7 Reasons Why Bhiwadi Is A Better Place To Live Than Gurgaon

Bhiwadi was conceptualised as an affordable destination for the blue-collared workforce, who could not afford to buy a home in Gurgaon or Manesar. However, with the shifting of industries, the increasing economic activity and the workforce preferring to not only work here, but also stay in this sleepy town; Bhiwadi’s property market changed completely. Today, the region is no longer seen as a poor cousin of Gurgaon–Manesar.

Huge traffic jams, rising cost of property and increasing pollution is making life in Gurgaon tougher day by day. Attaining work-life balance in Gurgaon has become a daunting task because office and commute takes up the weekdays and weekends get eaten up by household chores. Spending quality time with loved ones seems like a distant dream.

But all is not lost because if you enjoy peace, open sky view and want to drive on wide open roads then there is a place for you just a few kilometers away from Gurgaon. Well connected with NCR, less polluted environment, large open spaces, and less expensive homes than Gurgaon with the presence of prominent health and educational facilities, this is Bhiwadi for you.

7 Reasons Why Bhiwadi Is A Better Place To Live Than Gurgaon, Faridabad, Delhi & Noida

  1. Less traffic & more leisure time for you
  2. Easy connectivity with NCR belt
  3. Complete residential hub for all – Family, Kids, Seniors
  4. Premium facilities & activities for all age groups
  5. Pollution free environment
  6. Less Expensive Property than Gurgaon
  7. Bhiwadi is becoming investors hotspot

Less traffic & more leisure time for you:

In Gurgaon, it takes around an hour to reach from one place to another because of heavy traffic jam and insufficient infrastructure. Sky rising prices and shrinking open space is also adding fuel to the fire.

On the other hand, one can easily reach office in an hour’s time commuting from Bhiwadi to Gurgaon through NH8 because they are travelling on opposite side of the traffic.This way work time is also more productive as one isn’t worried about traffic jams & reaching home late.

Saved time & energy due to reduced travel time & traffic hustle is assurance of more quality time with family and friends. While living in Bhiwadi, one can pursue their other interest and passion because they get more calm and relaxed life here. Open spaces and less pollution gives you favorable environment for outdoor games, follow fitness routine and you enjoy healthier lifestyle.

Direct Connectivity with NCR:

Bhiwadi is just 40 KM away from millennium city Gurgaon connected through NH8, 70 Km away from New Delhi, 200 km from Jaipur, 90 km from Alwar and 60 Km from Faridabad.

Indra Gandhi International Airport New Delhi is just 58Km far from Bhiwadi, and soon it will have its own green field airport. Nearest railway station is Pataudi Road (PRTD) Haryana just 19 km away.

Bhiwadi is rapidly developing; well connected town and infrastructure growth in this region are high in future.

(Bhiwadi residents talking about hassle free driving)

Premium Facilities and Convenience for Children & Senior citizen:

Bhiwadi, gateway of Rajasthan is developing as the most promising place to live in Delhi NCR. Away from any furor and hurly-burly fuss, Bhiwadi is the place for people who love living life to the fullest.

Ardently crafted homes, soulful functional masterpiece apartments, where you get well managed spaces, balconies for proper sunlight with lobbies and living room.

Some of the biggest shopping Malls – V Square mall, Genesis mall, Aangan plaza, Central market, Capital Mall, BB Mall and Ganpati Plaza. Multiplexes like INOX, SRS, E4U, and Gold Cinema. International food joints – Dominos, McDonalds, Pind Balluchi, Haldiram, Pizza Hut, Bikanerwala etc. are setting their foot here.

(Residents talking about top notch facilities and amenities in Bhiwadi)

While in Gurgaon, reaching the malls and complexes can become a big task especially during the peak traffic hours; whereas in Bhiwadi, all the above mentioned malls and food joints are at an approachable distance due to less traffic.

People not familiar with Bhiwadi are concerned about health and educational facilities but many prominent hospitals like Star Hospital, Bansal Child Hospital, Hari Ram Hospital (Fortis OPD), others are also in Bhiwadi.

