Real Estate Investment in Pune City: Guide 101

At a time when inflation has hit the markets all around the globe, people have started looking at other, relatively stable investment options. When we talk of stability, we look for something tangible, and there isn’t an investment as stable and tangible as the mighty Real Estate!


Lately, all over the world, real estate investments have been following a certain pattern i.e. investing in tier-2 and tier-3 cities. The same pattern is being seen in India as well. Especially for newer investors, this poses a great opportunity as the property prices in tier-2 and tier-3 cities are relatively cheaper than in metro cities and since these cities are rapidly developing, the Return on Investment is much higher.


However, breaking this pattern, many people invest in metro cities – and that, according to us, is a very calculated risk, and definitely worth taking. The key to investing in metro cities is to identify the potential areas of the city that are on the outskirts nevertheless, the city development is reaching there very soon. It is believed and is also true up to a large extent that real estate investment in metro cities gives quick ROIs. If you’re someone looking out for  a rental income, or a regular buyer and seller in real estate, metro cities are your playground!


Talking about real estate investments in India, and metro cities, it is only fair to mention a city that has been emerging as investors’ as well as home buyers’ favorite destination – Pune! Pune is a metro city that is different from other metro cities in many ways –

  • Less Cluttered – Usually on hearing about a metro city, what comes to our mind is traffic congestion, overpopulation, pollution, cluttered roads, etc. Pune begs to differ, the traffic congestion is not as bad as the likes of Delhi-Mumbai-Bangalore.
  • Pleasant Weather – The weather in Pune is moderate to cold. It is hot during the summers but not like the scorching heat of Delhi and as described by our friends living in Pune, the weather feels a lot ‘vacation-like’.
  • Industrial Importance – Pune is also important as it is one of the largest IT hubs in India. Mumbai, the industrial capital of the country is just ~150 km away from Pune, which is merely a 3-hour drive. Many people who have worked in Mumbai and have Hybrid/Work From Home facilities, choose to settle in Pune for its welcoming weather and cheaper property prices as compared to Mumbai.
  • Connectivity – Being an important metro city, Pune is well connected with various cities of India through rail, air, and road networks.

Coming back to investments and buying homes, Pune is a big city and most parts of it are fairly saturated and have skyrocketing property rates. Although this does not mean that property prices are high all over the city. Areas like Hinjewadi, Katraj, Bhosari, Dhankawadi, Warje, etc. are fairly affordable. All these locations have some of the best colleges as well as industrial areas of Pune, which attract a lot of young individuals.


Hinjewadi in particular is home to Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park – a large tech and business park spread over an area of whopping 2800 acres! This IT park has offices of numerous IT and Non-IT companies and has lakhs of people working here! This has further given a boost to residential development in and around the area.


There are numerous options for buyers and investors alike. In such a scenario though, one has to be extra careful about fraudulent deals. This is where the role of a prominent real estate company/brand comes in. In a location like Hinjewadi, you’ll find numerous real estate projects by numerous developers but it is our advice and has always been, to go with a trusted real estate brand/developer.


A prominent developer will –

  • use good construction materials
  • have proper permissions and necessary paperwork
  • employ skilled workers, deliver on time
  • and deliver post-sale maintenance

It does sound narrowed-down but finding such a developer in a short time is a backbreaking task. Especially if you’re someone who’s investing in a new location for the first time, you’ll have to be extra cautious.


That’s exactly where real estate companies like Ashiana Housing help. A company that has a national presence in multiple locations across the country is much more credible than a local developer. Coming back to Pune, you really don’t have to be searching for the likes of Ashiana Housing, when Ashiana itself has come to your rescue.


Yes, we’re now present in Hinjewadi, Pune, with our latest Premium Homes Project, Ashiana Malhar. Ashiana Malhar is under construction now and is open for bookings. Malhar is spread over 11 acres and consists of lush green open spaces as well as well-planned interiors with extra-allotted space for Work From Home.


Malhar is designed keeping in mind the working class and has many perks regarding the same. In addition to the WFH space, our clubhouse has a cafe where people can hang out or work in peace. We also have a designated commercial space in Malhar which will be utilized for convenience stores. All the other amenities are similar to what all of Ashiana’s projects have to offer –

  • Kids play area,
  • badminton court
  • table tennis
  • basketball pool table
  • swimming pool
  • gym
  • skating rink

Moreover, what Ashiana offers to investors, is an easy liquid potential. Our in-house Resale and Rental team connects house owners with potential buyers and/or tenants and also helps with the necessary paperwork.


We at Ashiana value customer satisfaction the most doesn’t matter if you’re an investor or a resident with us, our teams are always ready and eager to help make your life convenient and your tasks hassle-free!


Visit our site and don’t miss out on early bird offers on registration!

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