Ashiana is Thankful to our Maintenance Warriors Who Never Rest

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Who would have possibly thoughtthat in the middle of the 21st century, when the medicine is soadvanced and so are the research labs, we would be facing a pandemic! But herewe are, amid a pandemic of the name of COVID-19. This pandemic has shaken thewhole world and most of the countries are battling with it!

According to the World HealthOrganization, the primary way to stop the spread of the Corona Virus iscontainment, hence quarantining the people, and identifying the infected ones,and treating them in quarantine, is almost every country’s approach as of now!As a country, we in India are also practicing the same, in lieu of which, thewhole country is on lockdown. Amidst this, there’s an increased risk andresponsibility to warriors who are working day in and day out to clean andsanitize our surroundings!

These Maintenance Warriors atAshiana Housing have been doing a commendable job in their societies, be itsanitization of common areas, or food arrangements in Senior Living Homes,everything is being done in a proper routine and is very hygienic and healthy!It is very much evident by the heartfelt feedback given by a number ofresidents of Ashiana Housing! It is all possible only because of Ashiana Maintenance Team and theirextra efforts in such a situation. In addition to continuing with routine work,extra care is being taken to sanitize all places, to restrict unauthorizedentry & to maintain social distancing everywhere on the grounds! Their workhas been commendable and it can be seen in the resident applauding digitalvoices!

Beingrecognized as North India’s No. 1 CaringBrand long before this pandemic, we aptly owe alot to our residents. We arestriving to do so, day by day even in such hard times, to stand up to theexpectations and keep our spirits and our name and our promises, as high asever!

Here’s a quickview of what our residents have to say about us!

1. Mr. Ganesh Nerur – Shubham, Chennai

Living in a Senior Living gated community like Ashiana Shubham ActiveSenior Living, Chennai at this time of a pandemic is a blessing in disguise.The sprawling campus, by its very design, gives us ample social distancing, somuch so, there is no significant effort required to follow this all-importantinstruction. Pollution is normally very low and has gone even lower. Themaintenance team is doing a splendid job of disinfecting all the common areas,fumigating twice a week, cold fogging et al. The security at the gate isscreening visitors, if any, for fever with an Infra-Red Gun and generally thegate is kept locked with restricted movements in and out of the campus. Thecafeteria, though closed for senior citizens, is working, as usual, deliveringfood to the residents at their homes three times a day with utmost care. Theygave us even a course of Khabhasura Khashyam! Amal Raj, the café manager, andhis team are doing a fabulous job.

They are also arranging fruits and vegetables twice aweek, with distribution strictly following social distancing norms. Tworesident doctors are always willing to help in an emergency. A doctor alsovisits us three times a week. Of course, the usual activities have been haltedbut our activity manager keeps the old bean ticking with daily online quizzesand games! What else can a Senior citizen ask for? To top it all, our EstateManager, Shyam V S Nair, personally delivers all the required medicines toseniors, deposits cheques, collects cash, and is generally running aroundunmindful of the risk he is exposing himself to, besides going above and beyondthe call of his duty. And what all this means is all the senior citizens arenot only safe but also leading as normal a life as possible under thecircumstances! My sincere Thanks to Shyamjith, Amal Raj, and the entiremaintenance team at Ashiana.

And, listening to all my approbation, a friend of minequipped “Did you move to Ashiana in 2018 anticipating this Corona?”. If only Ihad such premonitions….

2. Mrs. Lalitha Chandrasekhar – Shubham, Chennai

We are enjoying the lockdownperiod in Ashiana Shubham happily with great safety and security. whether it isfood, fruits, vegetables, or personal medicines, hats off to the Shubham teamespecially Amalraj, Shyamjit who organize anything in a moment’s notice. Yourcomplaints on electrical, plumbing, gas supply, etc immediately attended to.Thank you, Ashiana.

