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Vol 17 | No. 64 | April - June 2019



From the Desk of the Jt. MD


Dear Friends,
In the last issue, I spoke about the concept of Kids Centric Homes and I am delighted that our initial effort in that space - at Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi - has met with a fantastic response, both from our existing residents as well as from prospective clients. Approximately 50 kids joined the 'Live and Learn' program; my brothers and I had the pleasure of meeting some of the kids and their parents and got a positive feedback. Obviousy there is scope for improvement as we go forward.

During this initiative, we saw an increase in our booking numbers. We closed over 20 new sales and a few houses on resale too. This suggests that people are inclining towards homes which are designed and developed to facilitate the all-round development of children. To know more about how kid-centric homes are different, please check out the video by Varun Gupta on Ashiana's youtube channel. I would like to thank all the residents and new buyers for accepting our new concept.

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As we are on the topic of kids development, I must take this opportunity to congratulate two of our residents - Denis and Shubham - on winning the All India Junior Badminton Championship. We are so happy to have you as our residents and so proud of the great work you guys have done. Thank you.

During the last quarter I had an opportunity to travel to almost all the locations of Ashiana and I was so glad to see the quality of work being done by our team. It gives me such a sense of pride to see that we are improving our quality, service and commitment day after day and in all locations. I would request all of you to visit our new projects to see the difference.

We launched Phase 2 in Ashiana Shubham (Senior living), Chennai and we are pleased at the great response it has got. We are also in the process of launching new phases in other locations this quarter. As always, we look towards our existing customers to make these launches a success as your word-of-mouth makes all the difference!

Always keep smiling!

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In This Issue...

Chennai Update
The construction of Phase-1 of the Ashiana Shubham Senior Living project in Chennai is near completion.

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Festive Celebrations
Festivals brought gaiety and cheer to all projects on Diwali, Children’s Day, Christmas, New Year and Annual Day.

Ashiana SuperMoms
Ashiana SuperMoms has been getting great reviews and is consistently helping improve lifestyles at Ashiana projects..

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Training & Development


Skill Training batches for masons under CREDAI at Ashiana Tarang, Bhiwadi; and, right, at Gulmohar Gardens, JaipurTraining and development activities were scheduled throughout the quarter across all departments and at all levels as part of our process of constant improvement

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| Skill Training

A skill training batch for Assistant Masons was started at Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi through CREDAI. Ten trainers also received certification from CSDCI (Construction Skill Development Council of India).

| CREDAI Training

To further improve the quality of workmanship, training was provided under CREDAI for Assistant Mason, Level-2 at Ashiana Tarang, Bhiwadi.

| Training Updates

Training and development activities by the HR department continued throughout the quarter as an ongoing process.

| Skill Development


Supervisors onsite and during their written examinations at Bhiwadi

IT Training

Refresher training sessions were organised for the entire IT team at Bhiwadi on information technology processes and how these link up departments. Advanced training on network and data centre operations was also conducted.

Core Values

Happiness All Around
Ashiana resident Niraj Chaudhary slipped and broke a bone in his hip. His wife immediately rushed to Mr. Animesh’s (DPM, Ashiana Town) home for help. Mr. Animesh and Mr. Sanjeev (Senior Supervisor), Ashiana Town rushed to Niraj’s house and rushed him to hospital. After a medical examination surgery was undertaken. Niraj is now on bed rest for three months. Mr. Animesh's efforts were certainly an example of Creating Happiness All Around and Going the Extra Mile.

.Atul Singh, Civil Foreman, Ashiana Anmol, Sohna fainted and was admitted to the nearby Vardan Hospital found to have dengue. Site staffers Dilip Mishra, Karun Sharma and Pramod Kumar were continuously by his side throughout. When Atul’s health deteoriated further and a blood donor was needed, Civil Supervisor Anand Tiwari came forward. Now Atul is in sound health and grateful to his collegues who went that Extra Mile at a time of such despair to Spread Happiness All Around.


