Bachpan at Ashiana Amarah: Where Childhood Remains Childhood

Amarah by Ashiana Housing is setting new benchmarks in Kid Centric Homes. Located in Sector-93, Gurugram, Amarah is spread over an area of whopping 22 acres and encompasses all the values of Ashiana Kid Centric Homes.


Ashiana Housing is a pioneer in Kid Centric Homes in the country and is currently serving more than 1300 happy families across our three existing KCH projects. With Amarah, we extend our mission of providing an environment to the developing kids, which –

  • Focuses on All-around development – With various activities and sports facilities in our KCHs, children spend less time indoors and lesser time on screens.
  • Nurtures and empowers – Our unique Learning Hub with Live & Learn program provides the kids endless opportunities to explore their passions as well as hone their skills.
  • Provides personalized learning and fun – At Ashiana, we believe that every child has some talent or something that they’re good at, some might be good at studies, while others at sports, etc., after all, one shoe doesn’t fit all.
  • Focuses on the empathetic upbringing of the children – A talented individual without morals and values is of no use to society at large. Hence, at Ashiana, we focus equally on imbibing good values and ethics into children from a tender age.
  • Helps them become disciplined multi-taskers – With so much to do at Ashiana KCH, kids start learning time management and discipline from an early age.

Amarah by Ashiana is the amalgamation of all the aforementioned points and focuses on four key attributes – Learn, Nurture, Support, and Care.


With Amarah, we introduce well-thought and innovative playing areas, thus making it a place where childhood remains childhood. Our unique playing areas include –

  • Play Street Area-

Bringing back the 90s play street, we’ve implemented it in Amarah. It is a safe and fun-filled street that you’d never have seen before. Kids can follow trails, play games, jump, hop, run around, and have fun all day long.

  • Doorstep Play Area-

You don’t get to see children playing in front of their houses any more but at Amarah, you will. Our doorstep play areas are cozy and safe playing areas just outside the buildings. It provides a wholesome experience and makes a great playing area, especially for toddlers.

  • Adventurous Play Area-

Our adventurous play areas are no less than any adventure park. To kickstart the adventure called childhood, our adventure play areas have got various activities that bring out the best in the children.


Now Amarah is not all fun and no learning. At the center of our campus, we have a learning hub that has various rooms for music, art & craft, dance, studying, reading, etc. Each of these rooms comes with able professional instructors who are experts in guiding the children in their respective fields.


Amarah by Ashiana is a Premium Kid Centric Home but it has facilities and amenities catering to all ages. 6.7 acres of our campus is lush green exteriors with walking and jogging tracks, parks, and fountains, which provide a great leisure space for Senior Citizens and children alike.


Our clubhouse comes with unparalleled architecture and brings facilities like a gymnasium, swimming pool, indoor kids playing area, table tennis, billiards, party hall, media room, and a cafeteria as well.>


Amarah is truly a Behtar Parvarish ka Pata with its numerous innovative and unique facilities. Moreover, our visionary thought process has led us to this project, which provides something for every age.


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