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Emergency Care Facilities

“From time to time, medical professionals come to advice on common diseases. Nurses come at home on calling. For emergencies, ambulance and initial medical care is available before taking the person to hospital.”

-Ms. Pushpa Vatsalya, Resident Utsav Bhiwadi

Ashiana Senior Living Project is recognized as the largest senior living homes in the country. With a multitude of facilities available, you can rest assured that all your daily tasks will be taken care of with ease and comfort.

At Ashiana, we believe that life begins at 55. We promise to make your life after retirement a celebration. The lush green ambience and open spaces of our projects have a therapeutic effect on the health of our residents. Ashiana for Senior Living provides you with high emergency care standards. We provide homes that make you feel at ease and offer age-friendly design to ensure a comfortable lifestyle.

Emergency Response System (ERS)

Senior Homes by Ashiana offer emergency response system. This system is installed at easily accessible locations inside the kitchens, bathrooms and washrooms of all apartments and villas. In case of emergencies, simply press the emergency response system button. Our emergency response team which includes Guards, Paramedical Team, Nurse & Ambulance will reach your home in no time.

The emergency response system has buzzers installed in strategic locations so when you press the button, our team of coordinators are alerted immediately. They will rush to your aid within minutes to deal with the emergency.

Ambulances are also available in the community at all times of the day. They provide a swift and efficient response to emergencies. There are nurses available on premises at all hours. They can be called for any medical assistance.

Proximity to Healthcare

We understand the importance of swift healthcare in case of medical emergencies. In line with this, our projects feature comprehensive facilities to assist our residents during a critical time.

In case of medical emergencies, doctors are available on call. Ashiana Senior Living has tie-ups with hospitals located in the vicinity. So that in case of emergencies one doesn’t have to any formalities.

Special Treatment

At hospitals that have tie-ups with Ashiana, you can avail ‘cashless treatment’. The bills can be settled post discharge.

Ashiana Senior Living is a one-of-its-kind project in India, providing seniors with quality life and peace of mind. Stay with us. Stay at home.