9 Ways to stay healthy while doing work from home

Whole world has shifted towards ‘Work from Home’ lately. This pandemic showed that most professions, even the ones that no one thought could ever be done from home, are being managed from the comfort of beds, couches & home desks – for example, teaching, comedy shows, hobby classes, etc. On one hand Work from Home has brought us closer to our families and officially freed us from wearing boring formal clothes daily, on the other side, it has turned a lot of us into couch potatoes.


Working from Home has significantly reduced our time and money spent commuting but it has also snatched from us the one thing that kept us all healthy up to some extent! Yes, believe it or not, daily commutes and routines have kept us fit for a long time. While working from home, our whole home is our office, and our workstations range from our bed, couch, and sofa to even our kitchen slabs.


Well, as they say, if you change nothing, nothing will change. Hence, here are 9 easy ways for you to stay healthy and fit even while Working from Home:


1. Have a Morning Routine


At the risk of sounding cliche and old-fashioned, a morning routine does wonder for your overall health, plus it’s easier to inculcate in your daily routine while Working from Home, and you can easily carry it forward even when you start going to your office. A morning routine is as simple as waking up early, minimizing the use of any devices, stretching up your body, drinking lots of water, getting breakfast, etc. This way, you’ll ease into a whole day’s work rather than jump-starting your body while going straight from waking up to your work desk.


2. Dress-up for work


By dressing up for work, we don’t expect you to get in formals for Working from Home, just don’t stay in your Pyjamas or night suit. These give you an impression of relaxation rather than work. Our mind often works in mysterious ways, if you wear appropriate work-like clothes, you’ll feel more like working. Some fitness instructors advise working in Gym-wear so that you can easily switch between work and working out, well we’ll leave that to your personal preference. But do get into casuals, or smart casuals if you have any video conferences, and leave your pyjamas for rest alone. Include getting dressed in your routine as well – building a good routine directly results in your overall physical and mental health!


3. Have a Work-like workstation


It is very convenient and easy to work on your bed or your couch, but it is advisable to get a proper desk and chair setup so that you can focus more on the work – and get more work done in lesser time. It goes without saying that more work in less time means more breaks!


4. Walk while taking calls


You might remember seeing an ‘idea’ advertisement a few years back that advocated ‘Walk-and-Talk’, we’re going to do the same. Walk about your room or your garden or your terrace while on conference calls. You’ll enjoy the time away from the screen and your legs will enjoy some work too.


5. Use your calendar – even for breaks


Calendars have become very important these days as we all know – every meeting, every appointment, and every discussion is scheduled in our calendar, then why not schedule your breaks as well? This adds to time planning, and scheduling breaks will ensure that you do not waste your time on unnecessary things.


6. Work in shifts – have you heard of Pomodoro?


Work in small shifts of say an hour or half an hour. Use ‘Pomodoro’ – a Japanese technique that says to work for 25 minutes and take a 5 min break. Well, one shoe does not fit all, identify your attention span and work relentlessly for that time, and then take a 5 min break. After 4-5 such cycles, take a long break say 15-20 minutes. This can take you a long way, increase your concentration manifolds, and put your mind on a break periodically.


7. Walk/Take your pet for walks


Walking is the best exercise – you don’t have to spend a penny – just squeeze in some time from your routine. Walking not only clears your head, but it also keeps you physically fit and burns a lot of calories. If you have a dog – well that’s even better take it for a walk or a jog in the evening or the morning as per your routine.


8.  Stairs over Elevators


Again, cliche but necessary. Our bodies require a lot of movement daily to stay healthy and fit, and the amount of movement that we get in WFH is simply inadequate. We’re not telling you to take stairs for 17-18 floors but using stairs for a couple of floors never did anyone any harm!


9. Home Workout


Finally, we’ve got to say what every other Fitness Influencer is saying these days – if you can Work from Home, why not Workout from Home as well? There are a lot of websites and YouTube channels that help you with the correct exercises and correct postures. In the beginning, you won’t even need any equipment, once you get a workout in your routine – you can start by buying accessories according to your fitness goals.




All the points provide a general picture of what can be done to stay healthy during WFH. we recommend you personalize a routine for yourself – something that aligns with your nature of work as well as your lifestyle choices. For example, if you’re a fitness freak you might want to skip the home workout and walk for a gym session. Hence, personalization is the key.




What can add to your comfort and health is staying in a place that offers you a lot of options for the same. In today’s world where Work from Home has become a norm, we at Ashiana Housing have launched a Premium Homes Project just to suit your needs as a working professional. Located in one of the largest IT hubs in India – Hinjawadi, Pune – >Ashiana Malhar is our latest Premium Home.


Malhar is specially designed for working individuals and it comes with a separate space for Work from Home. Malhar also has work cafes so that you can take your work out with you whenever you feel like it! Besides, if you’re in a hybrid working culture – you’ll be in the perfect place – as Hinjawadi is home to a lot of IT companies.


For more information on Ashiana Malhar, click here. For our other housing projects, visit our website.

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