Apna Ashiana

Vol 17 | No. 64 | April - June 2019

Vol 17  |  No. 63  |  Jan - Mar 2019

From the Desk of the Jt. MD


Dear Friends,
Track2Realty,an independent rating agency, has been rating us amongst the Top 10 Real Estate brands in North India for many years. This year, we have made it to the top & has been rated as the No.1 Real Estate Brand in North India for Care, Customer Connect and Desirable Practices. As a company, our core purpose has always been to bring about a smile of satisfaction and it is heartening to be recognised by the outside world for the hard work that our team puts in to bring our purpose to life.

As our founder, Om Gupta, always said, Ashiana is not just about building structures; we work towards building happy communities. One of the ways we do that is by organising various activities from religious and cultural celebrations to inter-Ashiana competitions. Last year they organised 105 activities with 2786 participants and an audience of 25022. As they say, a family which plays together, stays together!

Always Keep Smiling

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Taking this concept forward are the number & diversity of activities for children at our Kid Centric homes. There are chess competitions, inventions at our Makers Club, gardening sessions…many different interests are being nurtured.

Last quarter we started delivering Ashiana Dwarka Phase 2 and soon we will be delivering our first project in Haryana : Ashiana Anmol. We are very excited about the prospect of customers in Gurgaon finally seeing what we deliver in quality and service. I am happy to report that we achieved our sales number last year; the future looks good as we are finally back to a growth stage in the company.

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Holi Celebration at Ashiana Kid Centric Homes

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main-pic Art & Craft activity at Ashiana Shubham, Chennai
main-picClub House Inauguration at Ashiana Tarang, Bhiwadi

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Corporate Communique


Rated as No. 1 caring brand
Over the years we have strived to improve our consumers experience. Glad that we made it possible! Happy to announce that Ashiana has been rated as the No. 1 caring brand in North India’s region by Track2Realty.


Family Fiesta
Family Fiesta is an emotion! From VP to construction staff joined along with their families. The employees gave some fantastic performances, indulged in fun activities and bonded with each Ashianaite. It was truly a day of #HappinessAllAround.

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Holi Celebrations
Holi is a festival of togetherness & happiness and it definitely calls for a grand celebration. Check out how the employees of Ashiana enjoyed Holi with a lot of colours and sweets.


An opportunity with the Prime Minister
Mr. Vijay Kumar who attended Youthcon got the opportunity to talk to the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi where he discussed about the trainings at Ashiana.


Ashiana Smiles: Referral & Loyalty Programme of Ashiana
An exclusive Referral and Rewards Program, ‘Ashiana Smiles’ was launched in May 2018. In the first year over 2700 Ashiana residents registered for the program.
Congratulations to all our platinum member of Ashiana Smiles. Here are the updates till Quarter 4

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Training & Development



With the zeal to learn and further enhance competencies an array of trainings were conducted for the employees in alignment with BHAG.


With an array of 29 trainings, 526 employees of Ashiana were benefited from the program, organised in alignment with BHAG. Stating a few below:
Leadership Skills: To hone the skills required for effective leadership, a 2 days’ workshop was organized for 13 participants. The Program was appreciated by everyone

Written Communication Skills: It is imperative to articulate our thoughts in an effective manner and to develop business writing skills. On-premise sessions were set up for the employees at Jaipur.

Task Prioritization: Prioritizing our tasks helps us to be more efficient and get things done in an orderly manner. A one -day workshop was organized for 42 employees to help them further hone this skill.

Team Building: An in-house workshop on team building was organized which was appreciated by everyone. The highlight of this training was that it was 100% activity based.


Supermoms of Ashiana
Supermoms Season 3 saw enthusiastic participation from 900 Supermoms in 5 cities which made the program a tremendous success. The supermoms executed a total of 3232 activities with a total participation of 24240.

Zimbra Email Training: Emails are an integral part of our daily life and are a vital tool for communication. A training on how to use features of the email software was set up to help our employees use this powerful tool more effectively. Sales Closures: Closing is distinguished from ordinary practices such as explaining a product's benefits or justifying an expense. It is reserved for more artful means of persuasion. 25 sales executives were trained on how to effectively close their sales with finesse and winning trust of the customers to foster long term relationships based on trust.


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English Communication: Most of us are non-native speakers of the English language. This required customized English communication classes which was introduced for a group of 20 in order to enhance both written & oral communication skills.

