5 Best Tips to Raise and Nurture the Emotional Intelligence of Children

Nurturing the emotional intelligence of children doesn’t require a lot of time or effort. You can do so by making small efforts like-

1. Spend Quality Time With Your Child

Spending some quality time with your children is essential for building a healthy emotional health

Some ways to do it are:

  • Playing games with them- both indoors and outdoors
  • Read or watch movies together are other activities you can indulge into
  • Get invulved in some DIY projects

Whatever activity you do, make sure you are invulved one hundred percent with your child. Keep your gadgets aside and be there mentally, physically, and emotionally. A little bit of your time can bring a world of difference to how your child feels and behaves.

2. Keep the Communication Channel 2-Way

Communication is the key to nurturing the emotional health of children. You should try to be a good listener and pay full attention to what your children want to share. This will help fill wide communication gaps and keep your children happy and healthy. Some tips include;

  • Ask questions to your children about how their day went
  • Focus on the body-language of your child
  • Earmark a time in the day when you talk to your child
  • Emphasize on the importance of being honest and reward good behaviour

3. Encourage Creativity

You should always encourage your children to do what they immensely enjoy. Even if it the result is not good, you should be appreciative. This will motivate them to do better and keep them satisfied. Here are some ways to do it.

  • Designate a space in a room/home for creativity
  • Don’t over-schedule them. Allow free-time to kids where they can do whatever they want
  • Endorse their creations

4. Provide Guidance and Discipline

Children need to learn and play, but at the same time they also need to know what kind of behavior is inappropriate. As a parent, you should provide proper guidance and make some disciplinary rules for your child. Make sure that you explain why you are imposing those rules and what could be the potential consequences of their actions.

5. Develop Self-Respect

As they are young in age, it is easy for adults to discard their feelings and emotions. Treating them with respect as dignified individuals goes a long way in building their self-respect and self-esteem.

Help Build A Strong Foundation

A child spends most of his time at home, hence it is the foundation of his future. Parents needs to make sure that this foundation is strong and sturdy, so your child can be successful in health, career, relationships and emotional well-being as he grows up and  to make sincere efforts to understand their children and help them with whatever they go through at various stages of their lives.

Providing a nurturing and emotionally balanced environment to children is an important step in that direction. A Child-Centric Home, with its multifarious facilities and extra-curricular activities aims to create a safe, experiential learning and nurturing space for children that allow them to grow up into confident and well-balanced individuals.

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