3. Mrs. Vijayarani Devaraj – Shubham, Chennai

Iam living happily in ASHIANA SHUBHAM, an active senior living community inChennai for two years. Now I have realized how blessed I have been to choosethis place to live for the rest of my life.

Inthis hour of crisis when each and everyone in the world is undergoing hardshipsdue to the pandemic situation, the senior citizens living here are well takencare of by our management and maintenance staff.

Theyprocure medicines and other needs of the residents.

Theysanitize and cold fogging all the common areas.

Theyserve food at our doorstep.

Theyarrange fruit stall twice a week at the premises.

Wefeel very safe in the hands of ASHIANA.

Thankyou ASHIANA

4. Mr. Rajendra Nath Srivastava – Nirmay, Bhiwadi

I find it a goodopportunity to respond to it gladly. Let me first say at the very outset thatour maintenance department under the able leadership of Rakhi Ji has been doingexceedingly well. We are very happy about it since taking possession.

I would also like toadd a little further to say that the current lockdown has been providing to bea blessing in disguise for both of us. As said in my telephonic conversationwith you, I think I indicated to you that I am utilizing my time to write asmall book that is in its completion process. I would be attaching my photo inthe next message. Thank you!

5. Mrs. Anila Gupta – Utsav, Bhiwadi

  • Itis a pleasure to share the details and pictures with friends about how seriousis, our Ashiana Utsav Management. They are very particular about socialdistancing. We have a morning-evening announcement to stop people from goingfor a walk, especially more than 1 person at a time.
  • Cleaning,sweeping, and mopping special arrangement is there where we can pay extra toget extra work done.
  • Fromthe cafe, we can order food for home delivery.
  • Ourdevoted staff with a 50% presence is working round the clock.
  • Onevery alternate day, we have fuming and sanitizing.
  • Alllifts and public places are sanitized at least two times a day.
  • Everymorning there is a briefing given to horticulture, housekeeping and securitystaff.
  • Novendor is allowed on the campus.
  • All singles living in Utsav get a call from themaintenance office to know about our health and also to know if we needanything.

Thank you, Ashiana for taking care andtreating us like family members. We definitely thank our stars for bringing usto such a heavenly place.

6. Mrs. Ratna Acharya – Utsav, Bhiwadi

Ashiana Utsav Bhiwadi maintenance staff isworking almost day and night for the residents’ safety from coronavirus, bymaintaining distance circles and also keeping extra hand washing soaps on thetable to ensure washing hands frequently, also all are wearing masks andserving the residents by delivering food and vegetables to their homes, foggingnd other cleaning activities are going on regularly. Thanks to all of them.

7. Mr. Vinod Bhatnagar – Utsav, Bhiwadi

During the compulsory homestay due to CORONA havoc, we at AshianaUtsav in Jaipur are feeling very much privileged due to some great services bythe staff of our Service Provider Ashiana Maintenance Services LLP.

Firstly, they havearranged domestic helpers for routine sweeping and cleaning (झाङू पोंछा) of ourflats ( photo 1). These domestic helpers have been provided accommodation atour UTSAV Residential Complex but only after a thorough medical check-up by adoctor. This is a great boon for most of the residents as the majority of us atthe Campus are above 70. The domestic helpers have been well instructed by AMSLLP staff regarding precautions required to protect against CORONA.

Secondly, though the UTSAV CAFE dining facility is closedfor entry due to Corona threat, freshly cooked food is routinely served at theflats ( photo 2….today we had oil-free but spicy and very tasty freshlyprepared tomato soup, urad ki daal and vegetable kofte, four chapatis, oil-freelime pickle, vegetable salade, and roasted papad. All this together withhomemade mixed fruit curd raita make a perfect feast). The packing charges forhome delivery of cooked food have also been waived off during this period. Acore Cafe staff have been retained right here at the Campus. Even the Chef ofthe Cafe is currently staying at the Campus to train junior staff to cater theday to day needs of the senior citizen residents at UTSAV and also for theresidents at the Care Homes.