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Ashiana Foundation




Makar Sakranti & Lohri Celebrations
Makar Sankranti and Lohri were celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor by Phoolwari kids. They had fun making kites with Newspaper. The kids of Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi enjoyed the day by making Laddoos.


Republic Day Celebrations
Let’s celebrate the day with full patriotism feel! Children of Phoolwari along with the site staff proved it right. The children of Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi, Ashiana Umang, Jaipur and Gulmohar Gardens, Jaipur danced and sang patriotic songs and decorated their classroom by preparing tricolor badges.


Gardening fun
It was fun and yet knowledgeable day for the Phoolwari kids of Ashiana Town & Ashiana Tarang, Bhiwadi where they got to know about different seeds and germination process.

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Skill Development Programme
51 labourers benefitted with 2 new Skill Training batches of Asst Electrical trade in Bhiwadi and Bar bending trade in Jaipur. Two new Skill Training batches under Outreach Skill Development Programme at Oxirich Group, Bhiwadi were also started.


Outdoor Fun
Outdoor visit boosts a child’s confidence and help create beautiful memories. This quarter, the children of Phoolwari Bhiwadi learned about different aspects of the train at the Rail Museum, Rewari

Cleanliness Session


Hygiene is the most important thing. Thanks to our Supermom who taught Phoolwari children about cleanliness in a session

It’s Breakfast time


The kids of Ashiana Jaipur had an amazing Monday morning when they ate their favourite food for breakfast.

Scientists in making


A step towards learning science with fun for the Phoolwari kids, In this quarter, the kids of Ashiana Town, learned about the solar system and process of volcano eruption.

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Kid-Centric Homes



Holi Celebration
Ever wondered how kids can take over control? The residents of Ashiana Umang, Jaipur were in surprised when they saw the kids showcasing the story of Holi Dahan. The residents of Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi enjoyed the festival with colours


Republic Day Celebrations
Patriotic songs, Flag hoisting, kids marching to the beat of drums and amazing dance performances, the residents of Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi and Ashiana Umang , Jaipur really know how to celebrate Republic Day.


Excursion: Trip
The kids of Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi had a fun-filled excursion to Air Force Museum where they got exposure on the war missiles, world war heroes etc. The kids of Ashiana Umang, Jaipur went to the planetarium at Birla Auditorium where they learned about our universe.


No Flame Cooking by kids
It was an amazing experience for the kids of Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi as they prepared breakfast & snacks with fresh veggies from kitchen garden. Also, the kids maintained the cleanliness & hygiene after completion of all preparations.

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The Traffic Control Club
Meet the little traffic police of Ashiana Town and Ashiana Umang. The kids were dressed as traffic cops & were stopping the vehicles, checking the documents, issuing challans & encouraging residents to follow traffic rules


Chess Carnival
A chess carnival was organized at Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi where 40 teams participated. At Ashiana Umang, Jaipur residents of different age groups participated in the Chess competition which was held in the society


Dance Workshop by Expert
The Dance is a poem of which each movement is a word. The residents and kids enjoyed their Sunday by learning moves from Super Jack Dance Company at Ashiana Umang, Jaipur.


Lohri & Makar Sakranti Celebrations
Kids and parents at Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi enjoyed their afternoon by flying kites and celebrated the festival of harvest with bonfire in the evening whereas the kids of Ashiana Umang, Jaipur enjoyed the festival by presenting a skit on Lohri.


De-stressing session
The residents of Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi learned how to remain calm during examination and why parents are our best friends for lifetime at a session by Dr. Rajeshwar Sahai and at Ashiana Umang, Jaipur the kids learned about meditation.

Story Session


An inspirational story session was done by the kids for the kids of Ashiana Umang, Jaipur where many kids recited many inspirational stories.

Gardening Session


The kids of Eco Club got together to sow the seeds of French beans & Chilly in the kitchen Garden of The Learning Hub at Ashiana Umang, Jaipur

Olympiad & Toddlers Activity


A reasoning ability test was conducted for the kids of Class 3 to Class 12 at Ashiana Umang, Jaipur whereas the toddlers learned about various shapes.

Makers Club Session


The makers club kids of Ashiana Umang, Jaipur learned how to make periscope and about radar in a session.

Hindi Diwas


The kids of Ashiana Umang, Jaipur got insights at a common Hindi concept session conducted by the resident.

Grand Quiz


It was indeed a sight to watch the kids and parents teaming up together to win the grand quiz held at Ashiana Umang, Jaipur

Aeromodelling Workshop to Start!


