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SuperMoms is a unique program by Ashiana Housing in an attempt to acknowledge and commend the role that our mothers play in our lives. How most of the time their lives revolve around their families and how passionately they care for their families while at the same time being the first teachers to their children, and teaching them the ways of life that only a mother can teach. Mothers are indeed the epitome of sacrifices and our SuperMoms program aims at recognizing them.

This program runs across all our projects where mothers can enroll in the SuperMoms club by just writing a 150-word paragraph on “your role model super mom” and sending it to us via any social media platform. After this, the various social and learning activities that moms do or organize virtually as well as physically, earn them points, which can later be redeemed as well as the SuperMom with the most points, gets the SuperMoms Trophy for that Season!

This year, May – November, we recently had SuperMoms season 6, and below are some activities from the same!

  • Fests

Fests are a great way to socialize as well as are fun to attend to. Our SuperMoms across various projects organized fests with Jewellery, food, games, etc. stalls, which were enjoyed by the residents. Events like fests aren’t just about socializing but also are a great place to showcase your talents by putting up stalls.

Senior Living Fest in Ashiana Utsav

Food and Games for Halloween at Ashiana Town and Ashiana Umang

SuperMoms put up Jewellery, Food, and Game stalls at Ashiana Anmol

  • Cleanliness Drives

No one is entitled to do a particular work and it’s our duty to keep not just our homes but our surroundings clean as well. Events like specially make children understand the value of cleanliness and realizing how difficult cleaning can be, they also realize the work of cleaners isn’t easy and they should be respected for what they do.

SuperMoms Mita and Garima organized Cleanliness Drive at Ashiana Anmol and everyone participated enthusiastically

Cleanliness Drive Ashiana Jamshedpur

Ashiana Jaipur and Navrang Cleanliness Drive

Ashiana Neemrana Cleanliness Drive

Ashiana Town and Tarang Cleanliness Drive

  • Onground Expert Sessions

As the name suggests, these are the events or sessions where an expert or a group of experts teach various activities to residents – children or adults or both! These sessions are not only fun and socializing, but also help people learn newer things.

Onground Expert Session in Ashiana Anmol 2021

Onground Expert Session in Ashiana Jaipur 2021

Onground Expert Session in Ashiana Bhiwadi 2021

Onground Expert Session in Ashiana Neemrana 2021

Onground Expert Session in Ashiana Navrang 2021

  • Super-Moms Meetup(s)

Meetups are a great way of socializing among the mothers, where they can relax for a while and have fun among themselves. These meetups are also great for brainstorming on various tips and tricks for mothers as well as for deciding on newer activities that can be done.

Super-moms meetup in Ashiana Anmol 2021

     Super-moms meetup in Ashiana Jamshedpur 2021


Super-moms meetup in Ashiana Bhiwadi 2021

Super-moms meetup in Ashiana Neemrana 2021

  • Donation Drives

As rightly said by Mother Teresa, “It’s not about how much we give but how much love we put into giving”, such donation drives are a learning arc for everyone that we should always donate to the needy but never take pride in that. If we’re being given more than what we want, it is only natural to pass it on to some people who’ve been given much less than what they need. Here are the glimpses of some of the donation drives organized by supermoms across various projects-

Donation drive to Khushi Foundation Kids

Donation Drive – Ashiana Anmol

Donation Drive – Ashiana Jaipur, Ashiana Jodhpur

Donation Drive – Ashiana Jamshedpur

Donation Drive – Ashiana Bhiwadi

Donation Drive – Ashiana Neemrana, Ashiana Halol


  • Teaching and Educating

Be it spending time with underprivileged kids and teaching them, or educating your own society kids over any topic, our supermoms did both of these in this season. Here are some glimpses-

SuperMoms organized Phulwari activities at Ashiana Bhiwadi

SuperMoms organized Phoolwari Activities at Ashiana Jodhpur

SuperMoms taking Etiquette Sessions

  • Welcoming New Residents

All residents are our neighbors and neighbors are the first family away from family. Welcoming new residents is a great gesture at the friendship and such activities also help the new members to gel up quickly and make friends and feel comfortable at a new place.


  • Online Zoom Sessions

Even a pandemic can’t stop moms from being moms, here are some glimpses of the online interactive sessions that our supermoms held in the times of lockdown.

A program like SuperMoms not only encourages moms to go a step further and organize as well as participate in various activities but also gives them a way to brighten the future of others along with their own family. These activities are a mix-bag of social activities, learning activities, fun activities, and prove to be great character development tools for everyone and especially the kids.




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