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  • gulmohar gardens

    Gulmohar Gardens

    near Chokhi Dhani, Jaipur

    40.86 L - 83.42 L

    • 2BHK
    • 3BHK Villa
    • 4BHK Villa
  • vrinda gardens

    Vrinda Gardens

    Jagatpura, Jaipur

    42.87 L - 70.44 L

    • 2BHK
    • 3BHK
    • 4BHK
  • ashiana amantran

    Ashiana Amantran

    Vaishali Extension, Jaipur

    68.61 L - 114.85 L

    • 2BHK
    • 3 BHK
    • 4 BHK
  • ashiana daksh

    Ashiana Daksh

    Near Akshaya Patra Temple , Jagatpura

    41.04 L - 58.69 L

    • 2BHK
    • 3BHK
  • ashiana umang

    Ashiana Umang

    Near Mahindra SEZ, Jaipur

    42.30 L - 71.10 L

    • 2 BHK
    • 3 BHK

Residents Speak

“ I went across many projects in Jaipur but always wanted a society equipped with modern amenities and low density. Ashiana Amantran is the one stop solution for all my concerns.I can proudly say that I am a part of the address of a select few! ”

Mr.&Mrs. Virenra Kumar Soni Residents of Ashiana Amantran,Jaipur Testimonial for Residents of Ashiana Amantran,Jaipur

“I have never mind traveling 21 KMs from work just to see our daughter learning and growing in a healthy and safe environment here. I am glad to see my daughter is becoming independent and more confident day by day.”

Mrs. & Mr. Bharat Singh Meena SDE in BSNL Ashiana Umang, Jaipur Testimonial for Ashiana Umang, Jaipur

“Vrinda Gardens is high end living-a perfect combination of serenity & action.Mornings full of fresh breeze kick me off to a perfect start of the day.During the day I use the club house and other amenities and enjoy life to the fullest. Life is perfect! ”

Mr.&Mrs. Kathuria Residents of Vrinda Gardens,Jaipur Testimonial for Residents of Vrinda Gardens,Jaipur

““After visiting the project, Vrinda Gardens, and seeing its open area, maintenance and facilities, we decided that this is the lifestyle we were looking for."”

Mrs. & Mr. Amit Jaggi Vrinda Gardens, jaipur Testimonial for Vrinda Gardens,  jaipur


Jaipur or Pink City is the capital state of Rajasthan and strategically located near Delhi/NCR. It is a politically and legally stable and safe city. The city is a major attraction for tourism, less polluted than most cities and proportionately populated due to well planned road network. Connectivity is pretty good via air and road. The infrastructure consists of well planned roads, malls, hotels, reputed schools and hospitals and special economic zones to boost industrial output. It attracts plenty of investors from neighboring towns also for business and leisure. The city is perfect for buyers looking for a well paced lifestyle with modern amenities.

Ashiana has been developing projects in Jaipur since 2006. In its 13 years sprint, Ashiana has developed some iconic projects like Rangoli Gardens, Vrinda Gardens, Gulmohar Gardens, Ashiana Greenwoods, a Kid Centric Home namely Ashiana Umang and Senior Living project by the name of Ashiana Utsav, Jaipur.

Lifestyle in Jaipur is a wonderful mix of heritage and modern culture. Migrants to this city feel accepted, safe and secure. Night life is also pretty good as many hangouts dot the landscape. The city caters to people from all walks of life as the city, steeped in history welcomes all with open arms. Technically Jaipur is a desert but the city boasts of abundant flora which gives it a very green, clean and fresh look; monsoons are a sight to behold here. Jaipur as a whole is a vibrant city and each locality caters to specific needs of the residents. Some prime locations which are gaining prominence among buyers and investors because of their appreciation value, modern amenities and proximity to educational and entertainment institutions are Mansarovar, Vaishali Nagar, Malviya Nagar, C-Scheme, Jagatpura, Raja Park, Tonk road and Durgapura. High-scale development and self-accommodated integrated townships, are attracting investors from all over the country to Jaipur.

Some of the prime locations of Jaipur include C-Scheme, Vaishali Nagar, Malaviya Nagar, MI Road, Bapunagar, Banipark, Rajapark, Tonk road, Ajmer Road, Jagatpura and Mansarover. Most of the modern development is taking place around Jagatpura, Vaishali Extension in Vaishali Nagar, Ajmer road due to the nearby Sitapura Industrial area and Mahindra SEZ spanning over 3000 acres of land that hosts more than 100 companies.

The price of projects in Jaipur differs according to various factors like location, project category like affordable housing, luxury real estate, villa township etc. We offer comfort homes, Kid Centric Homes and Senior Living options in Jaipur with the best facilities and amenities across various locations like Jagatpura, Ajmer road, Vaishali Nagar Extension and villas near Tonk road, Chokhi Dhani Jaipur. Our minimum project price range starts with 38 lacs for 2BHK in Jaipur and our 2BHK Villas starts at 40 lacs.

