Adaptive Yoga for Senior Citizens

While ageing may be a normal life process, it isn’t the easiest for many to embrace, since it involves many physiological changes like weaker bones, slower movement, and less flexibility. However, you shouldn’t let these natural developments hinder you from being active.

No matter your age, it’s always important to take care of your body. One of the best ways to do this and lead a holistic and healthy lifestyle is to incorporate adaptive yoga into your routine.

Why Should Seniors Practice Adaptive Yoga?

There’s no need to fret about yoga’s physical demands, as adaptive yoga allows seniors to practice this discipline at their own pace and flow. As we’ve previously shared on ‘7 Interesting Ways to Add Fun to Your Retirement Years‘, seniors should practice exercise and meditation, since they’re extremely beneficial for their wellbeing. Adaptive yoga is a perfect way to accomplish both of these, as it adjusts different aspects of yoga so that you can feel comfortable practising this meditative exercise. And the open space at Ashiana’s Senior Living is a perfect spot for seniors to practise yoga together, since it builds a sense of community amidst the beautiful fresh air.

Aside from the yoga classes, Ashiana also offers meditation classes, Satsang sessions, and pujas. What better way to practice this and more than with peers whom you can relate with in peaceful surroundings?

Benefits of Yoga for Seniors

It Clears the Mind

Did you know that the World Health Organization reports that 20% of those aged 60 and over have a mental health condition? What’s more, one of the most common conditions among seniors is depression. Thankfully, health writer Jane Adamson points out that yoga can help you foster mental wellness, as it helps relieve depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Through the thoughtful care and attention applied in yoga, you have the space to heal the innermost parts of yourself.

It Improves Cognitive Functions

Apart from the physiological effects, ageing also can take a toll on one’s cognitive functions. Over time, many older adults experience memory loss, increased difficulty in learning things, and a shorter attention span. But practising yoga can help enhance these thinking abilities, as a study published in The Journals of Gerontology has discovered that an 8-week yoga intervention improved the working memory and mental flexibility among seniors.

Best Beginner Poses of Yoga for Seniors

Since yoga is a combination of strength poses, stretching, and breathing exercises, it’s best for seniors to start slow to help you find your footing. After all, slow and steady wins the race. With this in mind, here are some of the most effective yoga poses for seniors to start with:

  • Tadasana or Mountain Pose: As the foundation of standing yoga poses, this is a great way to practice your balance without exerting too much stress. This pose helps improves your back posture as it keeps you focused on staying grounded.

  • Vriksasana or Tree Pose: Although this one requires more effort than the mountain pose — as you’ll be placing one foot on the opposite inner thigh — it helps increase hip mobility.

  • Sukhasana or Easy Pose: Wellness writer Beth Orenstein notes that this is an ideal pose for beginners, as it only requires you to sit straight with your legs crossed, palms up, and eyes closed. In turn, you’ll feel a sense of alignment and relaxation.

  • Balasana or Child’s Pose: With your knees bent and head faced down, holding this pose for one to three minutes is a soothing way to release tension in your upper body area.
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