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Talegaon, Pune

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Ashiana Amodh - Pune

Ashiana Amodh – Senior Living in Pune


  • 3 BHK + 2T Flat

    Carpet area : 1013.43 sq ft (94.15 sq m)

    Sold Out

  • 2 BHK + 2T Flat

    Carpet area : 818.06 sq ft (76 sq m)

    97.31 lacs - 105.01 lacs

  • 2 BHK + 2T Flat

    Carpet area : 780.93 sq ft (72.55 sq m)

    83.04 lacs - 89.74 lacs

  • 1 BHK + 2T Flat

    Carpet area : 563.93 sq ft (52.39 sq m)

    59.9 lacs - 64.68 lacs





  • stilt + 14 floors

  • Party Hall


  • Media Room

  • Sports Zone

  • Daily Needs Shops

  • Yoga Lawn

  • Multipurpose Hall

  • grand kids play area

  • Dining-hall

  • 247 security guards &intercom

  • lift

  • single gate entry

  • Music room

    * The amenities & facilities depicted above are for the whole project. For phase wise facilities, refer the site map.

    • 24x7 Nurse and Ambulance

    • Chamfered Wall Edges

    • Emergency Responce System

    • Electrical Switch

    • Grab Rails in Wet Area

    • Night lamp in master Bed Room

    • Medical Room

    • Doctor on call


    • Wheelchair Accessible Complex

      • AC Gymnasium

      • Swimming Pool

      • Art & craft room

      • Carrom/TT/Billards

        Legal Documents

        Experience Senior Living

        Come and experience the lifestyle you can enjoy after retirement. Spend time with similar age group, talk to our senior residents and get to know their experience of ageing gracefully


        Senior living refers to specialized housing communities designed to cater to the needs and preferences of older adults, typically those aged 55 and above. These communities provide a range of amenities, services, and activities tailored to support a comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle for seniors as they transition into their retirement years. The goal of senior living is to offer residents a safe, supportive, and engaging environment where they can maintain their independence, social connections, and overall well-being.

        Senior living Home like Ashiana Amodh promotes an active lifestyle by offering engaging activities, wellness programs, and recreational facilities that cater to residents' interests. Social interaction, cultural events, and outdoor spaces encourage community engagement and physical activity. Brain-boosting games, volunteer opportunities, and holistic wellness services contribute to mental and emotional well-being. Through a holistic approach, senior living homes create an environment that supports seniors in leading active and fulfilling lives.

        Ashiana Amodh is situated in Talegaon a town in the Northern Parts of the Pune City. Situated on the Bengaluru-Mumbai Expressway. Talegaon is connected to Pune and Mumbai via the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and has a well-developed road network, Talegaon is around 35 km from Pune and 119 km from Mumbai.

        Ashiana Amodh offers19,000 Sq. Ft (1,765 Sq. Mtrs.) Club with dinning hall, reading room, media hall, gymnasium,cafeteria, daily needs shop . indoor badminton courts, table tennis, pool/billiards, carrom, croquet, swimming pool with jacuzzi, there are many recreational amenities for people who are in their second innings

        Mostly all customers are retired from corporates like Hindustan Unilever, ITC, Times of India, HCL, Tata, TCS, consultants, lawyers, and businessmen. Customers who booked with us are mostly from Pune and Mumbai.

        Your unmarried daughter can stay here permanently. However, the rest of the family members can stay only for a short duration of time. This is to ensure the slow pace of senior living is always maintained. Large number of youngsters living in the project will break the delicate balance of a slow life enriched with happiness.

        After the demise of a resident, the property is transferred as per the deceased’s will. The legal transaction process is the same as that of a regular property transfer. The legal heir has the option to rent the property using our resale and rental team or they may engage with some independent broker/property consultant to rent/sell the property.

        Ashiana Amodh is located near well-established and renowned Hospitals, namely:

        ⮚ Maeer’s Physiotherapy College (2.5 Km)

        ⮚ Talegaon General Hospital (3.0 Km)

        ⮚ MIMER College (2.5 Km)

        ⮚ Bade Accident & Multispecialty Hospital (8.0Km)

        Ashiana Amodh is neither an old age home nor a retirement home. It is a specially curated Senior Living Home by Ashiana Housing. The key difference between old-age homes and senior living homes is that the latter is a place that seniors happily choose to live in, where they can rediscover themselves, nurture their hobbies, and socialize with other seniors of the same age group, all within the campus. These homes are sprawling multi-unit projects, designed specifically for seniors, with a campus-style layout and independent living units, along with various amenities such as landscaped grounds, multipurpose hall, medical facilities, and recreational activities. In Ashiana Amodh we also have assisted living for seniors who require round-the-clock assistance.

        Having said that Talegaon is one of the lesser-known towns in Pune. Being well connected with all the central suburbs of the city, embedded between lush green mountains, lakes, and waterfalls makes Talegaon the most ideal escape.

        Here are some tourist attractions in and around Talegaon are:

        ⮚ Induri Fort

        ⮚ Ghoradeshwar Cave Temple

        ⮚ Bhandar Dongar

        ⮚ Mahadaji Sindhia Statue Garden

        Talegaon enjoys a moderate climate, with pleasant weather throughout the year. The town's elevation contributes to cooler temperatures compared to nearby cities.

        As senior citizens have spent much of their lives amidst the hustle and bustle of city living, it's important for them to now have the opportunity to enjoy a more relaxed and stress-free lifestyle during their retirement years. Talegaon provides the ideal setting for this, as it offers a peaceful environment that supports physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

        Ashiana Amodh is surrounded by surreal lush green hills and overlooks a flowing river with views that will take your breath away. The project is spread across 11.93acres with 3.4 acres of lush greenery and offers a perfect home amid nature’s exclusive neighborhood.

        Spread over 11.93 acres and 3.4 acresof green spaces, Ashiana Amodh has 593 residential units housed in 6 towers.

        Ashaina Amodh’s Connectivity will never be a problem because it is well located between Mumbai and Pune and very well connected to all the major cities by roads, railways, and air.

        Here is the following distance from Amodh:

        ⮚ Amodh to Mumbai Pune Expressway – 7 km

        ⮚ Amodh to Pune – 35 Km

        ⮚ Amodh to Pune Airport – 41 Km

        ⮚ Amodh to Mumbai Airport – 129 Km

        ⮚ Amodh to Talegaon railway Station -2.4 Km

        We will have a multi-restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner in addition to monthly packages and ala carte service for vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals delivered right to your door.

        Ashiana Amodh is a Senior Living project having all the basic, immediate, and emergency medical assistance available for our elders who are in need. The facilities such as 24X7 emergency care, in-house ambulance and doctors on-call, nurses, and medical care assistance in Ashiana Amodh retirement project has all kind of immediate medical emergency aids available. Apart from the medical aids, we have Emergency Response Systems (ERS) enabled in all the apartments individually.

        Talegaon is connected to Pune and Mumbai via the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and has a well-developed road network, Talegaon is around 35 km from Pune and 119 km from Mumbai.

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        India’s NO.1 BRAND in senior living homes

        Source : Brand X Report


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