Leadership Training – Concepts developed from the book 'One Minute Manager' in a previous session were taken up for practical demonstration so that participants could gain hands on experience.

Maintenance Training – Jaipur and Jamshedpur Maintenance teams trained in Observations, Collection Process and Planned Preventive Maintenance.

Success for Supervisors

Pradeep Kumar and Pawan Kumar, Technical Supervisors at Ashiana Tarang, Bhiwadi successfully completed their STEPS Part-1, Batch- 4 training and cleared their examinations.

New Training for Supervisors

To enhance then skills of selected Supervisors working in Ashiana Housing Ltd., a new programme named SDPS (Skills Development Programme for Supervisors) was started.

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Ashiana Tarang, Bhiwadi - Phoolwari children with their art decorations; diyas and candles were lit by the children; Christmas with Phoolwari children; decorations at Phoolwari school, with New Year card - Master. Sameer and Ms. Payal from Phoolwari

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Banana eating race at Phoolwari, AshianaUmang, Jaipur

Banana eating race at Phoolwari, AshianaUmang, Jaipur

As always, Phoolwari children had much to celebrate: Diwali, Children’s Day, Christmas, New Year and their own Annual Day. There was much joyous activity as the young ones got together to decorate their schools and classrooms for each occasion with colourful handmade diyas, rangoli patterns and greeting cards for friends and family. There were fun sessions of bhel puri making, games, excursions outside, dance, craft creations and of course cakes, chocolates, sweets and a much awaited Santa Claus who distributed gifts to all. Story telling sessions were also conducted for children to understand the significance of each festival. On their first Annual Day, the children of all ages displayed their talents to their parents through folk dances, fancy dress competitions, group singing and games followed by a prize distribution ceremony.



Cake on Christmas, Ashiana Utsav, Lavasa; photo frame made by children, Ashiana Utsav, Lavasa; dance performance by children on Christmas at Ashiana Utsav, Lavasa

Greeting card and paper lantern making at Ashiana Utsav, Lavasa; Phoolwari children participate in making colorful diyas at Vrinda Gardens, Jaipur; Phoolwari children celebrating Children’s Day at Vrinda Gardens, Jaipur


Fun filled games at Phoolwari, Ashiana Utsav, Lavasa; making bhel puri at Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi; Children’s Day celebrations with staffers at Ashiana Shubham, Chennai

Greeting card and paper lantern making at Ashiana Utsav, Lavasa; Phoolwari children participate in making colorful diyas at Vrinda Gardens, Jaipur; Phoolwari children celebrating Children’s Day at Vrinda Gardens, Jaipur


Greeting card and paper lantern making at Ashiana Utsav, Lavasa; Phoolwari children participate in making colorful diyas at Vrinda Gardens, Jaipur; Phoolwari children celebrating Children’s Day at Vrinda Gardens, Jaipur


Dance performance by children at Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi; dance by children at Ashiana Utsav, Lavasa; celebrating Annual Day at Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi; visit to a church for Christmas, Ashiana Utsav, Lavasa


Phoolwari children visit Vada Talav and Virasat Van, Halol; outdoor visit of Phoolwari children with Supermoms at Jaipur; of Phoolwari children visit Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur; Phoolwari students from Ashiana Navrang, Halol visit Pavagadh Heritage Place

Students from the Christ Institute conducted a learning seminar for students of Phoolwari school in Ashiana Utsav, Lavasa. The 13 children who attended the seminar were really happy to learn new games.

Art & Craft
Drawing and craft activities are the most enjoyed by all children, and this quarter Supermoms from Bhiwadi, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Halol were also super active helping Phoolwari children and teaching them new and different art and craft styles.

Thumb painting at Phoolwari, Ashiana Surbhi, Bhiwadi; art help from Supermoms – Mrs. Deepa at Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi; craft by Phoolwari children at Ashiana Utsav, Lavasa; craft help from Supermom - Mrs. Kamaljeet Kaur at Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi

At Ghatal School
Over 600 children took part in a hugely successful fun event organised at the Ghatal Schoool. They took part in races, games and dance and it was a great sight to see them swing and sway together to Haryanvi songs.

