How society maintenance eases our everyday lives

Gone are the days when housing societies/housing projects were just places where you get a roof over your head. Over the years, housing societies have evolved to provide multiple facilities to residents, all on the same campus. Today, we get facilities like walking tracks, water bodies, fountains, a swimming pool, a gymnasium, multiple sports facilities, a community hall, convenience stores, an amphitheatre, landscaped gardens, etc. in any good housing society.


As much appalling as these facilities are, their maintenance is very crucial. Imagine that you have got a swimming pool in your housing society, but it is always dirty, is it of any use? The same is the case with other facilities as well, then be those basic things like the seamless working of waste management, water supply, electrical devices, etc, or extra amenities like gymnasium, swimming pools, community hall, etc.


Catching a glimpse of a few words from the #ResidentDiaries at Ashiana Dwarka, Jodhpur:


The sheer joy of living comes handy when the life is seamless and it’s even more cherishable if it’s hassle-free like for Ashiana Dwarka residents. Residents enjoy the fun as well as basic amenities ranging from clubhouse, amphitheatre, sports arenas to garbage collection, plumbing, & cleaning common areas in the project; which is actually made possible because of rigorous hardwork put in by the project maintenance team on a daily basis.


We at Ashiana Housing understand the importance of good maintenance. Our job to serve you well begins with handing you the keys to your home. Ashiana Maintenance Team always makes sure that you live your life of utmost comfort, convenience, and luxury! Here are a few of the tasks that AMS takes care of on a regular basis –


●    Housekeeping: Helps you cherish your everyday in clean surroundings


Ashiana Maintenance Services’ housekeeping tasks include sweeping common areas, streets, and pathways on a daily basis. Waste management with daily collection and disposal of household refuse; environmentally friendly waste/garbage disposal and sewage treatment plant operation and maintenance. Water purification and regular cleaning of surface drains are ensured. Other services include pest control, and residents’ janitorial services (at a pre-decided cost)


●    Security: Ensures you enjoy stress-free sleeps & outings


AMS’ security facilities include the 24×7 patrolling of guards around the campus, a single-entry gate which is manned 24×7 and also under CCTV surveillance. Regular maintenance of firefighting equipment is also insured to avoid failure in case of any mishaps. Swimming pools are always watched over by lifeguards.


●    Horticulture: Blooming gardens & surroundings to make your everyday view pleasant


Horticulture services include maintenance and upkeep of the garden, regular trimming of the plants and trees, planting of new saplings, irrigation, and many more. Maintenance of fountains and water bodies, swimming pool, and clubhouse are also taken care of by Ashiana Maintenance Services Team.


●    Repair Services: Making your household amends least of your worries


Credentials of all the servicemen including plumbers, electricians, masons, etc. are dully verified by AMS. These repair services are available to the residents at no extra cost, and all the servicemen are well-equipped with the proper equipment and have a humane approach to solving any issues.


●    Facilities & Activities: Adding fun to help you & your family rejuvenate inside the residency


AMS also ensures proper running of the facilities provided, hence the maintenance and upkeep of facilities like libraries, gyms, and swimming pools are done on a regular basis. Indoor and outdoor sports facilities are taken care of in terms of providing proper equipment and making sure that the court/apparatus is well maintained. Coaching facilities and/or instructors for select sports are also made available. Various festivals and community events are conducted throughout the year – which is again the responsibility of AMS.


●    Liaison for Municipal Services: Working so you eliminate the long queues at Municipal Offices


Proper functioning of water and electrical equipment, regular testing of water for quality, periodic checking and servicing of electrical generators, water pumps, etc. are well taken care of by AMS.


●    Resale & Rental: More ease to you when you plan on selling/renting


This service by AMS is quite unique and often absent in other housing projects. AMS’ Resale and Rental Service helps you in the easy liquidation of your property by selling/renting. Our team connects you with potential buyers and tenants for hassle-free communication, moreover, once you finalize the deal, we also help with the paperwork.


These were a few of the many ways in which society’s maintenance eases everyday lives. Any housing society is as good as its maintenance team. A society with thousands of ill-maintained facilities is nowhere near a society with fewer than a hundred well-maintained facilities. Ashiana Maintenance Services have always put the convenience and comfort of residents on top, and we will continue to do so in the future as well.


For more information and maintenance charges, read our maintenance blog here.

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