A step towards experiential learning! The kids of Ashiana Umang, Jaipur learned about different techniques used in making Aeroplanes!

Abacus Workshop


Learning abacus to improve the problem solving abilities, the kids of Ashiana Umang, Jaipur learned about vedic maths and various calculation techniques.

Fun Triathlon


It was a fun day for the kids and their parents of Ashiana Umang, Jaipur as they participated in triathlon where they showcased their puzzle solving, cycling and running skills.

Editorial Club Meet!


It was a productive editorial club meeting by the kids of Ashiana Umang, Jaipur where they expressed their area of interest for magazine columns and decided to publish their Magazines

BYJU'S Scholarship Exam


Congratulations to the kids of Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi who participated in the scholarship test and were awarded with certificates

The little Aryabhatas


Meet the little Aryabhatas of Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi who participated in the maths and reasoning Olympiad with a competitive spirit.

Badminton Championship


The kids of Ashiana Umang, Jaipur showcasing their badminton skills at an Inter-Ashiana Badminton championship.

Mechatronix workshop


Enhancing science, and technology concepts, the kids of Ashiana Umang, Jaipur had a day full of learning robotics at a workshop.

Mothers toddlers activity


It was indeed a beautiful sight to see the mothers and toddlers of Ashiana Umang, Jaipur making flowers together by hands

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Senior Living



Holi Celebrations
The enthusiasm and excitement of our residents was not over! The residents of Ashiana Nirmay, Bhiwadi enjoyed the evening with samosa & tea whereas the residents of Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur & Ashiana Shubham, Chennai had a grand get together to enjoy the Jashn moments.



Mahashivratri Celebration & Basant Panchmi
On Mahashivratri, the temples at Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur, Ashiana Shubham, Chennai and Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi were decorated with lights and flowers and also the arrival of spring was enthusiastically celebraed by the residents of Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur & Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi with Saraswati Puja.

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Women's Day Celebrations


Meet the Superwomen of Ashiana Senior Living! The women of Ashiana Shubham, Chennai celebrated the day by performing on various songs whereas Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur invited an eminent speaker to talk about Gender Equality.

Lohri & Makar Sakranti Celebrations


Lohri and Makar Sakranti was celebrated with a lot of fun across all Ashiana Senior Living. On Lohri, the residents had a gala time by dancing on the beats of dhol whereas on Makar Sakranti the seniors flew kites.

Republic Day Celebrations


Republic Day celebrations took place at all Ashiana Senior Living where the residents hoisted the flag & performed on patriotic songs,

Phoolwama Attack


The residents of Ashiana Senior Living paid tribute to the 44 brave martyrs of the Pulwama attack.

Valentine's Day Celebration


The residents of Ashiana Senior Living celebrated the day of love by playing fun games like blow & burst the balloon, drape the saree etc. It was indeed a sight to watch the seniors having a gala time.

Art & Craft activity


Bringing out the artistic side, residents of Ashiana Shubham, Chennai, showcased their skills at an art & craft activity

Construction update


Construction work of Ashiana Nirmay Phase-2, Bhiwadi is in full swing. Concreting of all slabs has been completed and brickwork is currently in progress.

Outdoor Fun


It was a fun day for the residents of Ashiana Nirmay, Bhiwadi as they visited the Surajkund mela where they shopped and ate authentic food. The residents of Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur went to Nahagarh Biological Park where they enjoyed the wildlife expedition.

Club House Inauguration


Happy news for the residents of Ashiana Shubham, Chennai! The club house is now open and residents have access to various amenities.


Art Exhibition


Art when hidden creates curiosity but when exhibited wins applause! Check out Ms. Raya’s work, resident of Ashiana Nirmay, Bhiwadi

Understanding Smartphones


Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur residents learned about smartphones where Mr. Bijay Kumar Khaitan covered topics like the basic architecture of smartphones, features & applications

Do Zumba, Stay Fit!


With a motive to promote fitness, the residents of Ashiana Nirmay, Bhiwadi had fun while exercising.


Brain gym session


With an objective to introduce how mental gym is helpful, Ashiana Nirmay, Bhiwadi and Ashiana Shubham, Chennai organized Brain Gym sessions where the residents did a few mental exercises.

Ayurveda Session & Eye Check-Up Camp


A session on Ayurvedic products was organised of Ashiana Utsav, Lavasa, eye check up camp was at Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur & health check up at Ashiana Nirmay, Bhiwadi.

