Jaipur: The New Hub of Luxury Homes

As we move further into the 21st century, housing has become a major demand – which is obvious. However, what was not obvious is the increased demand for luxury housing. The spike in the demand for luxury housing has been created by the pandemic that kept all of us grounded for almost a couple of years.


More and more people are now looking to own houses and that too in a location which provides various amenities close by. The trend of traveling around the city for getting tasks done is slowly fading away. We’re moving back to community living – where whole neighborhoods live like an extended family.


Real Estate developers have been quick to adopt this trend and as a result, many themed real estate projects have been budding in the market. Senior Living Homes, Kid Centric Homes, and Comfort Homes – all these are themed projects that offer multiple facilities on the same campus and promote community living consequently.


When it comes to luxury housing, location plays an important role. ‘Luxury is for few’ – only stand correct if you’re someone looking for luxurious apartments/villas in tier-1 metro cities. Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. are booming with population and as a result, the property prices there are skyrocketing. However, tier-2 cities near these cities are great for investing in luxury real estate.


We’ll be exploring one such city today – Jaipur. It will be wrong to call Jaipur a tier-2 city because it accounts for almost 80% of international tourism in the country! The Pink City since its establishment in the 1700s has been a city of rich cultural heritage. From an investment point of view, Jaipur has always landed a high return on investment for Real Estate investors. However, most of these investments were in commercial real estate.


Jaipur has been developing as an industrial and IT hub in recent years. Thanks to the smart city mission of 2015 and the efforts of the Rajasthan government, Jaipur is one of the fastest-growing metros in the country.


Here’s why more and more people are preferring Jaipur as a new favorite city for luxury housing –

  • Tourism –

Goes without saying, tourism is the added benefit when you buy a luxury house in Jaipur. Living in such a city means exposure to tourists and tourist sites which can be great weekend getaways. Moreover, the tourism industry has a lot of job opportunities as well, which can be explored well if you live in the city.

  • Smart City –

Jaipur is one of the selected 10 cities that are to be developed under the Smart City Mission. Be it the installation of CCTVs across the city or be it automated traffic signals – everything is being developed under the smart city mission. Waste management, transport, etc. are also being done in an eco-friendly manner to further reduce the pollution and preserve the cultural beauty of the pink city.

  • Connectivity –

Intercity and intracity transport play a major role in any city’s development. Jaipur is well connected with the national capital Delhi and is just 3-4 hours’ drive from there. Moreover, the intracity transport via Jaipur Metro and Bus Rapid Transit Service is making it easy for the residents to commute.

  • Emerging IT Hub –

Jaipur is emerging as an IT hub and is home to some prominent start-ups like – Voylla, CarDekho, UrbanKisan, ApnaGodam, etc. Many IT companies and MNCs have set up their offices in the city, which in turn has opened a lot of job opportunities for people.

  • Medical Facilities –

No development is complete without healthcare. Jaipur is home to many prominent hospitals. Rajasthan government has also set up Community Health Centres in many prominent areas of the city.

  • Property Prices –

The last but the most important of them all. Property prices in Jaipur are much less compared to Delhi or any other tier-1 metro. Since Jaipur is a rapidly developing city, property price appreciation is great. Luxury housing in Jaipur is comparable to just housing in any other metro city. Be it from an investment point of view or a settlement point of view, Jaipur provides the best of both worlds!


The aforementioned points make Jaipur one of the best cities to invest in Real Estate. Parallelly, Jaipur provides a much better living environment in terms of pollution and population alike. In the nearby popular cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, etc. the pollution levels are alarmingly high, and these cities feel a lot cluttered. Whereas Jaipur has managed pollution well and the population is not as much as to make one feel jumbled.


Many real estate builders have set up their housing projects in the city. Ashiana Housing has been developing real estate in Jaipur since 2011. From the time of our commencement, our goal has been to provide affordable luxury for all. We do not believe that luxury comes at a cost. We believe that luxurious amenities can be provided at normal housing rates in community housing.


Our Comfort Homes are the best in class and come with numerous facilities like a gymnasium, clubhouse, swimming pool, walking, and jogging tracks, badminton court, table tennis, billiards, community halls, etc.


Our Senior Living Homes and Kid Centric Homes come with all these facilities as well. In addition to these facilities, these projects come with specific design tweaks and added facilities to facilitate living in old age and the development of children, respectively.


For people who want unparalleled luxury, our projects – Vrinda Gardens and Ashiana Amantran are the best suited. Both these projects are located in prime locations, Jagatpura and Vaishali Extension respectively. These Comfort Homes come with all the necessary amenities as well as leisure facilities to provide you a lifestyle of convenience and comfort.

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