Another Golden Feather to Ashiana Housing

Amongst many industries that are blooming in the current socio-economic state, housing industry is one that depends highly on its relations with its customers.

In housing industry, customers are everything. For us, at Ashiana, they are more than everything. We are more focused to connect to our customers as after all for us, customer satisfaction is what tops the priority list. We operate around care knowing the fact that building world class structures is just not enough. The core purpose why Ashiana exist is to bring a smile of satisfaction. As a group we really try hard to achieve the purpose and our practices are designed to promote care and consumer connects. The more we care about our customers, the better off we are at achieving our goal of “Customer’s Happiness”.

With great honor and zest, we are happy to share that Ashiana Housing Ltd. (AHL), which is a 40-year-old Indian real estate company, has been judged as North India’s No. 1 Caring Brand in Consumer Connect category. Furthermore, it is ranked as second best in terms of adoption of best practices in north India and nationally has ranked among the top brands namely DLF Limited, Sobha Limited, ATS Group, Gulshan Homz, Mahindra Lifespaces, Mahagun, Central Park and ABA Corp.

Ashiana Housing being voted for the second position in North Indian best practices leadership chart after Godrej is a predominant success as it is a relatively silent player in the region. The criteria basis which Ashiana Housing Ltd. has ranked the second position with a score of 79.3 out of 100 comprises of fiscal management, execution, market depth, consumer connect, transparent deals, functional professionalism, care, employer, communication, and desirable practices.

Ankur Gupta, JMD, Ashiana Housing Ltd. on the Best Practices Report 2019 by Track2Realty quoted “Over the years the brand has strived hard to strike the right chord with the consumers. Right from buying procedure to handing over of the property we take care of our customers and sort out their queries. Project maintenance is also a crucial part and we are glad we have excelled here too. We never compromise on consumer satisfaction.”

“Also what is significant is the fact that most of the top 10 performers have improved their performance score from the previous study in 2017. It is a proud moment for the team at Ashiana. We would sincerely like to thank Track2Realty for recognizing our work. This will help further better our performance. It is surely is a momentous milestone for our partners and our team altogether,” he added.

With our step by step support to our customers keeping everyone on the same page of dedicated priority, Ashiana Housing Ltd. has evolved to be one of the most trusted brands in upper-middle income residential housing projects in satellite cities and towns in India – around industrial hubs – predominantly along the Delhi-Mumbai industrial corridor being promoted by the Government of India. Our residential real estate development projects range from apartments to group housing projects. In addition, we also develop limited retail and commercial properties, including hotels as well as retirement homes for senior citizens.

Broadly categorizing the rankings into three main domains, Ashiana Housing Ltd. has been ranked Best in Care, Best in Consumer Connect and Best in Most Desirable Practices.

In a nutshell, Ashiana Housing’s success on this front depicts the importance of Consumer Connect in Housing Industry. Well, as has been said earlier, connecting with consumers and caring for them, in other word, post-sale services are a crucial part of any industry and one has maintain a clean record in it to be successful in long run.

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