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A child’s development starts from the moment of birth. They start developing their linguistic, motor, and cognitive abilities based on their surroundings and how people talk to them or treat them. For proper development of these skills in the children it is a must for us as parents to provide them with a nurturing environment inside as well as outside of our home. The lives of parents have become busy these days with jobs and multiple other things to take care of, we often are not as attentive and as present as we should be with our children.


Common Problems regarding home environment


The role of gadgets in parenting is a very destructive one. Many parents tend to play an animated video of nursery rhymes on YouTube whenever their children cry – which is okay once a week but the repeated practice of this can lead to loss of eyesight, irritation, as well as reluctance in the children to learn motor skills. This was just a single example, there are many similar things that we unknowingly do and are harmful to our children. Gone are the days of joint families where everyone used to partake in the proper care and development of children in fact in most households today, children only interact with their babysitter for longer parts of the day.


Problems like these are halfway solved when we hire professional caregivers for our children while we’re out for work. Professionals understand the correct way to develop multiple skills in children by reading to them and doing various activities including art and craft, music, dance, poems, etc. However, the environment is still the same at large. Our children might get good nurturing at the home, but this somewhere means limited motor skills and limited interaction with the outside world.


A solution to the environment problem


Even if we pay extra attention to our children, and enrol them in hobby classes or sports, there still exists a problem i.e., driving our children to these hobby classes/sports centres from amidst the busy cities. Extra time, extra fuel, and money always go up to make things accessible for our children. What if there was one good investment that could guarantee everything for our children’s needs all in one place, well there is – Kid Centric Homes.


By textbook definition, Kid Centric Homes are housing societies with a special focus on providing a safe and nurturing environment for growing children. Kid Centric Homes are campuses with multiple sports facilities, multiple extracurricular activities, and multiple games to provide lots of fun and lots of learning on the same campus.


Ashiana Kid Centric Homes


Children often do not have a good environment for proper development in today’s fast-paced world, with congested and overcrowded cities. Ashiana Housing’sKid Centric Homes solve this problem by being located in prime locations away from the usual busy cities and all the city pollution. These are safe and vast spaces for children to bloom and participate in various learning activities without having to rely on their parents to drive them everywhere, giving parents more leisure time as well.


Ashiana’s Kid Centric Homes solve the majority of the problems and provide our children a healthy and happy place to play, learn, and grow.


In today’s real estate scenario in the country, Jaipur aka the pink city is one of the fastest developing cities in the north. With developments in infrastructure, healthcare, education, and industries, the demand for housing and real estate is always high and increasing day by day. Ashiana Umang – our Kid Centric Home in Jaipur is located near Mahindra SEZ, which is home to numerous offices of multiple industries.


The location is perfect for working parents as well as children, as Mahindra SEZ is a major employment hub of Jaipur and multiple prominent schools like Jayashree Periwal International School, Delhi Public School (DPS), J.D International School, St. Xavier’s School, Radcliffe School, Kidzee Play School and many more are located close by.


Umang is the largest Kid Centric Home in Jaipur with India’s first Learning Hub. Ashiana’s signature Learning Hub aims at providing multiple facilities to kids focusing on both learning as well as fun. Our ‘Live and Learn’ program aims at conducting various preplanned activities for the children to expose them to a mixed bag of right-brain and left-brain activation activities. The aim is to make learning interesting, here we have a music room, an art & craft room, a reading room, a playing area, and so much more.


At Umang, our aim is to offer plus-size living to the parents as well as the children. While there are multiple facilities for children like Net Cricket, Lawn Tennis, Learning Hub, Playing Area, Kids Pool, Board Games, etc., there are also multiple facilities for parents like Badminton Court, Walking and Jogging Tracks, and an in-house club with a Swimming Pool, an AC Gymnasium, AC Media Hall, Billiards Table, and Cafe Space.


With a safe campus with CCTV surveillance and 24×7 patrolling by guards, Kids can roam around freely and go for multiple activities as well as sports themselves, this not only makes them independent from an early age but also provides extra leisure time to us parents. With Ashiana’s facilities, we get many opportunities to bond with our children then be it a badminton game, a movie night at the media hall, a game of cricket, or a good swim!


We at Ashiana understand the importance of early years in any kids’ development and hence our facilities and amenities are designed thoughtfully. The environment at Ashiana KCHs is nurturing as well as fresh, free from the city’s pollution and crowd, among like-minded individuals where both parents and children can make so many friends!


Ashiana Umang is truly a BehtarParvarish Ka Pata. To change your address to Ashiana Umang and provide a whole new fun and nurturing environment to your kids, click here. For our other projects in Jaipur as well as other Kid Centric Homes in the country, visit – www.ashianahousing.com.


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