Should I live on the top floors or the lower floors?

For home buyers, it can be very confusing to decide the floors in a high-rise apartment. Most of the nearby areas of the developed cities are getting developed vertically. The population is rising and the demand for housing is increasing with time. The real estate developers are constructing high-rise apartments for luxury and affordable categories. Indian realty developers have increased the supply of real estate buildings in the economy to meet the home-buyers need belonging to different income groups.

Out of the most confusing choices, selecting the right floor of your dream home in the high-rise residential apartment is very crucial and we are here to help. Before making a decision, we suggest you weigh all the factors involved and then decide what actually suits your lifestyle better. High or low, each floor has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s start with the right side of the facts for flats on top-floor and lower-floor in a high-rise building –

1. The views from the top floors of the open sky and landscape glances of nature are not available for the lower-floor apartments.

2.The top-floor flats give a sense of privacy and a feeling of living on top of the world, literally where no one else is living above you which can never be the case in lower floor flats in a high-rise building.

3 .One can have airy surroundings on the top floor of the high-rise builder and hence, reduce the heat in the upper floors. Whereas the ground floor of the high-rise building, being close to the ground may face slightly less sunlight and fresh air.

4.The top floors will never face the lack of sunlight which will help in enjoying the sun in the chilly winters resulting in reducing your electricity bills. Likewise, the opposite will happen with the ground floor residents. They will face a lack of sunlight which will result in increased electricity consumption during winters.

5.It is generally observed that lower floor flats face lots of water seepage problems and drainage issues which ones residing on top floors will face less.

6.One of the most preferred reason for choosing the top floor is to minimise the noise pollution from the roadside. However, the lower-floor flats in a high-rise building will be facing the noises from the common walking passages and the vehicle movements on the road.

7. People from the metro cities usually prefer the upper floor flats. One can get better rental returns in the metro-cities such as Delhi, Mumbai etc and nearby regions like Bhiwadi and more. Top floors are the perfect investment for real estate investors.

8. On the top floors of any high-rise apartment, the least worry of pest-menace will be an advantageous factor to go for. There would be minimum mosquito or pest intrusion. In comparison, the lower floors could nest the rodents and stray animals. Even mosquitos will also be more here than higher floor apartments due to the water bodies on the ground.

9. The security is high on the top floors of the building in comparison to the lower floors. The fear of theft or any happening gets reduced for the residents living on the top floors.

10. The most important point: Since owning a property is an asset, we want you to invest in the right one. The top floors situated in a coveted scenic location are of a higher price. Therefore, the value of the property will always be higher than the lower floor apartments. Seeing the demand of the housing sector by the nuclear families, the trend for the top floor has grown over years.

Certainly, there are ample advantages of upper floor residences but do not reject the advantages the lower floor residences or spaces hold. It is just to tell the buyers that, sincere advantages the upper floors have. Reading this article will help you understand that it is a good thing and you’d be lucky to get a higher floor apartment after all!

Knowing all these factors will help you make the right decision when it comes to buying an apartment in a high-rise project. Today, with buildings reaching the sky, we are launching AshianaAmantran 13th and 14th top floors only for the selected few families of Jaipur. Lead a premium life with the skyline views of Jaipur city.

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