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In a world that is becoming increasingly dependent and obsessed with gadgets, where we can’t imagine a day without a smartphone or a laptop or both, Kid Centric Homes are a necessary requirement for our growing children.


Some parents use smartphones and/or laptops to teach children or show them a movie or something but this has a negative impact on their growth. Children should grow the old way – playing and learning with other children and understanding the importance of being social.


However, in today’s world, finding a place that offers a great neighborhood and sports facilities seems a tedious task. Here, Kid Centric Homes come into the picture, to make this tedious task a cakewalk and provide much more than what is needed.


What are Kid Centric Homes?


Going with the name, Kid Centric Homes or KCHs are themed projects designed, architecture, and strategically located to provide the children with the best of facilities on a gated campus, hence ensuring safety and security all this while!


In simple words, imagine a housing project, spread over a vast area with 3-4 high-rise buildings with apartments and a clubhouse in the center. Now, add to it, courts and facilities for various sports, numerous learning, and growing activities, fun activities for children and their parents, a library, multimedia room, swimming pool, and security with guards and 24×7 surveillance. All these facilities together, give us a perfect Kid Centric Homes project.


Kid Centric Homes were not even heard of nearly a decade ago, but now they are becoming increasingly popular. The reason is simple! For the parents living in standalone homes in any city, it is a tedious task to drive their children to various places for sports and extracurriculars. It is not safe for children to travel to these places by themselves at a young age.


Moreover, a neighborhood might or might not have similarly aged children, which can often deteriorate the social lives of children. In the end, most children just study or rely on gadgets for their entertainment and time pass – be it movies or games, or social media. We’re not saying that gadgets shouldn’t be used at all, but we all know that too much of anything is nothing but harmful.


Why choose Kid Centric Homes?


There is not one but many reasons why Kid Centric Homes are good for you as well as your children, in the long run. Some of them are listed below –


1.Location –

KCHs are usually strategically located near popular schools and industrial areas to facilitate easy commute for children as well as their parents as much as possible.


2.Facilities –

After school, KCHs have various facilities for children be it for sports, studying, enjoying free time with their friends, or simply relaxing. KCHs have something to offer for each kid.


3.Security –

In most KCHs, all the extracurriculars, sports facilities, libraries, etc. are present on the campus itself. And the campus is gated, secured, and under CCTV surveillance 24×7 which ensures easy commute of children from their homes to the designated activity without having to bother their parents.


This not only relieves parents of extra work but also inculcates a sense of independence in the children starting from a young age itself.


4.Development of Children –

Kid Centric Homes offer various extracurricular fun and learning activities. These help the children discover their hobbies and interests and build upon them in due time. In addition to this, various activities like cleaning drives, earth hour, planting trees, etc. make the children understand the value of nature and their responsibility towards it. Altogether, KCHs help shape the kids into responsible citizens of tomorrow!


5.Leisure Time for Parents –

When parents no longer have to take children here and there across the city for various activities, they get extra time to enjoy and relax. Facilities like clubhouse, swimming pools, gymnasium, etc. help the parents relax and spend time with themselves.


Ashiana Kid Centric Homes


Ashiana Housing is a pioneer in Kid Centric Homes and is driving this revolution in the country. Our Kid Centric Homes are the best-in-class and our teams never shy off in going an extra step for the welfare of our residents. Our KCHs land pretty well on the aforementioned points. Be it location, facilities, security, development of children, or leisure activities for parents, we’ve got it all covered.


Our programs like Supermoms and Live & Learn are unique and add a few extra feathers to our cap of KCHs.


Supermoms is a community of mothers living in our KCHs where mothers can meet and decide on various activities for children as well as for themselves. It is an initiative to promote social and community living in our KCHs.


There are also various fun contests for mothers where they can participate, have fun, and compete with each other. This is not only a great initiative to provide mothers some fun time apart from their duties and busy schedules but also for the well-nurturing of children. Mothers know the best for their children  and when they themselves decide on various activities for them, they’re bound to be beneficial.


Live & Learn is a program in Ashiana KCHs that aims at conducting various planned and unplanned activities for the children. These are a mix of left-brain and right-brain activities which not only let children discover their artistic passions but also help them stay more focused and disciplined in life.




Kid Centric Homes are without a doubt the best places for growing children. Be it a pollution-free and green environment, various extracurricular activities, sports facilities, library, gym, swimming pool, parks, gardens, etc. KCHs cover them all in a single place.


We didn’t need any KCHs in our time is what most parents say, but times change, and so do requirements. In a world that is full of incompassionate people, KCHs tend to inculcate values in children starting from a very young age. Kid Centric Homes help in shaping children into multi-faceted personalities and responsible citizens of the future.

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