Health & Hygiene

Yoga at Ashiana Utsav, Lavasa; health checkup for Phoolwari children at Ashiana Utsav, Lavasa

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Comfort Homes


Christmas at Aangan Bhiwadi; Aangan, Neemrana; Ashiana Village Centre


Christmas Day, like every year, brought much cheer and celebrations across all Ashiana projects. There was fun and frolic all around as residents, staffers as well as customers got together everywhere to celebrate a very merry Christmas together. The entertainment and fun activities were seemingly limitless, ranging from dancing and singing karaoke and live performances to game stalls, competitions, awards, greetings and good wishes as well as presents and feasting.



New Year celebraton: Group photograph of the residents Vrinda Gardens, Manglam, Jaipur; Seniors of Ashiana Gardens performing in walking competition, Jamshedpur

New Year

New Year was welcomed with the usual joyous optimism across Ashiana projects. There were gatherings and parties into the night and the next day, residents everywhere held nothing back as they celebrated with gay abandon -- dancing, singing, playing games and enjoying a fabulous dinner. There were DJs in attendance to get the crowds swinging along with solo performances by children and residents.



Dussehra celebration at Ashiana Manglam, Jaipur

Chath Puja

One of eastern India’s biggest festivals, Chath Puja was celebrated with great fervour at Ashiana projects with large numbers of devotees taking enthusiastic part.



Chath Puja celebrated at Ashiana Aangan, Bhiwadi and Gulmohar Gardens, Jaipur


Dussehra was observed throughout Ashiana with residents attending Ravan Dahan along with some other festive programmes, bursting firecrackers and of course enjoying a variety of snacks.


Diwali was celebrated throughout Ashiana projects with multi-coloured lights, diyas and the exchange of sweets and greetings amongst residents and staffers.

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Guests participating in the game ‘Quote the price and own the product' at Gulmohar Gardens; Kids on stage for dancing at the Christmas Party at Gulmohar Gardens, Jaipur; Children performing on Christmas at Ashiana Gardens, Jamshedpur


All India Junior Badminton Champions Denis and Shubham from Ashiana Aangan, Bhiwadi; SDM Chandil, Mr. Bhagirath Prashad being welcomed by residents of Brahmananda as Chief Guest of the Senior Citizen Fun event at Jamshedpur; Canopy for sitting area at Ashiana Gardens, Jamshedpur being inaugurated by a senior resident


| Ashiana’s Pride

Two teenagers from Ashiana Aangan, Bhiwadi - Denis and Shubham - have done us proud by winning the All India Junior Badminton Championship and have become role models for all Ashianachildren.

| Tambola

Tambola is among the most popular activities at Ashiana Dwarka, Jodhpur. The sessions are well attended by residents with men showing as much enthusiastic interest as females.

| New Cab Service

Ashiana has begun providing cab services to residents of Ashiana Surbhi, Bhiwadi. This is being done to provide them access to the nearest area from where they can get public transport.


|New Canopy

Residents of Ashiana Gardens, Jamshedpur obtained their much requested canopy for their sitting area - it was inaugurated by Owners Association and senior citizen residents


Inter Ashiana Senior Fun

An Inter Ashiana Senior Citizens fun event was held at Ashiana Brahmananda, Jamshedpur. Senior residents participated and enjoyed themselves thoroughly. Mr. Bhagirath Prashad, SDM Chandil, was the Chief Guest.



This event was exclusively designed for residents and prospective customers to mingle and interact at Tree House residences, Bhiwadi. Their interactions created a very positive impression about the project.

|Pizza Party

Ashiana Dwarka, Jodhpur organised a pizza party on its Club House terrace and showcased the beautiful night views of the project. Customers enjoyed playing Antakshari and Tambola by candlelight over pizza as they appreciated the view.

|Core Value Meeting

Contractor staff and all other maintenance crews at Jamshedpur had the opportunity to attend a Core Value Meeting and interact directly with our Jt. MD Mr. Ankur Gupta.