The two above mentioned daily most essential needs are thustaken care of by the Service Provider.

Additionally, I enjoy cleaning the utensils three timesevery day ( photo 3). For me, the cleaning of utensils exercise becomes mucheasier because of the fact that there is no oil used in the cooking for us. It isbecause we have been taking completely oil-free meals for the past severalyears due to our heart-related ailment. Utsav Cafe staff is very well trainedto provide such special meals for us on a daily basis.

We at UTSAV are truly blessed and the credit goes to thededicated services rendered by AMS LLP during this tough phase for almost allSenior Citizens residing at ASHIANA UTSAV, Jaipur – a completely wheelchairfriendly residential complex for only senior citizens.

8. Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Saini – Anmol, Sohna

Good job Ashiana maintenance sanitizationwork is done @Ashiana Anmol on 15th April 2020, Ashiana Team also takes care ofthe residents’ safety, security and all the essential in mind. Stay home staysafe…

9. Mrs. Mita Dobhal – Anmol, Sohna

The world is under lockdown andso r we but the dedicated maintenance team of #Ashiana Anmol is making sure the safety of their residentsin every possible way…!

From keeping a WATER TANK outsided MAIN GATE (making sure that every entrant should wash their hands properlyand sanitize it too before entering the society)… to cleaning the LIFTBUTTONS after every SINGLE TOUCH, they are doing their best…Hats off to theseguys they are on HARD DUTIES so that we can b safe.

10. Mr. Abhishek Kumar Patel – Anmol, Sohna

Ashiana Anmol – SouthGurgaon, the maintenance team at Ashiana Anmol has really been so pro-activeand supportive in the tough time of COVID-19 Lockdown when precautions andrestrictions are a must to maintain Social Distancing! Residents at AshianaAnmol firmly believe that we all will come out of this lockdown, stronger, healthier,and safer!

11. Mr. Atul Kumar – Anmol, Sohna

#AshianaAnmol Great efforts by themaintenance team of Ashiana Anmol in the upkeep and sanitization of oursociety. During these tough times, you are quietly doing your bit to keepothers safe. Thanking you for all you do!

12. Dr. Vinitaa Agarwal – Rangoli Gardens, Jaipur

A proud and gratefulmember of the Ashiana Family! It’s a pleasure living in Rangoli Gardens,Jaipur, a society by Ashiana! Although it’s always been so amazing living inthe society ever since I shifted but it’s a special feeling in thesetroublesome times. The way we have been looked after during this entirelockdown period. The entire society has been sanitized and regular checks andutmost precautions are being taken to safeguard each and every member of thiswonderful society. I can’t thank enough to the entire Ashiana team to havetaken care of us like a family member.

13. Mr. Tejas Babhale – Vrinda Gardens, Jaipur

Vrinda GardenJagatpura Jaipur

Lockdown 2.0

Vrinda GardenMaintainance team these activities in this

1. Sanitizing lifts ina day 2 times

2. ATM machinearranged for residents and with proper marks for standing in a queue.

3. Cleaning thesociety and taking a risk in this situation is hat’s off to them

14. Mrs. Shalini Sharma -Vrinda Gardens, Jaipur


And now, in these difficult times, werealize we made the right choice by opting to become residents of the#AshianaWorld.

The seamless maintenance servicesespecially during these tough times, the utmost level of hygiene, thestrictness with the rules are observed (and made to observe) and the dedicationof the staff and management is making life worthy during this lockdown phase!

Many thanks! We shall overcome ittogether!

15. Mrs. Rohini Niraj Bharadvaj – Vrinda Gardens, Jaipur

Very good job Ashiana maintenance teamsanitizes every day our common area.

16. Mrs. Meenakshi Rohit Sharma – Umang, Jaipur

I wish to express my gratitude towards theteam of Ashiana Umang for being there in such times of pandemic stress.

