Senior Living

Senior Living

Four Most Common Myths About Dementia

August 28, 2019 Senior Living 

Dementia is a group of symptoms related to the loss of memory and other mental faculties which impairs a senior person’s ability to perform simple day-to-day activities. The most common form of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease. World Health Organisation predicts the number of people livin
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Senior Living – Heaven For Single Retirees

June 5, 2019 Senior Living 

After retirement, the major concern with most of the people is not about the finances but to lead an active and independent life in a suitable place because many of them plan their finances for retirement but they never plan how they want to live post-retirement. Then after retirement,most of t
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Cranky Behavior of Grandpa

June 4, 2019 Senior Living 

As an adolescent, I used to wonder why my grandpa was so cranky and stubborn. I used to brush with him very now and then over many things. “you shameless teenager, you always play meaningless music.. has no taste at all. Where all our culture has gone?” Often he would begin with “during our da
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9 Things That You Can Enjoy in a Senior Living Home but Not at an Old-Age Home

June 3, 2019 Senior Living 

Old age is often associated with moving into a clustered old-age home or struggling in your own home, living alone. Do you know there is an alternative? Presenting senior living homes.   What is it?   Senior living homes are specially designed housing complexes with individual apartments a
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Age Gracefully: Make A Plan to Beat Loneliness

April 23, 2019 Senior Living 

As people age, there are several health issues that concern them. But many face another common senior challenge, that they sometimes don’t even acknowledge. This is the problem of ‘loneliness’.   Some seniors live in isolation for days; without leaving the house or talking to loved ones.
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The 7 Best Cities to Purchase Senior-Friendly, Retirement Homes in India

April 5, 2019 Senior Living 

The decision to choose the right city to retire in – is a huge one. There are several concerns to be addressed like – standards of living, affordability, accessible health care facilities, distance from children, safety rates, overall weather and more. Priorities vary from one individual to anot
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7 Interesting Ways to Add Fun to your Retirement Years

March 27, 2019 Senior Living 

Most retirees have a lot of spare time. They are finally free from the stresses of work and are often looking to explore what’s next. However, many complain that they feel restless, bored, disconnected and discontented during their retirement years. Due to limited mobility and friend circle, they
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7 Tips to Live a Healthy Lifestyle as a Senior Citizen

March 20, 2019 Senior Living 

As you grow older in age, your responsibilities towards the world slowly start diminishing. The post-retirement age becomes one that unfolds with it, a wonderful chapter where you can finally explore all your interests that got buried somewhere in the toil. You finally have the time and freedom to d
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Bursting The Top 7 Meaningless Myths Around Senior Citizen Homes

March 18, 2019 Senior Living 

In India, where living in a joint family setup has been the eternal norm, opting for senior citizen homes for retirement might sound absurd to many. It also might feel like something that will be frowned upon or gossiped about in society. However, there is only little reasoning behind this archaic k
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Old Age Homes VS Retirement Village VS Retirement Homes and Senior Living In India

March 3, 2019 Senior Living 

Senior Living Homes are Not Upgraded Old-Age Homes With increasing life expectancy and better medical services, the number of senior citizens in India is increasing rapidly. Studiespredict that the percentage of people over 60 years will constitute nearly 20% of the country’s population by 20
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Trial Homes: Experience Senior Living Before Buying

November 23, 2018 Senior Living 

A retired ex-army man, Raju Thambi, lived with his wife Shobha in Chennai. They have a 38-year-old son, Nitin who lives in the USA with his wife and children. Well into their 60’s, the couple, was looking to move into a quality Senior Citizen Home in India. They were screening various se
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Active Lifestyle Improves Health of Seniors After Retirement

November 6, 2018 Senior Living 

Mrs and Mr Arora were living in their own house in Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi. As their kids had settled abroad, they decided to move to a Senior Living home and finally moved to Ashiana Nirmay Bhiwadi (close to Gurgaon) in August 2018. Mr Arora explains, “Just two months back, when we shifted, my wi
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“JASHN” at ASHIANA Senior Living

September 26, 2018 Senior Living 

A two-day extravagant annual event ‘Jashn’ is an inter Ashiana Sports and cultural festival which has been organised by Ashiana from the year 2014. All seasons of Jashn has been witnessed through different themes, different competitions and full of enthusiasm. The event is gaining in popularity
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How Senior Living Homes Bring Communities Closer?

September 24, 2018 Senior Living 

Gone are the days when retirement homes in India were looked at in a bad light. In the current scenario, senior living in India are no more like old age centers, but help in building up close communities. Many of us confuse retirement homes with the nursing homes. However such is not the case. To cl
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Retirement Planning Is Not Just Financial Wellness

August 28, 2018 Senior Living 

Save for your future. Build a nest egg for your retirement. The advice sounds familiar? Most people advise you to start financial planning for your retirement right from the day you receive your first pay cheque. However, retirement planning is more than just figuring out your financial wellness thr
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Silver Parents Step Beyond The Conventional Family Support System

July 31, 2018 Senior Living 

Sushil is a 65-year-old retired professor living in Gurgaon with his wife, Keerti, a 59 year old homemaker. Their two children Rahul and Sonia are well settled in USA. Earlier the family would reunite 2-3 times a year; either the parents would go to the US or their children would visit. But now as t
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Senior Living – The Growing Trend in Southern INDIA

October 9, 2017 Senior Living 

It was at a relative’s wedding that I met Mrs. and Mr. Sridharan. We were neighbors’ years back and hadn’t kept in touch. But we recognized each other instantly and got chatting to cover up for lost time. Mr. Sridharan told me that they had recently booked a house in a Senior Livin
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6 Things to Remember while Caring For People with Dementia

February 8, 2017 Senior Living 

How we interact with people who have dementia is important – because it can have a lingering emotional response to sadness and anger even though they can’t remember or explain why they feel that way. Treat them with respect People with dementia are not small children. They’re mat
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6 Questions Seniors Must Ask If They Are Living Alone!

January 27, 2017 Senior Living 

As you get older, how can you be sure you’re doing enough to stay physically and emotionally healthy?Ask yourself the following questions to assess how you’re doing. Is your home age-friendly? As you get older, your physical health begins to decline more rapidly. So you need to guard yourself fr
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4 Things to Remember When Looking for Senior Living Homes in Chennai

July 22, 2016 Senior Living 

Gone are the days when senior living in India was confined to old age homes. A growing number of Indian seniors are financially stable, well-travelled and socially active. They want to live life on their own terms, in the company of like-minded people – in surroundings that are especially designed
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