Finding the perfect happy home in Bhiwadi (Delhi/NCR)

“You can take the boy out of the village, but you can’t take the village out of the boy” states an old proverb proving the extent of impact communities have on our lives. Are we living in a society or society is living in us?

If you ask me this question, I would say ‘yes’ to both. We are living in a society that is living in us. And this fact makes it extremely important to select the place you want to spend rest of your life living in, very wisely. I would say it is as crucial as choosing your life partner.

 I lived in Gurgaon for almost a decade. It was while driving to Jaipur one day that I discovered this place called ‘Bhiwadi.’ Having lived in various societies previously I pretty much knew what I was looking for. Next day, I found my office drawer full of promising brochures of different projects. The eye-catching, dreamy pictures were good enough to fill me with enthusiasm and smiles. If I wanted my smiles to last, I needed to do my homework.

                         My husband and me found Gurgaon houses unreasonably expensive. Considering the rise in pollution, traffic, safety, lack of green outdoor spaces, actual availability of amenities in the society and of course schools. We were in a fix and a state of indecisiveness. Real estate websites had plenty of food for our thoughts. The question was would we be able to live the lifestyle we were looking for?  I   still remember spotting the huge red and white hoarding as soon as I entered Bhiwadi. That is how my lifelong association with Ashiana began.

We closely scrutinized Ashiana’s various lifestyle home projects. The day of decision making was one of the most dramatic and unforgettable one for us. We had to choose between which Ashiana property we would settle in?

The moment you enter in any of Ashiana’s projects, you tend to forget that you are in a growing industrial hub, Bhiwadi. Today, when I wake up to the beautiful golden sunrise, with the lovely birds chanting their morning melodies, the lush green Aravalis stretching out its wide arms, I thank the almighty for the blessing of my home. Living in the concrete jungle I hardly remembered the sound of birds or the warm feel of the sunrays. Thankfully, Dr. S generously showers its vitamin D upon my building illuminating each room of my apartment. I have felt a great improvement in my overall health after shifting at AshianaTarang.

If you want to know more about my experience at AshianaTarang please follow my next blog.

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Tabbsum, An author by passion and profession. A proud resident of Ashiana Tarang. Loves to write articles and short stories for children and women on popular blogging sites. She strongly believe in motivating, encouraging and supporting mothers. Loves to be surrounded by children and teaching them new things.

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