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When we start the house hunting process, our only purpose is to find a safe place which our families can call “home”. In fact, our families are the only reason one lives for, care for and share all the emotions with. This is the only reason why we are sensitive about our families, and we want the best of everything for them keeping their safety as our utmost importance.

So, if you are searching for a residential society or friendly neighbourhood, you should keep think twice about the safety and security builders provide.Below are 9 salient security features that you should watch out for before buying a residential apartment in a society in 2021 –

1. Earthquake-resistant building

In a high rise apartment building of a society, home buyers have a fear of building collapsing due to natural calamities like earthquake. This fear is common in most of the first time home-buyers because they don’t trust a builder with their consumption of raw material quality during construction. Home-buyers should do a proper research about the real estate developer before buying the property in order to eliminate their fear. On finding the right developer, they will start trusting the real estate builder and would be ensured about the durability of the building.

2. Safety tools and facilities in the society

In any residential society, its is now necessary to have all the safety tools and facilities such as fire extinguishers, fire & earthquake alarm, ambulance, and others. These safety devices and facilities will keep the residents of the society in safe hands. A proper safety guideline should be given to the residents which should help them in case of emergency. These safety guidelines and safety devices should be placed on every floor of the builder which will define the action plan for residents in emergency.

3. Elevators safety procedures

In a high-rise building, there are many elevators and lifts present in a housing residential society. There should be proper instruction in the lifts which could be used in case of a electricity failure, technical issues or any other issues. Apart from the guidelines, there should be an oxygen cylinder and emergency contacts of electrician, society & building guards.

4. Well trained Security guards on duty

Security guards plays the most crucial roles for both, real estate builders and home-buyers looking for a safe and secure apartment in a residential society. The builders should employ the guards which are fit, trust worthy and well-trained with equipment such as intercom facilities. All of our projects are gated and 24×7 under the surveillance system by our security guards. Our security guards are well-trained with the security app which allows the residents to know who is entering the society for them, at what time and when they are leaving the society. This gives a sense of complete security to our residents in the society.

5. Access to emergency contacts

A situation of emergency can happen with anyone at any time but to make sure that we handle it quickly in the right manner, is important. The society should make the emergency contact list readily available to its residents. Builders can post the list of contacts such as ambulance team, fire department, care and maintenance team, women and child helpline, police department etc on the notice boards of the each building.

6. Safe and secure space for kids

Children are most innocent and playful due to which they are prone to accidents. Home buying parents mainly look out for a society where their kids can be safe from all type pf mishappening. In our residential projects, we have a separate space for children for each of their activities like bicycling, kids swimming pool, skating rink, art and craft room, activity room, soft playground and many more. In fact, we have a special housing category known as Kid Centric Homes where parents will not have to worry any more for their kids.

7. Visitors record for security

For the safety and security of the residents, there are record books which are being maintained by the security guards. These record books will keep a track of each and every one who is entering the society for the safety of its resident along with their flat numbers and purpose of their visit. This is closely managed and monitored by them to maintain discipline in the housing societies and to avoid robbery, murder cases or another mishappening. Hence, if you’re looking for home, look for a safer and secured one to give your family a happy home.

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