Schools for children like Delhi Public School, Starex School, St. Xavier School, Presidency the International School, Bal Bharti Public School, GD Goenka Public School are here and many upcoming schools are settling their branches.

Pollution free environment:

We all have witnessed pollution level in Delhi and Gurgaon for some time now. This has already started affecting Gurgaon resident’s lives & health. In current scenario living in Gurgaon can have impacts on your loved ones’ health & life. Children and senior citizen are most affected by pollution in the city.

Large open green areas make Bhiwadi pollution free and a healthier place for your family. Families living in societies here can enjoy security, peace and tranquility.

Less Expensive Property than Gurgaon:

Properties in Bhiwadi are very much affordable for middle class buyers, who are looking to upgrade to a better standard of living.

One can easily find the same level of top notch facilities (swimming pool, gym, tennis and badminton courts etc.) in Bhiwadi for Rs 40 – 70 lakhs, for which they can end up paying more than Rs 1 crore in Gurgaon.

House rent in Bhiwadi is also much lower than Gurgaon.

Residents talking about cheaper homes in Bhiwadi than Gurgaon

Price range for a rented house in Bhiwadi is lower in comparison to Gurgaon. While rent for 2 BHK flat ranges between 22,000 to 30,000 INR in Gurgaon in a decent locality, same space can be acquired in 8,000 to 15,000 INR in Bhiwadi.



Flat type

Price Range

Flat type

Price Range


22k – 40 k


6k – 12 k


28k – 50K


8k – 18K

Affordable mid segment buyers can get good options here to buy their first home. After getting its name in Delhi-Mumbai industrial corridor infrastructure development is also at its peak in Bhiwadi. An affordableprice of property makes it very popular among buyers.

With the low home loan interest rates and prices set to increase with the increasing development in Bhiwadi, the right time for the buyers to invest in Bhiwadi is now.

Peaceful ambiance, less expensive homes than Delhi and Gurgaon, fast connectivity, presence of health and educational facilities and job opportunities makes Bhiwadi an attractive place to live.

Investors upcoming hotspot:

Bhiwadi is referred to as the gateway of Rajasthan which is located in Alwar district close to Gurgaon. It is strategically situated on NH-8 and offers direct connectivity to Delhi, Gurgaon and Jaipur. Bhiwadi is situated 40 Km from Gurgaon, 55 Km from Indira Gandhi International Airport, 200 km from Jaipur and 60 km from Faridabad. Another advantage of Bhiwadi is its flawless water supply system. When compared to Gurgaon the prices are very reasonable in Bhiwadi. Moreover, it offers better facilities at affordable prices to the middle class people in comparison to Gurgaon, Noida and Faridabad.

For investment purposes investors are preferring Bhiwadi as it will give good returns in the long term, majorly because the ticket size is affordable and thus, the buyer base is wide. The expected movement of various companies too will boost the real estate market in Bhiwadi. Moreover, the high prices in Gurgaon have made Bhiwadi attractive for the middle class investors. This region has a lot of scope to develop its real estate potential but you should not expect any returns for another 5 years or so because overall the resale market in Delhi NCR and for that matter, the entire country is going through a tough time.

Proposed RRTS

The regional rapid transport system (RRTS) is a proposed semi-high speed rail corridor which would cover Delhi-Gurgaon-Rewari-Alwar. The RRTS network would offer world class commuter transit services which would be safe, and with high speed and frequent operations would reduce the commute time between Delhi and Alwar to just 104 minutes which at present is 136 minutes. Already more than 700 working professionals are commuting from Bhiwadi to Gurgaon on a regular basis. After RRTS becomes operational it will increase the number of working professionals commuting between the two places and would be a boon for the Bhiwadi residents and the Bhiwadi real estate market. The shorter travel time will be a boon for families based in Bhiwadi as they would be able to travel to Delhi and Gurgaon for leisure, shopping and visiting famous tourist hangouts which will lead to a boom in tourism. If you are thinking of investing in real estate, now is the best time to invest in Bhiwadi. As soon as the RRTS network becomes operational the better connectivity will increase the demand for the properties situated in Bhiwadi which will lead to property prices skyrocketing, so it would be prudent to invest in the properties there now when the prices are still affordable.

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