Greening of Surbhi

The park and all greenery at Ashiana Surbhi, Bhiwadi is being regularly maintained to enhance the environment.


Good News

The Ashiana Surbhi, Bhiwadi team has successfully handed over 148 units of Phase-1 and Phase-2.


Gulmohar Gardens ladies group at a game with bangles; Song and dance competition at Gulmohar Gardens, Jaipur; Our guests enjoying the e-rickshaw ride at Vrinda Gardens


| Clean India Campaign

Great initiative was shown by the Ashiana Dwarka team at Jodhpur along with residents to clean all nearby areas in support of our Swach Bharat campaign. More such drives are planned in the future. It was a proud moment for Ashiana Anantara, Jamshedpur as they won the award for the most Swach project in Jamshedpur from the Mango Notified Area Committee.

| Activities at Navrang

This quarter saw much celebration at Ashiana Navrang, Halol. Apart from the festive season, this was also the time for handover of flats. The SuperMom concept also reached here and brought tremendous energy to the complex. Phase III construction was also started.


At Vrinda Gardens, Jaipur guests trying their singing skills

| Song and Dance Competition

Gulmohar Gardens, Jaipur organised a Song and Dance competition for residents according to age group. A large crowd cheered contestants all the way..


| Dandiya Nights

Dandiya held sway once more at Vrinda Gardens, Jaipur along with Garba for a night of great enjoyment for residents.


| Fancy Dress

A fancy dress competition at Vrinda Gardens, Jaipur drew children from different age groups. Most came accompanied by parents who made up the happy audience. Kids and the magic of their imaginations found colourful expression.

| Musical Evening

A Musical Evening was organised at Gulmohar Gardens, Jaipur for customers. Guests, especially children, enjoyed games, music and dance followed by dinner.

| Table Tennis

Ashiana Dwarka, Jodhpur organised a Table Tennis competition for residents and the event saw a large crowd cheering contestants all the way

Facilities for Residents

Ashiana’s Pride
Two teenagers from Ashiana Aangan, Bhiwadi - Denis and Shubham - have done us proud by winning the All India Junior Badminton Championship and have become role models for all Ashianachildren.

Dance Competition
A dance competition was organised at Ashiana Greenhills, Neemrana in association with Raffles International School much to the enjoyment of residents who attended in large numbers.

Gym Upgraded
The gym at Ashiana Aangan, Bhiwadi has been upgraded with new PUC flooring giving it an entirely new look.

Facilities for Residents


Ashiana Surbhi cricket pitch

Ashiana Surbhi, Bhiwadi
I has a fully functional Club House with swimming pool, gym, indoor kids play area, pool, badminton court and TT Room. The cricket pitch for net practice is also ready for use.


Ashiana Surbhi, Bhiwadi
I has a fully functional Club House with swimming pool, gym, indoor kids play area, pool, badminton court and TT Room. The cricket pitch for net practice is also ready for use.

Ashiana Surbhi Project, Bhiwadi


Surbhi Block- III


Swimming Pool is now operational at Ashiana Surbhi


Main Entrance of Ashiana Surbhi


Surbhi Block- I and Block –II

Pijush Banerjee, Estate Manager, Jamshedpur, and Senior Estate Officer Mr. Shurjeet Singh receiving the award from Special Officer MNAC Mr. Rajendra Prashad Gupta; Swach Bharat campaigns at Ashiana Dwarka, Jodhpur and at Ashiana Navrang, Halol



The new Learning Centre at Ashiana Umang, Jaipur under construction

| Learning Centre

The Learning Centre at Ashiana Umang, Jaipur will be a place to develop hobbies and skills and is now under construction. It will be operational by June 2018. The Learning Centre would be designed to enhance and develop academic skills, self-confidence, physical and emotional strengths, and to learn about robotics and hobbies.

