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To find a home that connects to your strength and comfort is a hard task to do, even in THE CITY OF STEEL – Jamshedpur. And looking around for the options, one would rarely find a combinatory blend of comfort and premium living. Talking about such choices, we are here to tell you one such super option that you can definitely consider choosing.

Modern home buyers don’t just want a mere property, they need a complete living solution with life comforting amenities. It’s simply not about purchasing a home anymore, it’s a lot more than that. It is about the emblem of luxury, it’s about the accomplishment of comfort, it’s about owning a quality construction-art and it is surely about the premium amenities with No. 1 investment choice for best lifestyle.

Don’t just take our word for it, here is what Mr. & Mrs. Karambir Soni have to say about Ashiana Sehar (Jamshedpur) Project as the ultimate option for comfort homes.

#ResidentSpeak | What Residents Have To Say About Ashiana Sehar

Mr. Karambir Soni and family has looked up for Ashiana Housing as his long-held ambition and was waiting for the perfect opportunity until he got to know about Ashiana Sehar, the ultimate proxy for comfort home situated in Pardih-Mango, Jamshedpur.

Mr. Karambir Soni shared “Ashiana is not just a home for us, it is like a dream for us since our childhood. When I saw this project Ashiana Sehar, I promised myself to bring my family here. There is no religion barrier around here and that is the best part for future generations so they learn and celebrate all the festivals of life.”

He has been looking for a long time at various options that have been popping up on the list of residential property in Jamshedpur and once he found about Ashiana Sehar, he realized it would be simply a perfect home for family. The premium residential project is definitely the answer to luxury living with class apart facilities like attractive clubhouse, lush green parks, well-maintained swimming pool and a family like community feeling.

Mrs. Karambir Soni further added “The main reason to be part of Ashiana family for us is that we see Ashiana as a full package of amenities for us as well as for our kids. The best part about Ashiana Sehar is the scenic beauty around here.“

Every parent has concerns about their kids and expressing the same worries Mrs. Soni shared “There is a very good security for the residents and it eventually makes one feel a lot more at peace and secure knowing this fact related to our kids. There are a lot of activities for kids with ample amenities which further reduces the need not take them outdoors.”

One major assistance this lifestyle housing project gives every resident is the extensive security and maintenance facilities. There are an ample number of CCTV cameras with trustworthy security and staff monitoring the premises 24 x 7 making it even more comfortable for residents to be carefree and live freely in a more comforting way.

The couple also mentioned that they are very excited to see an addition of Amphitheatre as a new feature to this housing project which will definitely be a very new experience for kids to explore. Adding to it, Mr. Soni said “Ashiana in itself gives us a complete home feeling. Thanks to Ashiana and hats-off for Ashiana Sehar project and already in love with it.”

Comfort homes are the new-perfect solution for modern living problems. With more & more people getting to this side of living, they are enjoying this lifestyle of magnificent residential projects with peerless facilities and a great neighborhood for a premium lifestyle. If you are looking for a ready to move flats in Jamshedpur, Ashiana Sehar is got to be on the list for sure.

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