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Anything you mention that is required for living a happy lifestyle is a part of Ashiana’s project. They take feedback of their customers very seriously. I was told that another balcony in the project was included after few customers felt the need of it. The park overlooking the hillocks of the Aravalis give you a feel of being on a vacation for your lifetime. The beauty of Ashiana Tarang gets doubled in monsoons. I love the cool breeze bringing showers of first rain at my doorstep. when I sit in my spacious balcony looking at the trees of my society swaying in harmony and rhythm, my heart is overjoyed with gratitude. In the times of stress and depression what a blessing it is to have time and place to sit and appreciate nature. You don’t need to step out of the comfort of your society to go for a walk.

For those who believe that nature is the best therapist for most of your physical ailments are sure to find healing here. Every morning many residents can be seen barefoot walking on the grass bathed in the morning nectar of dew drops. In today’s times this certainly is a far-fetched dream for many.

Rain water harvesting is another thoughtful deed by Ashiana lifestyle homes. They have come a long way from the day they took off. Ashiana as lifestyle home builder did not only grow in years but wisdom as well. This can clearly be seen in the improvements they implement in every new project. Every little thing is considered at a micro level. One of the best examples to understand my point here is that our doors are guarded with door seal to prevent insects and lizards from entering the house. It also keeps dust off your home. Water and gas pipelines are outside the building to prevent leakage and seepage. Isn’t it how a mother puts her thoughtfulness in caring for her children?

Their very well trained and groomed sales and maintenance staff believes in maintaining transparency with the customers to keep the relationship stronger with them. Post sales customers are not left on their own but are assisted until they are completely settled. Maintenance service is not just a subject but an experience at Ashiana Tarang. Some of their oldest projects look as good as new. Their maintenance service is one of the strongest reasons I chose Ashiana lifestyle homes.  

However, the best gift that I received from Ashiana is their unique initiative called “Supermoms.” It’s a competition for the mothers or say for the housewives which is successfully running in its fourth season. As I said I have lived in many other societies previously but haven’t come across anything so meaningful. When I first heard about Ashiana’s initiative supermoms, I was kind of reluctant to go for it. And once I started off with it, there is no looking back. It has become a part of my existence at Ashiana. It’s all about helping the queens of the homes realize that there is much more they are capable of achieving. This initiative has helped moms take the dust off from their long-forgotten talents. That they had buried under the household routines. It has helped them gain their confident selves back and take part in community welfare. As far as I am concerned, it has helped me connect with the most important part of our society, the future builders of our nationand impact their tender minds for good. Yes! I am speaking of children. Once the four days phoolwari session gets over, I begin to miss these children. I love taking expert sessions with the children at Ashiana Tarang and enjoy them thoroughly. Sessions involving creativity, uniqueness, learning and fun are my favorites. I love passing on my skills to the children. Activities and craft that not only teach them but also brightens their lovely faces with smiles and joy.

At AshianaTarang I haven’t only found a home but a new purpose for my life. A purpose that is more fulfilling and satisfying. I have found a home and a purpose in life at the same time in the same place.

Thank you! Ashiana for helping me do my part for the society.

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Tabbsum, An author by passion and profession. A proud resident of Ashiana Tarang. Loves to write articles and short stories for children and women on popular blogging sites. She strongly believe in motivating, encouraging and supporting mothers. Loves to be surrounded by children and teaching them new things.

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