| Champs Evening

Champs Evening was an event of fancy dress and dance competitions at Ashiana Umang, Jaipur for the residents, their friends and families. Children participated in both the competitions enthusiastically. A tug of war competition was also arranged for the parents and the evening was thoroughly enjoyed by all.


| Fun Games

Ashiana Umang, Jaipur saw a day of fun activities for children and their parents with drawing competitions, musical chairs, passing the parcel, singing performances, karaoke and team games for customers. Everyone enjoyed the day as existing and prospective customers mingled and exchanged notes. Guests also went on a project visit and were happy to see the environment and atmosphere..

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Ashiana SuperMoms


Our SuperMoms of the quarter are: Manju Johari, Rangoli Gardens, Jaipur, Bharti Prajapati, Ashiana Umang, Jaipur, and Bani Dey, Ashiana GreenHills, Neemrana

Ashiana's SuperMoms have been getting great reviews and helping improve lifestyles. They've organised expert sessions on subjects ranging from personal development to fitness; regional cooking to Madhubani painting. SuperMoms also teach maintenance staff and at Phoolwari schools and help welcome new residents..


Kids Centric Homes


The vision of a community where kids will get all amenities and facilities to develop skills and competencies in an environment that fosters the holistic physical, intellectual and emotional growth of children. We have launched the first "Kids Centric Homes" project at Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi

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"Being parents we always want to give better opportunities and experiences to our children to groom them for life - this is the thought behind the concept of a "Kids Centric Home"," says Mr. Varun Gupta, Director, Ashiana Housing Ltd.

Live & Learn at Ashiana

In our Kids Centric project at Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi, Ashiana has initiated the concept of a Live and Learn programme to embrace the theme of "Behtar Parvarish ka Pata" .

Ashiana Town was the first such project and has all the facilities and amenities necessary for sports and other activities and has also turned out to be an effective learning centre especially for children.

The Live and Learn programme includes a set of activities such as music, dance, fine arts, theatre and spoken English along with sports like Cricket, Badminton, Basketball, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Skating, Taekwondo and Swimming. Children have ample opportunities to explore and develop their interests and skills with the help and guidance of trained coaches. The programme also includes special expert sessions. A Science Club named Innovators offers homework assistance in a way that the child gets engaged and learns with fun. Many events and special activities involving parents are also a part of this initiative to help children showcase talent and build up confidence. All facilities are available for Rs. 950-1300.

This programme is part of Ashiana's vision of holistic development for children through creativity, cognitive thinking, physical fitness, values and learning. Over 50 children are already actively learning new skills and honing them. Parents say that they are more than satisfied as this programme has given them a one roof solution to everything they need for their child

New Creche

Residents of Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi have applauded Ashiana’s initiative in providing a play school cum crèche to support and enable parents with small children and working mothers

Internal Road Work

Work on internal roads of 8 metres, 18 metres and 30 metres is in progress at Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi. The work of white strip marking on 18 metre roads in front of Parcel–ß has been completed. The 30 metre road alongside The Ashiana School has also been developed.

The Ashiana School

Structural work of The Ashiana School has been completed including plastering. Finishing work like POP and painting is in progress and the school is scheduled to start from next academic session.

Work in Full Swing

The work on the STP at Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi is in full swing and is expected to be completed by March 2018. This sewage treatment plant will be functional for all residents of Ashiana Town.

Temple work is almost complete and it is expected that the Murti Sthapna will take place on Basant Panchami.
Along with the temple, Gate Number 2 of Ashiana Town is almost ready for inauguration. The gate is expected to be functional by mid-February 2018.

Security Upgraded

Ashiana has implemented the Nexgas security system in Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi to smoothen and improve the visitor verification process at computerised entry for residents.

Basketball Court
The open badminton court has been changed to a basketball court in Park I of Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi. This new basketball court is open for all residents. With this court, Ashiana Town now has all sports facilities like badminton, basketball, cricket and lawn tennis.

