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It was the month of December, one afternoon I got a call from my EO, Mr. Binod Sahu who informed me about Ashiana’s Supermom and invited me to attend the meeting to get to know the details. I was not so interested to go and join the meeting as I was going busy those days due to my excess work. Our EO again called and reminded me of the meeting, finally, I went over there and met Ms.Rati, a humble, attractive, and confident personality, who started explaining the things and shared the whole information. This was the first time when Ashiana was about to start this program in Jamshedpur. I along with few ladies showed the interest and we were invited to Hotel Mahal Inn for the orientation program followed by lunch. Ms. Rati made us understand the purpose of the program in a very clear manner. We were provided the leaflet in which I found different interesting tasks which grabbed my attention towards this.

I returned and I did my first task bysharing photos of the orientation program and details of Ashiana Supermomseason4 as FB-post. After that, I started thinking about my expert session andfinally got the idea to start the session for senior citizens. Many old coupleslive alone and they are not smart devices savvy. So I planned my first expertsession “Know your computer and smart devices”, which was for the seniorcitizens of Ashiana Gardens, Jamshedpur. I got a very good response from them.They touched my heart when they said that they want such type of classes.Another program was also welcomed by the senior citizens which were “how to paybill online”.  

How can I forget the little flowers ofAshiana Gardens, Jamshedpur? I use to connect with the children by doingdifferent activities in the society like fashion shows, dance, costumedesigning, etc. but this time I came up with the expert session “know aboutforeign language”. And I can’t express the joy and enthusiasm of the childrenwhen they started introducing themselves in different roman languages. Theydeveloped a keen interest in this when they understood the need for this in thepresent scenario. Thanks to Ashiana for providing such a fantastic platform forus.

Next, I connected with the generous andhardworking maintenance staff through my etiquette classes. Before thisprogram, I was hardly knowing them. Now I recognize them and this helps me indeveloping a clear conversation with them.

I want to say thanks to Mrs. Satnam Kaur,Mrs. Bhawna Agarwal, Mrs. Puja Sharma, supermoms of Ashiana Gardens who alwayscooperated in my work. Mrs. and Mr. Kapoor who attended all the sessions andencouraged me throughout my journey of Ashiana Supermom season4. My sincerethanks to all the residents of the society for promoting me and helping me indonation drives to make them successful and many thanks to them who attended mysessions.

I am very thankful to Mr. Ramakant Guptaand Mr.Binod Sahu for helping me in organizing the events all the time. I alsowant to mention the names of Ms. Soniya and Ms. Rati who have a lot of patiencein hearing so many supermoms and managing their tasks so nicely.

I am thankful to my dear husband and twoloving children for their support.

Last but not least I want to end this bysaying that I respect each woman and their qualities. We should help inpromoting them so that they can gain confidence and become a role model forsociety. Ashiana has given the platform to the women who shine with their owntalents.

Thanks to Ashiana Housing for recognitionand honor. I wish you good luck with your ongoing and upcoming projects.

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