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Umesh is a Senior Accountant in an export house and his wife Priya is a home-tuition teacher. They used to live in Gurgaon with their two kids and Umesh’s parents. The family lived in a rented builder apartment in Gurgaon.

The low-rise residential building had three floors, with a 3BHK unit on each floor. The entire building is owned by three individual owners, who rent off the floors to different tenants.

Umesh was worried about the safety of his parents and kids when he and his wife would go to work.

Here’s what Umesh had to say about his rented home, “Though the building was in a residential area, there were no security provisions like guards or CCTV cameras. In such buildings, managing security was not the landlord’s responsibility.”

Priya added, “Our lane was poorly lit. While returning home in the evening, I would often spot suspicious-looking people lurking around. Hence, I never allowed my children to play in the building compound unsupervised. Worst of all, neither the landlords nor the other tenants cared to attend to our complaints about the security issue.”

Mr. Chakravarthy, Umesh’s dad, a retired bank officer said, “Whether it would be going out for errands or our daily evening walks, we ensured that we never went alone and were home well before dark. There have been several reports of burglaries, chain snatching and other thefts in the area and it was not safe, for either kids or adults to walk alone, in the evenings or even in broad daylight.”

This would constantly worry Umesh and Priya so much that they started looking for other locations to live.

Umesh then heard about the Ashiana Tarang in Bhiwadi from a colleague at work.

Initially, the family was hesitant about purchasing a flat in a high-rise apartment complex. They were worried that they wouldn’t have sufficient space and thought it would be difficult to accommodate with a large number of families in the same complex.

But, a visit to the sprawling green property put all their worries to rest. The security features offered by Ashiana Tarang were the biggest attention seeker for them:

• CCTV cameras monitoring the entire campus,

• 24 x 7 watch guards,

• Biometric access gates,

• Barriers for visitor vehicles – and more,

• An access control system to avoid unlawful entry;

• Visitor management system where we are informed about someone visiting us

• CCTV in the lifts as well

• The maids and drivers have access control and proper identification cards.

After moving to Ashiana Tarang in Bhiwadii, Umesh says, “Security was a huge factor for us to make the move. I can now confidently state that the thoughtfully planned and managed security arrangements at Ashiana Tarang keeps my family safe and secure at all times. The kids have a great time playing in the clubhouse or other green spaces around the property, without having adults supervising them at all times.”

Mr.Chakravarthy, “We can now walk in the complex without any fear, go out and carry our errands without depending on anyone. We also enjoy engaging in different hobbies and outdoor activities, without any fear. And, that’s a huge relief for us.”

The blog post is based on a true story. Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our customers.

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