Musical Evening
A musical evening was organised at Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi to showcase the Ashiana lifestyle to customers. Residents shared experiences with prospective customers. Visiting children thoroughly enjoyed the EPDM court. Snacks and other arrangements were appreciated all round.

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Senior Living


School children honouring our senior residents at Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi

World Elder’s Day
World Elder’s Day was celebrated at Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi with great enthusiasm. Shawls were presented to the senior most residents above the age of 80. A group of around 30 children from Bal Bharti Public School performed for residents.

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Residents celebrating Diwali at Ashiana Utsav, Lavasa

Diwali saw residents of Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi get together at the Amphitheatre. Lakshmi puja was performed at the Utsav temple. Afterwards, residents enjoyed themselves with crackers and the exchange of sweets. At Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur, Lakshmi puja was followed by crackers and tambola. Residents shared sweets, and exchanged greetings amongst the beautiful diyas and finished off with dinner. For residents of Ashiana Utsav, Lavasa, a new bus was inaugurated on the occasion followed by crackers and dinner.


Residents doing Tulsi puja at Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi and Jaipur

Tulsi Vivah
Tulsi Vivah celebrations at Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi were held at the Utsav Temple which was beautifully decorated with flowers. Aarti was followed by bhajans, bhog and a bhandara at Utsav Hall and attended by several hundred residents. At Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur the Utsav temple had beautiful floral decorations and enthusiastic residents singing bhajans followed by bhog and aarti.


Utsav Bhiwadi Santa distributing sweets to residents; Utsav Jaipur and Utsav lavasa Cake cutting during the Christmas Celebration.

Christmas at Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi was celebrated with a carnival on the premises with food stalls serving gol gappa, chole kulcha, rasmalai, lemon rice, pakodas and gajar ka halwa. People enjoyed the games that were organised while Santa Claus moved around distributing chocolates to everyone. At Ashiana Utsav, Lavasa, Christmas saw innovative games and fun activities and of course a jovial Santa and lots of cake followed by dinner. Games, music, dance and general merriment all round marked Christmas at Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur.


Block - 1 and Block - 2 of Ashiana Nirmay, Bhiwadi

Ready for Handover
Ashiana Nirmay Phase-I is now on the verge of completion with very minor work left in the buildings. This project is especially designed for senior citizens and is a one of its kind project with all necessary accessories installed for their requirements. Development work of Ashiana Nirmay is also in full swing and work on the Activity Centre is on at full pace. External painting work has been started.


Karwa Chauth
Karwa Chauth was observed over two days at Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi. A mehndi session was organised the evening before and on Karwa Chauth day, beautifully dressed ladies congregated for puja at the Utsav temple. There was also a geet sangeet programme followed by a much enjoyed tambola session.

Month End Parties
Month end parties are held at various projects to celebrate residents’ birthdays and anniversaries. At Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi residents took part in different cultural activities at the Utsav Hall. New residents were welcomed with snacks, cake and tea. Parties were also organised at Ashiana Utsav, Lavasa and Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur. At Jaipur, there was much merriment thanks to their resident standup comedian Mr. Joglekar.

Hearing Aid Seminar
A seminar on Hearing Aids and a hearing test were arranged at the TV lounge in Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi by Amplyclear Hearing & Speech Clinic, Dwarka, New Delhi for residents.

New Year
The start of a New Year was heraldedat all Ashiana projects with much fanfare and joy. At Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi celebrations went on past midnight with games, dancing and lots of great food and ended over dinner and the exchange of hugs and good wishes for a brand new year. Ashiana Utsav, Lavasa residents built their New Year welcome around a Rajasthani theme in their open area. There was variety in food and drinks but none in the happy exchange of good wishes with each other for the residents. At Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur, residents performed and enjoyed skits, songs, dance and played musical instruments with the enthusiasm continuing till midnight when a cake was cut to mark the change of year.


