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Strong bones and physical development are not the only benefits of participating in team sports for kids. By engaging in team games at an early age, kids build healthy habits that last long into adulthood.

Are we failing to Inculcate the Spirit of Sportsmanship in our Children? And, what are we doing wrong?

Are your kids playing enough?

Strong bones and physical development are not the only benefits of participating in team sports for kids. By engaging in team games at an early age, kids build healthy habits that last long into adulthood.

The pediatric guidelines state that children aged 5 – 12 years should engage in at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day. Sadly, today’s kids aren’t getting enough exercise. Physical education classes in school are just one or two classes per week, and recess is short, with no time for kids to play. If that’s the case at school, children don’t have adequate space or infrastructure to engage in team games at home too. Today’s young children have fewer and fewer opportunities to engage in physical activities.

Lack of Public Play Areas for Children in Metros and Rural Towns in India

Why are today’s kids glued to their devices? And, why is childhood obesity on the rise in India?

The Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance report of 2016 compared the physical activity levels of children and youth in 38 countries across the world. The report reveals that Indian children fared poorly across all categories. Not surprisingly, children in Scandinavian nations like Denmark, Netherlands, Slovenia where the focus is on high-quality play areas, scored higher across all categories. The lack of well-equipped and well-maintained public playgrounds and access to sporting activities are the biggest reason for Indian children lacking in physical activities.

Here’s a snapshot of the report:

Image via India Today

Here, C indicates 41 – 60% of the children surveyed, INC – Insufficient information available to establish a grade.

The Importance of Participating in Team Games

Very often, we hear parents asking the question, “Why should I make my child play a sport when he/she can spend more time on studies and improving scores?” The benefits of sports are numerous. It helps in the development of physical, social, and emotional skills of a child, which shapes their success later in life.

As a parent, we must help our children understand that sports and team games aren’t just about winning. Not everyone can emerge as a winning athlete. Natural ability, temperament, and preferences all play a role in impacting performance in team games. It doesn’t mean sports are only for the future Kohlis, Dhonis, and Djokovics.

Here are the huge benefits of children gain by participating in team games.

Physical Benefits

Several studies prove that children, adolescents, and teens who play organized sports as kids are more likely to remain active as adults.

Team games help children hone their gross motor skills. Kicking a ball, running around, jumping, passing balls, using a bat are key skills that children learn when they participate in various team games. All these activities help children build their gross motor skills. This helps them build their confidence and self-esteem and also helps children develop school-readiness.

When children play outside, they are connected with nature. It helps them boost the production of Vitamin D, which helps in the development of strong and healthy bones. Team games help boost the attention span and concentration levels of kids.

Emotional and Psychological Benefits

As mentioned above, team games help children move beyond winning and losing. They start playing sports solely for the enjoyment they derive from it. This helps children boost their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Another big benefit of sports is that it helps children build a growth mindset. Even kids who aren’t natural athletes learn that they can build their skills with practice and effort. With dedication and commitment, they become stronger players. This growth mindset is incredibly valuable not just in sports – but in schools, and at the future workplace of your children. They start believing that they can become better in all fields, with regular practice and effort. This helps them emerge as successful adults, later in life.

Sports teach kids to accept defeat without sadness. They begin to see failure as another opportunity to improve and grow. This gets them ready to tackle the challenges of adult life.

Social Benefits

Children learn teamwork and cooperation when they participate in team games. They learn how to work together, take turns, and work towards a common goal as a team. These skills give them huge advantages both – in their career and personal life – later in life.

Team games also help children enjoy a sense of belonging. Children get an opportunity to interact with other kids their age building friendships. This hones their social skills, helping them lose their shyness and break out of their shell.

The life lessons that children learn as kids in the playground shape them as reliable, confident, and successful adults, later in life.

Infrastructure Required for Outdoor Play Areas

While looking for outdoor play areas for your kids, you need to ensure that it is first and foremost safe. The playground must be equipped with high-quality equipment that is safe and constructed using high-quality material. Check if the play surfaces are cracked, chipped, or broken. Worn down equipment is hazardous and must be avoided at all costs.

Another major factor to consider is the availability of coaches or mentors to train your kids regarding the rules of the game. For instance, while a group of kids can have a good time kicking around a ball, they learn the standard rules and nuances of football, only under the supervision of a coach.

What can you do as Parents?

As parents, it’s our responsibility to ensure that we instill the love for physical activities in our children at a tender age. Get moving, participate in outdoor activities. Reduce screen time for your family. When children see you engaged in physical activities, they are likely to do the same.

While it may not be possible to increase the time your child spends on physical activities at school, you can increase outdoor time at home. Kid-centric homes that have the best infrastructure right on campus are an excellent choice. Kid-centric homes have a wide range of amenities like – well-equipped playgrounds, various sporting grounds, open green spaces, and coaches to train children in their preferred game.

Additionally, child-centric homes have various clubs that hone your child’s talents in cultural activities like art & craft, dance, music, theatre, and much more.

As Albert Einstein said, “Play is the best form of research,” inculcate the love for team games and sporting activities in your children right from an early age so that they develop sportsmanship and team spirit all through their life.

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