Every single team member is highlymotivated towards his/ her duties and goes the extra mile to ensure the healthand safety of the residents

From regular fogging to dailysanitization and utmost care of horticulture, the team excels at everything andthey make sure to give a feel of comfort n safety to the residents.

Grateful, Thanks to team Ashiana!!

17. Mrs. Payal Chhabra – Umang, Jaipur

Great work byAshianaUmang maintenance staff. They are trying their level best to keepsociety safe!

Sanitizersare given to everyone by guards at the security checkpoint.

Temperatureis measured at the entrance.

Socialdistancing is followed while buying groceries and vegetables.

ATMmobile van is coming into society for residents.

Sanitizationof lifts, buildings, grocery shops is done at regular intervals.

Respectto Corona warriors!

18. Mrs. Aditi Jain – Umang, Jaipur

In this lockdown, Ashiana Umang team isworking hard to make the residents feel safe and comfortable.

19. Mrs. Bhawna Gupta – Umang, Jaipur

Sanitization process is well neededeverywhere so as Ashiana Team is doing it’s best to protect the environment.

20. Mrs. Poonam Singh – Umang, Jaipur

Sanitization drive here at Ashiana Umang going on in full swing, heartiest regards for the management team of Ashiana and the workers associated for round the clock surveillance and ensuring the best of our health, couldn’t think of any other place safer that Ashiana Umang during this tumultuous time of the contagion. Ashiana never fails to win the hearts of its residents.

21. Mr. Alok Mishra – Tarang, Bhiwadi

CORONA WARRIORS of my society. Thanks forsaving us from infection. You all are the real heroes, God bless you and yourfamily. Please take care of yourself and your family.

22. Mrs. Renu Agarwal – Tarang, Bhiwadi

Sanitization process is well neededeverywhere so Ashiana Team doing its best to protect the environment.

23. Mrs. Alka Yadav – Aangan, Bhiwadi

In the crisis COVID – 19 situation AshianaMaintenance team is still maintaining the beauty in Ashiana Aangan, Bhiwadi.Hats off to the Ashiana Team.

24. Mrs. Priya Aneja – Aangan, Bhiwadi

We all Ashiana Aangan Bhiwadi Residents makingSocial distance fight against Corona Virus And our Ashiana maintenance team isdoing really great job by taking care of all residents by cleaning our societyneat & clean. Thank u Ashiana team

25. Mrs. Anita Agarwal – Aangan, Bhiwadi

Our society helpers are sanitizing oursociety to prevent us from COVID-19.

26. Mrs. Ayushi Rohit Aggarwal – Aangan, Bhiwadi

Ashiana Maintenance team sanitizing thewhole society as a precaution against COVID-19.

27. Mrs. Rita Bhargava – Greens, Bhiwadi

Many thanks to the maintenance of Ashianawho is sanitizing all the floors of the flats of Ashiana Greens Bhiwadi. Theyare making our life easier in this lockdown time. Ashiana Greens Bhiwadi.

28. Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Gupta – Town, Bhiwadi

We are delighted to have such a dedicatedmaintenance team (Ashiana Town Beta – Bhiwadi) with us taking proactive actionby sanitizing, maintaining, and managing lifts and surroundings during the COVID-19pandemic on regular basis without fail and any compromise.

Each person in the team maintenance isvery helpful, supportive and caring, and understandable by knowing the factsand what needs to be done during such a crisis also how to support the peopleresiding in the ATB campus like family.

Now I realized that it was my decision bychoosing to reside the rest of my life at Ashiana Town Bhiwadi.

29. Mrs. Gitanjali Nath – Town, Bhiwadi

In the time when we fighting with aninvisible enemy, doing our job to stay home.

Then there are warriors our security andmaintenance team working tirelessly to ensure Ashiana Town Beta stays hygienicagainst COIVD-19. Cheers to team Ashiana.

30. Mrs. Vandana Maurya – Navrang, Halol

Our maintenance team isplaying a major role in keeping the residents safe and healthy. They have keptno stones unturned to provide the best facilities so the residents andcontinuously urge the residents to stay indoors and support our OM, since thecommencement of COVID-19, they have been doing these activities on daily basis.