Utsav Bhiwadi and Utsav Lavasa residents performing during New Year Eve; Vendor demonstrating a senior friendly mobile


Utsav Bhiwadi Residents enjoying making Jalebi during food festival

Food Fiesta
VIMHANS organised a food festival for residents during which they enjoyed making jalebis and utthapams.


Residents of Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi pray during Anand Sahib Path

The birth of Guru Nanak Ji was commemorated at Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi by the Utsav Sadbhawna Manch at
Park-II. Kirtan was followed by Anand Sahib and Ardas Path by Utsav residents and ended with a langar.

Health Talk
A health talk was organised for residents of Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi. Dr. Roop Singh from City Nursing Home, Bhiwadi spoke on Healing Hearts & Rewiring the Mind.

Wellness Camp

A camp by Senior World at Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi focused on senior friendly product services and engagement avenues for seniors in India. Mobiles and other safety devices specifically designed for the elderly were the highlights of the camp.

Physiotherapy OPD

Every month the VIMHANS Medical Team organises a free OPD on physiotherapy at Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi. The areas this time were Back pain, Joint pain, Shoulder pain and Knee pain.

A Warm Gesture

Security staff at Ashiana projects play a significant role in caring for the complex and the safety of all the residents, day and night even in the harshest of cold seasons. At Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi they were gifted a set of mufflers by Ms Amita Shaw and Ms Kamini Bhandari to keep themselves warm.

Saying Thanks

Ms. Amita Shaw, Mrs. Rita Sarin, Mr. Surender Malik and Mrs. Asha Malik from Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi organised a bhandara for all the staffers as a gesture of thanks for the compassionate services that they provided.

Get together of Utsav ladies at Jaipur; Sharad Purnima; Cookery Show by Chef Rocky Sarkar; Display of Winter Wear at Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur


Sharad Purnima
Sharad Purnima was celebrated in Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur to welcome the autumn season and ladies observed a fast for the wellbeing of their husbands and family. A traditional sweet kheer was also prepared and kept exposed to moonlight to be had as “amrit” in the next morning.

Cookery Show
The cookery show has become a popular and the most demanded activity at Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur. This time our café chef Mr. Rocky Sarkar demonstrated the preparation of Shahi Bread Roll. A large number of residents enjoyed the demonstration and relished the dish.

Helping Out
A group of residents in Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi got together and are providing a monthly scholarship to the children of the staffers working there.

PUC Certificate
A pollution checking camp for vehicles was set up at Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur. PUC Certificates were issued after checking the vehicles.

Ladies Get Together
More than 40 ladies from Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur participated in the get together and shared their talents and creativity. Many displayed remarkably unsuspected skills and made their presence felt in the various activities.

Display of Winter Wear
With the onset of winter, the display of woollen clothes by a Kashmiri shawl seller was arranged in the Activity Centre of Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur. Ladies had wonderful shopping corner on the premises and a lovely experience.

Talk on Solar Energy
Mr. R.V. Chavan, resident of Ashiana Utsav, Lavasa gave a talk and demonstration on how to convert solar energy to electrical energy.

Picnic to Pune Heritage

A picnic was organised for Ashiana Utsav, Lavasa residents to Pune. The places visited were Japanese Garden, Dinker Kelkar Museum, Shanivar Wada Fort, Dagru Seth Temple andTulsi Bagh,

Ghazal Night
The ghazal evening was a grand success. Ashiana Utsav, Lavasa residents enjoyed the ghazals followed by dinner.

Health Seminar

A Health Education seminar was organised at Ashiana Utsav, Lavasa by the Hinjewadi Ruby Hall clinic for residents on ageing and how to maintain health, and on physiotherapy and arthritis. Residents were happy to gain the information and also enjoyed the small games organised for them

Health Talk
A health talk was organised for residents of Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi. Dr. Roop Singh from City Nursing Home, Bhiwadi spoke on Healing Hearts & Rewiring the Mind.

