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There are a variety of reasons why there’s been a paradigm shift of buyers and investors from standalone houses to flats in good housing projects. Often than not, standalone houses are costly to set up according to the needs of everyone in the family. Children’s room will require a different kind of setup whereas Senior Citizens will require places to pray, meditate, a garden perhaps. You as a working individual will probably need a place to relax and a place nearby where you can meet and chill with your friends after a tiring day at work.


No standalone house has it all, and to make it so, your pockets might get empty, which is never an ideal financially literate person’s choice. As a result, everyone is moving towards theme projects, these are relatively much more affordable, and cater to the needs of every age. Moreover, with the emergence of Senior Living  Homes and Kid Centric Homes, you can choose a housing project that suits your needs.


If you’re a working individual with grown-up children and their grandparents like to stay with them, you can go with Premium Homes, however, if you’ve small children and the other scenarios stay the same, you can always choose Kid Centric Homes for their well-enriched development. If you’re a Senior Citizen and want to live in a community of similarly aged individuals, with all the leisure facilities, you can very well choose to live in Senior Living Homes, where you’ll be both independent and healthy.


Moving ahead with one of the aforementioned categories, Ashiana Housing is all set to launch its newest Kid Centric Homes project in new Gurgaon. Ashiana Housing is a popular name in Real Estate in India and has been pioneering Senior Living Homes and Kid Centric Homes for many years now. We are known as a customer-centric brand, and we have always fulfilled our promises of –

  • On-time possession
  • Quality Construction
  • 100% transparency
  • Lifetime Maintenance

We’ve ane experience delivering and maintaining real estate for more than 42 years and are currently serving more than 15000 happy families all over India.


With this experience and our residents’ well wishes, we are all set to launchAshiana Amarah, at Sector 93, Gurgaon. Sector 93 is a great location, well connected with the national capital Delhi, and prominent areas in Gurgaon, like Cyberhub, etc.


Amarah is a Kid Centric Homes project, and with this project, we’ll once again be perking up the standards of KCHs in India. Amarah is located amidst the concrete jungle but inside, it doesn’t feel like that. With over 6.7 acres of lush green landscapes, a state-of-the-art clubhouse, a learning hub, and traditional yet innovative playing areas, Amarah will feel no less than an amusement park.


Despite being a Kid Centric Home, we’ve got something for every age. There’s a grandparents’ corner, walking and jogging tracks, and various activities that Senior Citizens can participate in, by themselves or along with the children.


For working individuals, we’ve got a central clubhouse filled with facilities, badminton courts, pool table, swimming pool, gymnasium, party area, cafe, community hall, prayer hall, etc.


We’ve activities and events where whole families participate together be it the kids or their parents or even their grandparents. We at Ashiana, are all about making new bonds and strengthening the existing ones. At Ashiana, neighbors become friends and eventually family in no time, and families bond very well when exposed to several fun and learning activities throughout the year.


For kids, we’ve designed innovative play areas like –

  • Play Street Area
  • Doorstep Play Area
  • Adventurous Play Area

We have a learning hub where there are various extracurricular activities along with instructors. There’s the music room, art room, painting room, etc. and every other activity comes with an instructor so that children can not only explore multiple hobbies and passions but also develop them.


We also have courts for multiple sports along with the instructors. This ensures that children don’t miss out on the opportunity to develop an interest in sports, and whichever sport they choose to play, they get a thorough knowledge about that and be safe while they’re at it. Cricket pitch with net, badminton court, volleyball court, tennis court, swimming, football ground, etc. are to name a few.


Studies, extracurriculars, and sports are all good at their places and well taken care of. But we at Ashiana believe in going the extra mile and hence we have various activities based on the environment. We organize cleaning drives, gardening sessions, and awareness sessions which not only teach the importance of environmental conversation to the children but also educated adults as to how they can reduce environmental impact daily.


In addition to the various perks and amenities inside the campus, Amarah is well located to have all the necessary amenities around the area as well. A few to mention are –

  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Shopping Malls & Complexes
    • Sapphire 90
    • Sapphire 83
    • JMS Crosswalk

To explore our various other projects, visit Stay tuned for more information on Ashiana Amarah.

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