The property price trend in Jaipur has been witnessing a healthy hike in price in real estate, both in residential and commercial properties since the last six months in 2019. But as mentioned above the property price trend would vary in accordance with the project location across Jaipur, some segments like affordable housing witness generally witness less property price appreciation however the middle income or luxury housing generally see higher price appreciation because they appeal to people with higher purchasing power and the location they are in. An example could be Rangoli Gardens, near Vaishali Nagar the project has seen ---% appreciation since it was launched.

Jaipur has been chosen for area based development under the Smart City Mission where heritage with modernity is being given prominence through projects like beautification of facades, restoration of heritage sites and smart roads with integrated traffic management system, CCTV camera on electric poles, WiFi system, intelligent lights, environment monitoring system, information display system, charging points, bins with sensors and safe movement of pedestrians. Underpasses will be built soon in Sanganeri Gate, Johri Bazaar and Jorawar Singh Gate for the smooth passage of traffic. 3 big underground parking will be constructed in Chandpole, Chaugan stadium and Jaipuri hospital for traffic decongestion. Night bazaar and heritage walks will also be organised  in the walled city, where tourists will be able to purchase items like handicraft, Jaipuri quilt and gemstones. JDA (Jaipur Development Authority) in tandem with the State Govt. is framing and executing concrete plans to modernise the city while keeping the heritage intact.

Jaipur is on the fast track to becoming a smart city in the future and it would be a good time to invest here as the liveability index is high and investment in properties are fetching good returns. Property prices in Jaipur start from around Rs. 33 lacs and average price comes up to be Rs. 1.21 crores. Appreciation value in prime locations has increased by 10.40% in the last few years which makes investing here a profitable decision. Once it becomes a smart city, prices will rise so investing now would fetch massive returns later on.

It’s the perfect time to invest in property in Jaipur as prices are stable, social fabric and infrastructure is in place and the city is on the road to becoming a smart city which will lead to commercial, industrial, societal and economic  growth. It would be prudent to invest now before prices skyrocket and real estate becomes scarce. Most localities in Jaipur are well equipped with modern amenities for a comfortable living. Choosing a location to live will depend on one’s income and stage of life; families with kids will prefer localites with schools nearby and couples may want a locality with a good nightlife and entertainment centres. Vaishali Nagar, Ajmer Road, Jagatpura, Kalwar Road and Mansarovar are some of the best locations to reside in terms of livability index, modern amenities and appreciation value. Starting price of properties in Jaipur is Rs. 10 per sqft and the average price of properties in Jaipur is Rs. 3811 per sqft. Trends recommend both buying properties for sale and selling properties in Jaipur is profitable at the moment.

Jaipur is a very budget friendly city in terms of residing and travelling. According to, the cost of living index in Jaipur is 25.02 which is 8.06% lower than in Bangalore. Cost of living here is 12% cheaper than Delhi.

Jaipur caters to different preferences of all its residents and visitors. It has something to satiate everyone. One can visit badi chaupar , chhoti chaupar, bapu bazaar, hawa mahal in the old part of the city for shopping and sightseeing. Malls are located at every strategic point and foodies are spoilt for choice as every corner has local and international cuisines.

Jaipur is a perfect place where you can enjoy the modern lifestyle while being in the embrace of culture and heritage. It is neither too fast paced or slow and boring. Children, parents, elders, everyone is provided facilities to have a comfortable and enjoyable living. It is safe, diverse, affordable and weather is also pleasant. Properties to buy are best chosen based on one’s budget, lifestyle and needs. Jaipur being a developing smart city, has options for everyone, so it’s always better to research and review before making such an important decision. In a broader context, Malviya Nagar, Jagatpura, Vaishali Nagar, Mansarovar, Ajmer Road and Tonk Road appeal to all generations.

Life in Jaipur is balanced as one works throughout the week and has enough time on the weekends to enjoy and relax. Traffic is manageable and cheap modes of transportation provide access to all parts of the walled city. Its is a good place to raise children as it has a good social fabric and modern facilities and institutions. Older generations can settle here in peace. It is enriched with history and also has kept up with modern times; something that only Jaipur can boast of. Malviya Nagar, Jagatpura, Vaishali Nagar, Mansarovar, Ajmer Road and Tonk Road are some places which have good residential value. However, reputed builders have launched multiple projects all over the city which cater to buyers with different budgets and tastes. One can pick and choose and be assured of quality and value for money.

Delhi and Mumbai are currently in the expensive range as far as real estate is concerned. Jaipur is affordable, convenient and high on the livability index. It checks out all the points one needs to have a comfortable and exciting lifestyle. It’s on the road to be a smart city and once that is achieved, it will be at par with all the other metropolitan cities, yet maintaining its heritage and social values.

As per economic times report, property prices are the lowest in Jaipur when compared with Delhi and Mumbai. A decent investment fetches pretty high returns keeping in mind the appreciation rate of real estate in Jaipur. Infrastructure is also in proportion with the population. The annual salary maybe less but one saves a lot as the cost of living is much lower than the mentioned metro cities.

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Source : Brand X Report