Why are Kid Centric Homes not just homes?

Child Centric Homes or Kid Centric Homes are a relatively new addition to India’s Real Estate market. As the name suggests, these homes or ‘projects’ are developed keeping the nurturement of growing children as the central value. There isn’t one but countless benefits of living in a Kid Centric Home.

Kid Centric Homes aim on providing a healthy and nurturing environment to the children, with various activities, expansive outdoor spaces, sports facilities, and various other fun and learning events around the calendar, all of which are present in the security of the gated community.

KCHs are very much required in today’s world due to many reasons, most cities today are filled with constant hustle-bustle, traffic, pollution, etc. which altogether make the city environment poor, especially for growing children. Moreover, it’s a mammoth task for working parents to find the right extracurricular activity for their children and take them there on a daily basis.

Kid Centric Homes were no less than a boon for children amidst the lockdown. While all other children were confined to their homes, children in KCHs were learning as well as enjoying in a safe and secure gated complex with all the lockdown norms being followed and proper health monitoring being done.

Below are some of the prominent reasons why KCHs provide a better environment for growing children-

KCHs are generally away from the usually cluttered cities and provide a calm and peaceful environment with lush green exteriors and expansive gardens, and walking/playing areas

  • KCHs are located in close proximity to popular schools to ensure quality education for all the children
  • KCHs are gated communities that provide all sports facilities, and extracurricular activities inside the same campus, thus reducing the travelling time for various sports and activities and making children independent at the same time
  • KCHs also provide leisure activities, clubhouses, gymnasium, cafes, etc. for the parents to relax in their free time as they no longer have to escort children to various locations around the city for different activities
  • KCHs are safe and secure, with 24×7 security cameras and gated complexes, all the children can roam around and play freely on the campus without their parents having to worry about their whereabouts

Ashiana Housing is the pioneer leader to introduce Kid Centric Homes in India with currently 1300+ families across 3 KCH projects. These are-

  • Ashiana Town(Sector-39, Bhiwadi)
  • Ashiana Anmol(Sohna, South Gurgaon)
  • Ashiana Umang(Near Mahindra SEZ, Jaipur)

One of our projects – Ashiana Anmol, Sohna Road, Gurugram, has also won the ‘Theme Project of The Year’  by 11th Realty+ Excellence Awards(NORTH) award.

Ashiana’s KCHs are not just homes, they are an investment not only in real estate but an investment in your children’s future. As parents we always make sure that we send our children to the best schools and provide them the best education. Investing in a KCH is investing in a 360 degree development of your children. They give children not one but many alternatives to being glued to some of the other screens all day.

Facilities in Ashiana Housing’s Kid Centric Homes include – 

  • A learning hub that is neither school nor home, but an environment where children can develop multifaceted personalities, and explore their fields of interest and discover new interests
  • Live and Learn Program – this exposes kids to a mixed bag of left brain and right brain activities which can range from painting, sketching, music, to martial arts, boxing, etc. In addition to this, there are periodical workshops and special events as well
  • Personalised fun and learning events to help the children explore various interests with practical implementations
  • Value Centric activities, a value is selected as a theme every quarter and various events are architectured around it, thus imbibing positive values in children from an early age

Scheduled activities and allotted time for various events induce a sense of discipline in the children, while at the same time not being imposed as all the activities are fun to participate in

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