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Gated communities are large self-sufficient residential enclaves enclosed within walls and fences and offer multiple utilities that facilitate a comfortable modern urban lifestyle. Sensing the phenomena of a growing inter-societal gulf due to urban constraints, many visionary developers focused on creating residential projects that take the living beyond the realm of four walls and rekindle the old charm of community living. Today, home buyers are also well researched and look for world-class amenities in a secured environment, which led to a gradual rise in the demand for gated residential projects which has also welcomed a more cohesive social life. Families with kids also prefer gated communities because it offers safety and kid-centric facilities that are non-existent in other residential set-ups. High disposable income, working parents and lack of time to monitor each aspect of the child’s daily schedule are some of the reasons which fuel the decision to invest in a gated community. When both parents are at work it becomes difficult for them to assist the child in their school work and creche/daycare aren’t sufficient options anymore. The ill-effects of technology on impressionable young minds is also a major concern for parents. Kid Centric homes are the perfect choice of parents who want their kids to engage in meaningful learning activities after school hours without compromising their safety.

Let’s look at the top 5 reasons which make a gated community the perfect choice to live in for kids:

1.   Safety and security : Working parents out of no other choice have to leave their children in daycare, with nannies or relatives but the child’s safety and well being are always on their minds. The idea of gated homes with closed off and well-guarded surroundings gives parents peace of mind. Gated communities have fixed entrance and exit points, that are either manned or have electronic security. This means that only verified residents and guests can enter the community. There are also CCTV cameras at vantage points for 24/7 surveillance, electronic fences, intercom systems and so on which ensure safety at all times.

2.   Facilities & Amenities: Age-appropriate facilities are provided in Kid Centric homes like learning hub, reading room, clubhouses, playrooms, creche, swimming pools, sports and co-curricular activity arena with coaches and experts for a child’s all-round development. These homes also enhance the process of learning by providing maximum exposure to kids and ensure that good values, a sense of responsibility and life skills are inculcated in children right from an early age. This is a huge perk because if these facilities were availed outside the township, it would cost an exorbitant amount of money and children would also get tired with all the traveling back and forth from classes. Reputed builders like Ashiana Housing and Gera Developers have carved a niche in this space.

3.   Sense of Community:  Another one of the pleasant benefits of living in a gated community is the sense of a community and building social skills in kids. Living in nuclear families, children miss out on the fun of living in a joint family and celebrating occasions on a large scale. Many communities held events or festivals for the residents to socialize with each other leading to familiarity and trust among them. Kids also get to interact and bond with their peers which is great for their interpersonal skills. In such an environment, kids form life long bonds without any discrimination which equips them with qualities like respect, kindness, and equality. Children also develop a sense of belonging among their peers which is important for their emotional and mental growth.

4.   Emergencies: Getting to know your neighbors is also very beneficial because, in case of any mishappening concerning the child, the neighbors can take care of the kid till the time the parents don’t come back. It’s always better than the child is with a known adult because when they get hurt they are scared and need someone trustworthy to calm their nerves. A known neighbor assures them that they’re in good hands and will see their parents soon. Most gated townships have first aid in the premises or have medical help at hand to tackle most emergencies. Dedicated in-house maintenance staffs are also available round the clock.

5.   Absence of traffic:  The constant bustle and noise of traffic is not something one has to worry about in a gated community. Kids can play outside without the fear of speeding vehicles. Life in a gated community brings a wonderful sense of peace and calm away from the usual city buzz of today’s technology-driven world.

Bonus Point

6.   Green premises:  Modern gated communities are designed with a focus on sustenance, energy efficiency and using eco-friendly materials. This way they promote water and electricity conservation, improve air quality and thus create a healthier living environment essential for kids and adults alike. Green and open spaces along with wholesome living without much pollution are the main focus of an integrated community.

Gated communities are the norm nowadays because of the huge demand and viability. Major trends will be seen in this segment with regards to amenities and technology. The amenities will evolve significantly to keep up with the changing needs of its clientele and the scale of the project. Concierge and specialized services will also become regular features in the gated community. On the technology end, we can witness some rapid innovations in the spheres of home security, automation and customer services. Thus, we will see a large number of developers invest capital in technologies to ensure a hassle-free comfortable lifestyle of their buyers adding to the overall customer experience. In this whirlwind lifestyle of today, a gated community facilitates us with our very own personalized space where we can unwind and coexist in harmony.

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