at Ashiana Dwarka, Phase-2 and soon after possession will follow.

Construction update Vrinda Gardens, Jaipur


We are constructing 2, 3 and 4 BHK Flats in Phase 3B of Vrinda Gardens, Jaipur. 2nd slab work got completed and 3rd slab work is in process.

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Care Homes

Birthday to remember


Birthday celebrations of residents were underway at Ashiana Utsav Care Homes, Bhiwadi for Mrs. Pratibha Jain & Mr. Rakesh Suri (image on left) with fun & frolic. In 73 years of her life, the resident of Ashiana Utsav Care Homes, Jaipur Mrs. Bhagwati Odhrani (Image on right) celebrated her birthday for the first time ever.

Art and craft activity


Art and Craft activities were organized by caregivers and volunteers of Ashiana Utsav Care homes, Jaipur for all the residents. Beautiful art and craft work made by the residents are put on display.

The kids at Care Homes


Children from Phoolwari School visited Ashiana Utsav Care Homes, Bhiwadi, delighting the residents immensely. The sweet kids interacted with our residents, recited wonderful poems, sang songs & danced their heart out. Reminiscing about their early years, this activity brought the residents inner child to life.

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Rakshabandhan celebrations


On the occasion of Rakshabandhan, different arrangements were made to celebrate the festival. All female residents tied rakhi on the wrist of male residents and wished for their long life.

A 'Surprise' outing


The team of Ashiana Utsav Care Homes, Jaipur took the residents to the first day first show of 'Sui Dhaga'. An outing to Tijara Jain Temple, was also organised for Utsav Care Homes, Bhiwadi residents.

Ganesh Chaturthi & Janmasthtami celebrations


Celebrating festivals together! Krishna Janmashtami and Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated at Ashiana Care homes Jaipur and Bhiwadi.

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