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Senior Living


Purchase of Senior Living Facility

Can I buy or lease the apartment if I am less than 55 years of age?

Yes, you can buy the apartment if you are less than 55 years of age. However, for residing purposes one of the resident/spouse has to be above the age of 55 years.

Can my son/daughter buy the apartment for me?

Besides the son/daughter even a benefactor may buy an apartment for a resident who is 55 years of age or above.

Definition of Costs And Deposits

How reducible interest free management deposit will be charged ?

A reducible interest free management deposit is valid for 10 years. However, if the buyer transfers the apartment within 10 years, the balance of the management deposit after deducting the indirect cost and management fee on pro-rata basis will be refunded. The new buyer will have to pay a fresh management deposit at the prevailing rates.

What is monthly maintenance charge?

Monthly maintenance charge is the actual maintenance and operational cost of the common areas, common services including power back up, administrative expenses etc.


Will Senior Living Administration maintain my flat/Villa?

Maintenance staff like plumber, electrician, or mason will be made available on a nominal charge by the Senior Living Administration. The material cost will have to be paid by the resident.

How do we join a hobby club?

One of the aims of Senior Living administration is to nurture your talents and interests. It will promote different hobby clubs where you would be encouraged to organise and manage these clubs; such as photography, performing arts, painting & visual arts, crafts, gardening, social service etc. It will also assist you in holding periodic events of these clubs where members can display their talent to other residents as well as to outsiders.

Will Senior Living facility enhance my lifestyle?

The Senior Living facility has been planned keeping in mind the requirements of the seniors. It will cater to various needs of the residents, like security, health, social, spiritual and recreational. It will have a temple with a pujari and vidyarthis as well as a Club with swimming pool, badminton court, gymnasium, card room. In addition, there will also be host of weekly/fortnightly activities including cinema, satsang, tambola, cultural events, festivals etc.


Can my children stay with me? Will this Senior Living facility be accessible to my friends & family?

Yes, your children or grand children are welcome to the facility. They can stay with you but not permanently as we need to maintain the sanctity of the Senior Living facility. They can stay with you on temporary basis. Ashiana Senior Living Owners Welfare Society will decide on any exception to the guideline. The Senior Living facility is definitely accessible to your relatives or friends. The rule of temporary stay will apply here as well.

Do you have any tie-up with HFCs for housing loans?

Yes, we have tie-up with HDFC home loan. It is always advisable to include your son or daughter as a part of the guarantor on the loan to assist you in getting a larger loan amount. Please discuss further with your booking officer.

Can I rent/sell my apartment?

Ans. Owners are free to sell or rent their apartment to anybody at their convenience. Ashiana also proposes to extend this facility for a fee. However, the rules regarding age will be applicable.