Apartment living can miraculously enhance your work-life balance

Work-life balance is something that the majority population is struggling with the present day. The times when everything was a bit relaxed, and the working people had a pretty good work-life balance are far behind us. Today, work is everywhere – in the office, in the homes, and it might as well be both! Work From Home is really a thing of the 21st century but what further propelled it towards becoming the norm was a pandemic!


Post-pandemic as more and more offices began to adopt work-from-home as well as hybrid work culture, it has really taken a toll on the employees’ lives. It has become harder than before to find a work-life balance now that we’re so connected – thanks to the internet (no thanks!). The line between work and personal lives slowly seems to be blurring as people are getting overworked, especially in the WFH model. A reason for this problem is also not having proper homes where you can get a separate room or a section solely for work purposes.


However, thanks to apartment living – has been great in reinstating the lost work-life balance for a lot of us. A lot of problems just vanish while living in a gated society – you don’t have to hassle with maintenance, or in case of damages and repairs, no driving for hours to find a swimming pool or a gym, and likewise. Consequently, more and more working millennials today are preferring apartment living over living in standalone houses. The trend which originally began in metro cities is now transcending into tier-2 cities as well. As companies continue to offer Work from Home and tier-2 cities develop rapidly with companies setting up their bases there – people in these cities are also opting for gated communities for a hassle-free and convenient life.


Benefits of Apartment Living


Of the many perks that apartment-style living has to offer some major ones are –


● Cleaner and Greener Environment


It’s not that you don’t get a clean and green environment in standalone houses, but most people don’t. Even if there happens to be a park or garden near your house – will you be willing to go there after a long-tiring day at work? Greenery and a pleasant environment help a lot in relaxing our minds and calming us down after a tiring day at work, and in any good housing project – you’ll walk home through the lush green landscapes – and it is bound to calm you down for your evening!


● Clutter-free and Well-Designed Flats


While the design is something that we can choose for ourselves in standalone houses, and one might argue that it’s got nothing to do with work-life balance. However, imagine a house with enough rooms for everyone – but you don’t get privacy for Working from Home, you might work on your bed or in the drawing room but let’s admit – that really hampers our productivity as well as our bone health in the long run. Today, some the companies like Ashiana Housing are coming up with well-designed flats that come with extra space – which can easily be utilized for a disturbance-free – home office. And that’s not all – some good housing projects today are coming with work cafes as well – so you can always sip a coffee while you work from there!


● Clubhouse


All the good housing projects come with a clubhouse however amenities vary. An ideal housing project will have amenities like a gymnasium, a swimming pool, a common hall/party hall, badminton courts, board games, a kids’ play area, and a cafeteria. At Ashiana, all of our projects come with well-designed modern clubhouses with all the aforementioned facilities and many more.


While in standalone homes – you travel for going to the gym or a swimming pool or even a cafeteria – in housing projects, everything is available within the campus.


● Convenience


All the amenities and facilities provided in housing projects come together to offer a lifestyle of convenience and comfort for the residents. Moreover, in the case of housing projects by Ashiana Housing, you get added convenience in terms of – on-call plumbers and electricians, a maintenance team, 24×7 Security with guards and CCTV, Power Backup, Piped LPG, Common Area Maintenance, Garbage Collection, etc.


This guarantees a good work-life balance, as you won’t have to worry about a thing when you get home from work.


● Community


Finally, in housing projects you get to be a part of modern-day community living. Before housing projects and apartment living became as popular as today, the only close-knit communities to be found were in our villages. Thanks to the housing projects – community living has kind of been reborn. At Ashiana, we conduct multiple events which lead to more interaction and socializing between the neighbors. With the celebration of festivals and taking part in fun events and activities, neighbors become friends and family in no time.


After a long day at work – you can easily chill out with your friends – who just live seconds away from you and chill out in the clubhouse – which cannot be greater than 4-5 minutes away!




Apartment living is definitely the next big and of course a good thing for having a healthy work-life balance, and we at Ashiana Housing continue to keep our residents’ lives convenient and hassle-free at all times.


Our latest Premium Homes project in Hinjewadi, Pune – is just another step in making apartment life even better and providing you with the best work-life balance that you’ll ever find in any other housing project.


AshianaMalhar, located in Hinjewadi – is truly the perfect destination for working millennials, being located in one of the major IT hubs of the country. Especially for people working in Hinjewadi, Malhar will significantly reduce the commute time, as well as with WFH-friendly flats – hybrid work or permanent WFH will not be a problem anymore. Malhar is definitely the best of both worlds – as close as it gets to the office, as well as specially designed WFH sections in flats!


Out of 11.6 acres area of Malhar, 9 acres are just lush green landscapes – so your eyes never feel tired and your lungs always breathe in fresh air! AshianaMalhar also comes with a Work-Cafe in the 11,242 sq ft modern clubhouse, along with other facilities like a swimming pool, gymnasium, multipurpose hall, kids play area, pool table, table tennis, badminton court, half basketball court, etc.


AshianaMalhar comes with 2BHK and 3BHK flats, starting from Rs. 61 Lakhs. Click here for FAQs, registrations, and any other queries.

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