6 Ways How Homes help in the Early Learning Process?

Homes help a lot in the ealy development of children. It is often said that home is the first school! And rightly so, we learn a lot of things at home even before we start going to any kind of school. Be it our first words, or walking, or brushing our teeth, or other daily activities, we all learn these at our homes.


Thankfully, we all grew in a time with very little or no gadgets to increase our screen time. This is not the case today, most of today’s children are growing up with smartphones in their hands and that is sad! Growing up years should be shaped up with various kinds of games and activities but the physical ones, not on phones or tablets!


This is where Kid Centric Homes come to the rescue. We are a generation of busy parents, and often we have little time to tend to our children and hence sometimes we take the help of technology to do so! This might sound good for us, but can be very harmful for our children.


First things first, Kid Centric Homes are safe and secure for your children, with highly trained staff, and CCTV all around the campus.


Secondly, there’s a plethora of activities for children in Kid Centric Homes. Irrespective of their age, children have a lot of fun and learning activities to choose from.Coming to our title, here are the Six Ways how Homes help in Early Learning Process.


Preschool Development

Homes help in development of children before going to school. Be it good manners or routine activities, children do not learn these at school. Things like how to greet people, table discipline, initial speaking, and maybe reading are some of the things that children learn at their homes.


Kid Centric Homes help children in learning these activities in a fun and enjoyable manner. In KCHs, children never feel alone as they’re surrounded by many children of their own age, which also provides a sense of comfort while doing any activity or learning a new thing!


Various Sports And Extra Curriculars

Sports and extra curriculars are as important in our lives as studies and formal education. Children who play sports are fit as well as disciplined like none other! In standalone houses, it is often difficult for us as parents to take our children to various sports facilities.


Not just that, children get lesser exploration and have to make do with whatever sport facility is closest to their homes. Same goes with extra curriculars.


In Kid Centric Homes, sports and extra curriculars are very easy to take participate in. All our sports facilities are located on the campus, that is gated and under surveillance 24×7. Children get to explore from various sports and extra curricular activities like singing, dancing, painting, etc. and carry on with their favorites!


In Kid Centric Homes, children feel independent from a young age. We don’t have to escort them to various activities, they can go themselves by walking with their friends! This also provides extra time to us as parents.


Good Social Life

We know how important social life is for us as humans. Sadly though, most of ours social lives are built up on social media. We’re a generation of hundreds of Facebook friends but might not have even a handful of friends in real life.


This is a problem that is solved in KCHs. Not only for kids, but for us as well. Kids befriend fellow children in the campus. While we can bond with other parents all the same.


Kid Centric Homes not only make the social lives of our children better from the very beginning, but also help us be a part of community! A community of parents, with various activities to do and leisure time to spend with!


Sense of Independence from a young age

Kid Centric Homes inculcate a sense of independence in children from a young age itself. In case of standalone homes, we usually take our children for various activities, be it music classes, piano lessons, tennis practise, cricket practise, etc.


It is obvious that we can’t let our children go out on themselves at a young age for security and safety reasons!


A Kid Centric Home has all these facilities on the campus itself – everything at a walking distance. Moreover, the campus is secured with guards and CCTV, thus not compromising on safety at the same time!


Hobbies and Interests

As adults we all know the importance of hobbies and interests in life! For children to develop these, it is crucial that they get to explore and participate in various activities to know their interests.


There are a lot of activities in school, but even before that, Kid Centric Homes provide a lot of activities that are fun, nurturing, and learning at the same time! This gives children the opportunity to explore various hobbies and choose the one that interests them the most.


Personality Development

Personality development is important in everyone’s life. We see a lot of adults struggling with personality development at the time of interviews etc.


Kid Centric Home and their activities help children in developing a good and confident personality from a very young age.


Various activities on occasions like earth day inculcate good values in children thus making them more aware and responsible citizens of tomorrow!

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