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The Need of the Hour : Child-friendly Infrastructure and Amenities at Residential Communities


Your children spend just around 8 hours of their day at school. The rest of the time, they are at home. It’s essential that your home and community has the right infrastructure to help children grow and blossom into independent and successful adults.


Today more and more parents are looking for homes with child-friendly infrastructure. Child-friendly homes have dedicated infrastructure that provides plenty of benefits for growing kids as well as their caretakers.


Child-friendly homes act as a support system for young working parents, mothers, and grandparents to take care of their wards in a safe and secure space that also helps them build their talents and skills.


Here are some of the top benefits of Child-friendly Infrastructures and Amenities


Play Areas that Provide Children with a Safe and Secure Space to Grow and Blossom


Children require a safe and secure environment that lets them be themselves, protecting them from abuse, violence, and exploitation. Sadly, our public spaces today are not safe for children to play by themselves. One of the biggest banes of urban living is that it fails to equip our children with wings to fly. Due to fear, most parents don’t let children do things on their own. Be it going to the neighbourhood store or playing independently in parks; parents are afraid to let children on their own. And, with increasing incidences of violence against children, it’s only natural for parents to want to protect their kids.


This is why, child-friendly residential communities offer play areas with 24 x 7 CCTV monitoring and vetted security professionals so that children can play by themselves, without parents constantly worried about their safety and security.


One of the biggest benefits of child-friendly residential communities is that they are completely safe. Thus, it helps children learn how to be independent and self-confident, as they are not burdened by the constant watch of their parents.


Library and Learning Programs


Children by nature are inquisitive and curious. Unlike adults, they aren’t just satisfied with learning things from a book. It’s their innate nature to explore, do, understand and learn new ideas and concepts. Apart from child-friendly libraries that has a collection of books appropriate for all ages, some kid-friendly residential communities offer expert sessions on reading to help them develop the habit. There is also various other expert session offered on a variety of fields like- aeromodelling, badminton, gardening, dance, theatre, creative art, tennis, etc. to develop a sense of vocation in them.


Hobby Clubs that offer a Stimulating and Supportive Learning Environment


There are several hobby clubs with the kid-friendly communities that enable children to try out different skills, thereby honing the best of their abilities. Some of these clubs include- Editorial club, Traffic Club, Maker’s club, etc.


Hence, such communities offer a stimulating environment for kids to explore and grow. Early on, they are taught about road safety which helps them build strong attitude towards being responsible on roads – the need of the hour! In addition, they get to interact with other kids of their age group, mingle with older and younger kids, thereby boosting their social skills as well as intellectual capabilities.


Sports Infrastructure to Keeps children Active


According to recent studies, India has the second highest number of overweight and obese children in the world. The study also states that the prevalence of childhood obesity has doubled since the 1980s.


Changing lifestyles, modern diets, lack of outdoor play are some of the reasons attributed to increasing childhood obesity. Sadly, due to the lack of the right infrastructure and educational pressure, children today spend most of their after-school time cooped indoors.


In a child-friendly community, you can find plenty of physical activities tailored just for kids. Expert trainers provide coaching for tennis, basketball, cricket, and other games. This helps kids stay active, thereby overcoming obesity and getting fitter.


Apart from physical fitness, playing sports helps children make new friends and develop life skills like team-work, discipline, and fair play.


Green Spaces that Brings children closer to Nature


The benefits of spending childhood in green spaces are many. A recent study reveals that adults who spent most of their childhood in green spaces developed lesser mental issues (Alzheimer’s, depression, cognitive decline) later in their life.


Child-friendly infrastructure has plenty of green spaces, that helps children breathe clean air, free from pollution. Furthermore, being close to nature, helps children feel calm and relaxed. And, when children feel happy and relaxed, they are likely to perform better at school – in academic as well as in extra-curricular activities.


Cultural Events to showcase their Talent


Child-friendly residential communities often conduct cultural events in their club on special occasions like National Holidays, popular festivals, etc. These cultural events and competitions provide a platform for kids to showcase their talents – dancing, singing, acting, mimicry, quizzing, and more.


The idea behind such cultural activities is not to judge, but to help children break out of their shell and overcome stage fear, preparing them for various challenges in their adult life.


A Nurturing Environment for Children


The fundamental wants of children are simple – green spaces, clean air, safe, friendly spaces for play, a stimulating environment for developing their skills and the freedom to be themselves. Child-friendly residential communities offer all these and more for your children, thereby offering holistic spaces for child’s growth and development.

Are you ready to provide the best for your child’s future?

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