Music Matters


Encouraging our talented residents, an instrumenta l& vocal training, was organised at Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur where they practiced different songs


Bhajan Sandhya


The Year 2019 at Ashiana Nirmay, Bhiwadi started with a religious ceremony- a Sunderkand path which followed by Bhajans and Prasad

Month End Party


Month end surely calls for a party across Ashiana Senior Living projects. The residents enjoyed by dancing on bollywood songs.

Vegetable Carving


Ever wondered how little tweaks can make food look attractive? Our seniors of Ashiana Shubham, Chennai showcasing their designing skills


Tambola Break!


Who says Tambola can't be listed in our favourite games list. The residents of Ashiana Utsav, Lavasa enjoyed the Tambola session.

Bhumi Pujan


The construction work has been started since then and is going on in full pace. Bhumi Pujan of temple at Ashiana Nirmay, Bhiwadi was done by the residents.

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Comfort Homes



Republic Day Celebrations
How's the Josh? Always high! From flag hoisting to singing patriotic songs, Republic day across all Ashiana projects was celebrated with full enthusiasm



Holi Celebrations
Starting from Holika Dehan to applying colours on each other, it was a fun two days celebration for the residents of Ashiana



A tribute to the soldiers!
Candlelight marches were organized by the residents of Ashiana Dwarka, Jodhpur and Ashiana Aangan, Bhiwadi to protest against the terrorist attack and to pay their tribute to the soldiers killed in Pulwama attack.

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Phase-2 Handover at Ashiana Dwarka


Handovers have started where the team has handed over a total of 36 flats of Phase-2 & families have started deciding.

Lohri Celebrations across Ashiana


Celebrating the festival of harvest, the residents of Ashiana had a fun night where they sang folk songs and danced to the beats of these song

Inter Ashiana Badminton Tournament


An inter Ashiana Badminton was held where the residents across projects with a lot of fun and sportsmanship.

Saraswati Puja


Getting blessed with the power of wisdom and intellectuality. Saraswati Puja was organised at Ashiana Tarang, Bhiwadi.

Cricket Tournament


A fun yet competitive day for the contractual staff of Ashiana maintenance services as a cricket match was organised in society for various departments like Sanitation, Horticulture and Security. Ashiana Aangan, Bhiwadi won the tournament whereas the Ashiana Town and Ashiana Nirmay, Bhiwadi secured the second and third position respectively.

Fun Filled Family Time


An evening spent right by the residents of Ashiana Navrang, Halol where they danced a lot & participated in various fun activities


Medical Checkup
Staying fit and healthy for life! With that motto, a regular checkup was organised at Vrinda Gardens, Jaipur in association with Manipal Hospital.



Club House Inauguratio
A happy moment for the residents of Ashiana Tarang, Bhiwadi as the club house with all new amenities is now ready to be used



Meet the talented chefs of Ashiana
An Inter Ashiana Master Chef competition was organised for the moms of Ashiana in Jamshedpur where they showcased their cooking styles.



Beautification Work
In order to provide premium lifestyle, the team of Ashiana Dwarka installed lights in the fountain, making it look more beautiful.



New Launches
Happy to announce that new phases are launched as Ph-II of Ashiana Tarang, Bhiwadi, Ph-IV of Gulmohar Gardens, Jaipur and Ph-III of Ashiana Dwarka, Jaipur

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Care Homes



Art and Craft Activity
The residents at Utsav Care Home, Jaipur enjoyed their day by doing various art & craft activities like paper pasting, clay modelling, thumb impression etc



Chit Chat with Snacks
The residents of Utsav Care Homes, Jaipur, came together to share their experiences and other stories over a stimulating session.



Birthday Celebrations
Birthdays are meant to be special! From cake-cutting to presenting bouquets & relishing delicious snacks, Col. Jagdish Chandra, Mr. Ashwin P. Rawal and Mr. K C Verma across care homes enjoyed their day with much fun and excitement.

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Safe & Sound


At Ashiana, safety of residents is of utmost importance. Working towards the same, upgradation work was carried out at Utsav Care Homes, Bhiwadi. where the doors were changed to electronic control which can only be operated using finger print or swipe card

Holi Celebrations


Holi was also celebrated with much fervour by the residents & staff of Utsav Care Homes, Jaipur where they enjoyed playing with Gulaal

Republic Day Celebrations


With pride filled in their hearts, the residents & staff of Utsav Care Homes, Bhiwadi celebrated Republic Day by coming together as one to attend the national event.

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