Hats off to theseCORONA WARRIORS.

31. Mrs. Ranjana Sinha – Navrang, Halol

Ashiana Navrang HalolGujrat

The maintenance teamof Ashiana Navrang did many activities for sanitizing our society like-

a) Proper cleaning andsanitizing entry point of main gate, blocks & lift on a daily base.

b) Provide mask andgloves to the staff of the housekeeping team.

c) For solving theresidence problem Ashiana team provide Help Desk (society connect ) app.

d) Taking properone-meter distance in front of mini bazaar shop at society for people ofAshiana.

e) Hand sanitizationprovides on the time of entry and exit time.

32. Mrs. Archana Tomar – Greenhills, Neemrana

The maintenance team of Ashiana Greenhill Neemrana is been helping usa lot in many manners. As a resident here we don’t have to think much about thecleaning and sanitization of public and common areas much as the maintenanceteam of Ashiana is cleaning and sanitizing the common areas daily to avoid thespread of COVID-19. Also, our Ashiana maintenance team have taken every mainprecaution that is needed during this coronavirus outbreak like providingsanitizer at the society gate, measuring the temperature of every person who isentering in our society, sanitizing vehicles with a chemical spray at the gatealso every of maintenance and cleaning team is using a mask on there face. Alsostill at the lockdown period, the maintenance team is still available foremergency work at plumbing and electric fixing. All these efforts of theMaintenance team of Ashiana have helped us a lot and made our life easier. Isalute our maintenance team for there great efforts in there work.


33. Mrs. Karuna Goyal – Greenhills, Neemrana

Ashiana Greenhill’s maintenanceteam has always been appreciated for its work and dedication. During thislockdown period, to make the life of residents easier, their way of working andpassion to serve themself for residents makes them special in our lives. Toprotect us from corona, all the guidelines are followed by the maintenancestaff. Nobody is seen without a mask. The whole society is sanitized andcleaned daily by the cleaning staff. At the main gate of the society, securitystaff provides sanitizer and measures the temperature of every resident and non-residentwho enters the society. They note down the number of vehicles that go outsidethe society and check the same when they enter. Without any delay, plumbers andelectricians attend our urgent complaints to our satisfaction. Once again Isalute our maintenance staff for their support and efforts to fight corona andfor making things calm and easier. Staying in Ashiana gives us a healthy andsafe feeling.



34. Mrs. Shobhana Garg – Aangan, Neemrana

To protect ourselves from corona,precaution is the only way. I would like to thank our Ashiana Angan maintenanceteam for making our life easier during this lockdown. It’s hard to see anyonewithout a mask. Society roads, parks, and buildings are cleaned and sanitizeddaily by the team which gives the residents a healthy and safe feeling to stayin Ashiana. At the main gate of Ashiana, the security staff provides sanitizerand measures the temperature of those who enter society. Plumbers andelectricians attend our urgent complaints without any delay. Once again Isalute our maintenance staff for their support and efforts to fight withcorona.


35. Mrs. Kanchan Priyadarshini – Aangan, Neemrana

Sanitizer is used at the maingate as awareness of coronavirus. Guards, the gardener also wear a nose mask.

Sanitization work also is done ona daily basis at Ashiana Aangan Neemrana.


36. Mrs. Rashmi Gupta – Aangan, Neemrana

Ashiana Aangan team for making our lifeeasier during this lockdown. I salute our maintenance staff for their supportan efforts to fight Coronavirus.


37. Mrs. Preetidarsh – Aangan, Neemrana

With wholeheartedly I wand toshow my gratitude towards our maintenance team of Ashiana Aangan Neemrana.During this corona pandemic time, they are giving their 100% by maintaining theregular leaning task with some extra work like sanitizing lifts, roads, doorswith limited staff…I salute their efforts to fight against coronavirus.


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