Active Social Fun at Lavasa

Aerobics, now performed regularly in our club, has brought about a new excitement amongst residents and participation has increased every day.

Cards Game
This game included a fun part, in which residents had to make a pyramid out of cards within a time limit of four minutes.

Picnic to Bhaje Caves
The picnickers viewed the beautiful heritage site of the Bhaje Caves in Lonavala. The cave carvings and the pure water were appreciated.


Comedy Night
Residents enjoyed fun and laughter with resident Amit Hawaldar who did a great job as a standup comedian.


Chennai Update
The construction of Phase-1 of the Ashiana Shubham Senior Living in Chennai is now almost complete. Chennai Update Phase- 2 has been launched and it includes the new layout for a big sized one BHK unit.


Every year excitement builds over our annual Jashn at Ashiana Utsav, Lavasa. This year, Lavasa stood first runner up in Jashn-4. Not even single resident came back without a trophy.

Get Together Party
Everyone had a good time at the Month End get together in Ashiana Utsav, Lavasa over utthapams and tea.

Yoga Session
A yoga session was conducted at Mrs. Renu Marwah in Hotel Fortune. Residents of Ashiana Utsav, Lavasa had a good time there doing yoga followed by complimentary breakfast.


Art and craft at Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur

Art and Craft Activity
Arts and Crafts activities received an overwhelming response from all. Beautiful work created by residents is on display. Clay modelling, and thumb print art sessions are regularly organised for residents of Care Homes. Residents from Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur were also present to help residents.


Welcoming Dr. J Bhatt at Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur

Care Homes, Jaipur welcomed Dr. J Bhatt and Mrs. Indra Bhatt from Jaipur as permanent residents. Accompanying friends and relatives were highly appreciative of the facilities and commented on how comprehensive they were.


An outdoor lunch on a bright sunny winter day organised at Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur

Winter Day Out
A day out was organised for residents and they spent a happy time with visitors from Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur. The lovely sunshine, invigorating atmosphere and animated conversations over lunch ensured a most enjoyable day for everyone.

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Care Homes


Christmas was celebrated with great fun and frolic at Care Homes, Bhiwadi

Learning Centre
The Learning Centre at Ashiana Umang, Jaipur will be a place to develop hobbies and skills and is now under construction. It will be operational by June 2018. The Learning Centre would be designed to enhance and develop academic skills, self-confidence, physical and emotional strengths, and to learn about robotics and hobbies.


Bhajan Sandhya: remembering the Almighty at Care Homes, Bhiwadi

Bhajan Sandhya
Bhajan Sandhya sessions are regularly organised for Care Homes residents by Mr. B.D.Bhargava and Mrs. Mrinalini of Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwadi. Their beautiful bhajan and devotional singing mesmerised everyone. Resident Mr. Rakesh Suri dancing is always a special attraction.


Diwali at Care Homes, Bhiwadi

Care Homes was brilliantly illuminated for Diwali presenting a bright and colourful sight. There was fun, enthusiasm and happiness all around, with staffers greeting all residents. Lakshmi puja was followed by a party at which staffers entertained the residents with songs and dancing. Snacks and sweets were distributed.


A variety of activities for the Care Homes Bhiwadi residents focusing on the improvement of their mental and physical health

Activities for Well Being
Social Worker Ms.Rosina organised a variety of activities for the Care Homes residents focusing on the improvement of their mental and physical health and for recreation. The spirit of Christmas pervaded the exercise with residents making greeting cards for their near and dear ones. They also concentrated on paintings, paper crafts and puzzle solving.


Diwali at Care Homes, Bhiwadi

Care Homes, Bhiwadi residents visited Ashiana Nirmay and Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi and joined residents there for Halloween, snacks and some great fun. The residents loved the outing and had a wonderful time..


Christmas celebration at Care Homes, Jaipur

At Care Homes, Jaipur, Christmas celebrations started with Santa of course who was resident Mr. Vijay J Ramdas who cut a cake with residents and exchanged greetings and good wishes for a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year.