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“Formal learning can teach you a great deal, but many of life’s essential skills are the ones that you build outside the walls of a classroom.”


While it’s true that we send our children to schools to equip them for their future, sadly that alone isn’t sufficient. This holds especially true in today’s fast-changing times.


The Making of the Future


By the time, our kids grow up – they have to compete not just with their peers but also with the dominance of AI and robots in the workplace. The workplace of the future is rapidly evolving. It’s no longer sufficient for kids to learn from rote, memorize facts to succeed in the workplace of tomorrow — the workplace of the near future rewards individuals who are creative, passionate and dynamic problem solvers.


Jack Ma, the Chinese multi-billionaire and Alibaba founder, stated in the World Economic Forum held at Davos in 2018, that if we do not change the way we teach our kids today, the world will face a major crisis on the job market thirty years down the line. He stated that what kids learn in school today are things that are no longer relevant as it’s knowledge-based.


Ma further states that we should be teaching our kids qualities like teamwork, independent thinking, and emotional skills to make them valuable and irreplaceable contributors to society. Skills like music, sports, painting and other creative arts – are essential to help kids thrive and win in the society of tomorrow.

Learning Happens at Home, Not Just in Classrooms

Educationists and child development experts stress that children need the right environment at home, to emerge as all-rounders and leaders. Sadly, with both parents working and urban lifestyles, today children spend most of their hours in front of screens and stuck indoors. This is where child-centric homes play a crucial role.


Child-centric homes have the right infrastructure and amenities to equip kids with skills that aren’t taught at schools. Whether it’s creative problem solving, developing emotional capabilities, out-of-the-box thinking, child-centric homes offer kids the right boost to succeed in the workplaces of the future.


Let’s take a look at the top skills child-centric homes inculcate in your children.


Nurtures inquisitiveness and curiosity


Children are born curious, but they lose their questioning spirit somewhere along the way. Educators believe that inquisitiveness and curiosity are two essential skills that all children should have. In a world of AI, robots and digital assistants, it’s essential to raise kids who are constantly asking “What and Why?” questions.


According to studies by the Child Mind Institute, children who spend time outside exploring nature are smarter, more attentive, more confident and happier than kids who spend more time indoors. Whether be it gardening, or unstructured play in parks, child-centric homes provide children with a safe environment to explore the great big outdoors.


Boosts cognitive and motor skills


A child’s growing brain requires a stimulating environment to grow. It’s only through daily activities and explorations that a child can satisfy his/her innate curiosities.


Child-centric homes provide children with an engaging environment to develop their cognitive and fine and gross motor skills.


Children learn and develop the most when they are involved in play. Exercise is important for both physical and brain development. When engaged in play, your child’s body builds more synaptic connections, helping in better brain development. Activities like swimming that targets all muscle groups are a great way for kids to refresh their brains while building stronger bodies.


Inculcates the spirit of diversity


In child-centric homes and residential communities, children get a chance to interact with kids of different religions and ethnicities, helping them learn the values of tolerance and inclusiveness, right from an early age. They learn to embrace the values of diversity, making them more suited for a globally diverse world of the future.


Develops creativity, imagination and critical thinking


Some of the greatest minds in human history – Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, and Carl Sagan to name a few – were highly creative and imaginative individuals. Studies reveal that children need a dedicated space – a zone free of judgment – to develop and build their creativity and imagination.


Child-centric homes have exclusive learning hub with expert coaches for kids. These are zones where your child can read, paint, create art, engage in role play and other creative tasks under the helpful guidance of child development experts.


Builds team spirit


Child-centric homes foster team spirit in kids. When children are engaged in structured and unstructured free play with peers, they learn crucial life skills like – building friendship, the art of negotiating, empathy and thoughtfulness. Furthermore, team play helps children get control over negative emotions like anger and non-cooperation; hence teaching them how to take failures positively.


At child-centric homes, children often play with others in a team. Be it basketball, volleyball, cricket or any other team event; they get to learn the valuable quality of working in a team to attain a common goal.


Enhances social and emotional skills


In today’s urban environments, children don’t get the chances to interact with other kids. With the rise in nuclear families, most households have just one or two kids, depriving kids of the opportunity to grow up in an extended community.


Child-centric residential communities have hundreds of other young families, meaning your child gets the opportunity to interact with other kids. This enhances their social and emotional skills, equipping them to be better adults.


Makes them lifelong learners


In a world, that’s fast-changing, it’s essential that you teach your kids not to give up, to keep on trying new ideas and to keep on learning all through their life. This is one of the biggest benefits of child-centric homes.


These homes subconsciously teach kids that they don’t stop learning outside school. Instead, children understand that learning and development happen at all times and at home too. This way, they learn the crucial skills of flexibility, adaptability and lifelong learning.


Provide the right environment at home, and prepare your child for the dynamic future that lies ahead, by choosing the right homes today.


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